Thailand · 49 Days · 6 Moments · February 2017

Jack's journi to Thailand

18 April 2017

Snorkelling yesterday was one of the best things I've ever done and I'm glad I got to share it with such good mates. Some weird fish out here and we swam through what seems like endless schools and saw a shark or two. After coming back and eating a huge bowl of nachos Jamie and I won a beer pong tournament, not surprising really.

15 April 2017

Spent yesterday initiating Jacob into our bike gang and swimming in waterfalls. Jamie kept having street races with the locals and Jacob kept on driving into walls but after a while we were the best bikers in town. Which was a good thing as we drove on roads that were laid by Michael J Fox in the middle of the jungle. It's a lot of fun being able to drive and especially when we can ride in a line down the street dipping through traffic. On the beach today and Trying not to burn horribly but it's inevitable really.

8 April 2017

Kho Phangan has been one of my favourite stops so far, mostly because the scenery and making more friends. The full moon party was great and managed to not burn myself on the flaming ropes and hoops so that's always a bonus. Jacobs here now and we've already got him accustomed to life on the island by getting him to buy a 7-11 toastie. We're all horribly burnt and discovered that the UV frequency on the island is insanely high so even with a bucket load of sun burn I'm still redder than a lobster. The Asian Brady bunch has also shown up on the island and I'm already sick of screaming children and their loud Thai music.
After staying a night in a hostel where you can sleep in a tent on the beach, which was incredibly sweaty, we headed back into Ho Chi Minh before flying to Bangkok again. Only spent last night here and managed to meet up with Georgie and Sam again. Was a great but wonky night on kho San road, always good to see friends from home. Georgie has headed off to start work in Australia and we won't see her for a year now so it was sad to say bye, but amazing to see her yesterday 🍻. Today has been spent trying not to die from our hangovers and hanging out with new friends from our hostel and seeing Tom, Fig and Sophie. Waiting for an overnight bus to Koh Phangan to meet up with Jacob for the full moon party and Thai new year, hopefully my liver survives. Sad that we've left Charlie now but the kid is loving it out here.

1 March 2017

After feeling the effects of jet lag last night we weren't too eager to dive head first into the action, instead we opted for a night in drinking beer with some others staying in the hostel, obviously this turned into us playing drinking games until we'd had enough whiskey to make sure the trek up the stairs to our rooms was a struggle. It'd be an understatement to say it was a good night meeting Beth, Mikey, Keith and Ryan and it was great to meet people who were likeminded to us and being able to teach them how to play ring of fire. So far today our time has been spent getting tuk-tuk's around the city and being pointed in different directions, luckily we managed to ascend the Golden Mount and see the Giant Buddha without it being too crowded. Off to Khao San road tonight to drink buckets of cheap alcohol with Mikey and co.

28 February 2017

After such a long wait it still doesn't feel real that we've finally arrived in Bangkok, the flights were long but constant free food, films, tv and drinks got us through them. Having only just arrived at the hostel after a long trek from the airport train station, I can confirm it's extremely humid and after all showering and having about 7 hours sleep between us in the last 24 hours it's fair to say that we're enjoying the free wifi and some time to catch our breath.