Montenegro · 14 Days · 51 Moments · September 2017

Jack's adventure in Montenegro

21 September 2017

Sands with her new friend

20 September 2017

View from darling restaurant in peras

19 September 2017

18 September 2017

Our lady temple vastly over sized for the village area. Unfortunately closed but on the right hand side a very strange hyrogliphic
View from balcony early morning

17 September 2017

Grandson back at home back of the net
Nelly having a wee snooze
Stopped for a niksicko
Renovation in progress

16 September 2017

The market in Kotor. All fruit vegetables and cheeses in abundance but one gets the feeling all set ups for the large ships which come into port with an average of 2000 passengers landing like a flock of locusts
Old town of Kotor Amazing world heritage site. A must visit with a walk up and over the old town.

14 September 2017

11 September 2017

The night after the 30 minute storm which was a very frightening experience with two of our party in the tender and struggling to get onto the steps. All cushions overboard. Boat pulling the anchor towards large boat. Engine smoking. No caption on board . We all escaped luckily but during the bedlam we all had beers and gin and tonics
On route to new bay

10 September 2017

On water taxi
Another cloudy start to the day with the bells calling us to prayer at 6am Breakfast was good to go Probably get the water taxi to the church on the island. The new people on board are fab. Couple from Shoreham who own a micro brewery called old star and a family from Teddington with 2 daughters

9 September 2017

Day 3 in paras

8 September 2017

At przno bay having an early refreshment. a couple of games of stop the bus and the local stoned fisherman
Massive storm around the bay last night and continuing this morning Nelly and sands suitcase has been located but sleazy doesn't know where it is The suitcase will be arriving at 4 o'clock today Coffee and beers at the top of the village Hotel Adrovic looking over the bay

7 September 2017

Sunset day 1
View from drogo restaurant
Posh hotels and b and b
Toothbrush time
View from balcony
Arrived at our destination at Zoran apartments in Sveti Stephan via Tivat airport Sands and Neil's baggage has not arrived so let's see we're this takes us Anyway here is a view from our balcony Accommodation is superb and greeted with a smile and a raki