Vietnam · 19 Days · 6 Moments · March 2017

Jack's voyage in Vietnam

3 April 2017

Last night we won another pub quiz, which shouldn't be surprising at this point as it's just a habit of ours. With free beer and shots we went out and managed to go to a nightclub that had worse music than casino but it was still a laugh. Did the sand dunes and fairy river today which was surreal and also incredibly tiring. At a new hostel tonight and relaxing, but I've managed to burn a patch of skin on my leg on a bike exhaust whilst also slicing open my leg and the back of my thigh and getting my sheet bloody overnight, mostly because I didn't even realise I was bleeding but now I'm just in pain generally so time for a beer or ten. Also Charlie's back has been attacked by some sort of demon, or just Jamie giving him hickies during the night.

2 April 2017

Mui ne has been great so far and has good for relaxing and having some downtime in the day mixed with their drinking games at night. We won the pub quiz yesterday which gives us a 100% record so far with the two we've won, It's fair to say beer always tastes better after you win it. Meant to save money here which in fairness I have but not as much as I planned as the food is too good and the drinking games are hard to turn down. Played some volleyball in the pool yesterday and Jamie turned into a shorter, blonder Andy Murray on net. Heading to the sand dunes today which guarantees that I'll be both burnt and tired as all hell later, but just accepting it already.

26 March 2017

After enjoying the shit out of Hanoi and seeing the gabbot boys, we headed to hue on an overnight bus, which was only slightly hampered by an insane Vietnamese man smashing the windscreen with his head 😤 from hue we rode bikes up the famous hai van pass, given id only driven one for the first time a couple hours the day before a 6 hour drive up long windy ascents and speeding down the motorway was not something i expected to without a hitch, but it was by far one of my favourite experiences. Hoian was fun and after stopping in nah trang and hanging out with new friends I made along the way, being some of the nicest people I ever met I stayed with them another night and then caught up with the boys in da lat. Gonna try and be more consistent with these posts again but to summarise, the boys from gabbot are a great group of mates I haven't ever had much time chill with, along with Maddie and Beth, it's fair I've spent the last week surrounded by people I can now call great friends.

21 March 2017

The last couple of days in Hanoi have been some of my favourite since the trip began, being able to see and get to know Katherine and Elouise has been great and we've managed to all bond as one big family. Great being with people from back home and Hanoi has treated us well. A lot of drinks and a lot of good music.

19 March 2017

Started our castaway tour yesterday on a boat in ha long bay, met some amazing people and got far too drunk for what should be reasonable, visited monkey island today and fed them beer and pringles. The bungalows we're staying in on this beach are amazing and it's one of the most quiet and peaceful places I've ever seen, still playing pool and getting drunk with some Norwegians and Germans though, standard night really.

16 March 2017

After arriving in Vietnam yesterday we've hardly had time to catch our breath. After a 7 hour bus journey into Ho Chi Minh city we arrived in the busiest city we've visited yet, with about 19 million scooters all trying to run over Jamie. Today we saw the Cu Chi tunnels in which the Vietcong guerilla fighters avoided capture from the US and planted thousands of hidden traps. After losing Jamie in the tunnels as he tried to find wifi, we made it out Alive and very sweaty. Looking at all the contraptions made to disable and maim US soldiers was only slightly terrifying, especially hearing that their soldiers were awarded "American killer hero" titles. Also we had to get in the fuck off big American tank because we're tourists.