Cambodia · 13 Days · 9 Moments · March 2017

Jack's adventure in Cambodia

15 March 2017

Today was a long day of going to see both the killing fields and the S-21 prison. It's hard to write the emotions we felt when amongst this buildings and trees that have witnessed so much pain and unspeakable horrors. If you haven't read about the Cambodian genocide then I recommend you do as it's important people understand the pain of those who experience such events. Can't say I expected to be affected quite as much as I and the boys were. Whether it was the large amount of innocent people slaughtered for no reason or the presence of bones jutting out of the ground in the killing fields, today was a somber history of the horrific acts committed by a brainwashed youth under an insane leadership. Makes you feel glad to be born in a place where the acts committed are unimaginable. It would be fair to say it will change my outlook on life the same way visiting the holocaust museum in Berlin did, I'm glad we visited these places, but life doesn't seem so innocent after doing so.

13 March 2017

We went to a water park style place called Arcadia today with swings, tubes, slides and the big bag thing that you jump on to try and hurl your mates into another time zone. Spent most of the day there just floating in the river burning slowly but it was nice to spend time just relaxing in the water. This doge was pitted, so naturally I had to capture the exciting moment. In the last photo the shadow in the background isn't a cloud it's actually a mountain overlooking the town, pretty cool to see when walking around. We're planning on waking up in the middle of the night to watch the football because we're predictable white 19 year olds from England. Jampot had a nightmare last night after shouting janook at the top of his lungs whilst everyone was asleep in our dorm, we changed rooms to a private one today to ensure Jamie didn't wake up being assaulted by a large Australian man named Kevin.

11 March 2017

After leaving sihanoukville we arrived mid day in Kam Pot after the most crowded mini bus ride of our lives. After practically becoming crippled from sitting on that bus for just under two hours we headed to the bar to get food and try and put our lives back together. After we made sure we were no longer dying we got showered and dressed and continued on to then get very very drunk on whiskey and punch and Jamie's favourite cocktail- the "lovehug". No really it's actually called that.

8 March 2017

Since we've arrived in Sihanoukville we've only just relaxed today after a long night last night. When we arrived we said we'd have a chilled night in and ended up drinking with some lads from Birmingham and hit it off well. Since then We explored the beach yesterday and ate fried squid as the sun set. It was a good day but knackered us out. We went to an infamous jungle party in the middle of nowhere last , fair to say one of my favourite nights that I can ever recall - Not sure if I'd do the Ferris wheel again though. Since we got in last night we've spent today eating food and lying in the sun. Mike and paddy just left but it won't take long for us to meet some more people, it's surprising how easy it's been to make good friends wherever we've gone.

6 March 2017

Last night we had some chilled drinks in a sky bar on pub street, ended up getting more drunk than expected, which is never a bad thing. We're heading to shihunuk village in the south of Cambodia, its beaches are pretty great. So today has basically been spent getting attacked by moths and mosquitoes in our bathroom and eating Burger King because we're slobs. Heading on a night bus tonight so hopefully we come away in one piece.

5 March 2017

Last night we went out and explored Siem Reaps night life, it was a good night as drinks were incredibly cheap and the music was funny. Today so far has just been spent relaxing, eating and making plans for the rest of the trip, including getting Jacob to come meet us in Bali. PF Bali meet up 2017.

4 March 2017

We saw Angkor wat today as well as another couple of temples, the early start wasn't bad as a tuk tuk ride to the temples woke us up and was worth the effort for the amount of temples we saw. Totally worth the money and milling about with thousands of other tourists. Makes you wonder how civilisations in Cambodia can achieve such a feat yet people in England can only build 9000 Greggs shops and buy iPads from their benefits.

3 March 2017

So far on our trip we've spent the majority of our time in Cambodia and it's fair to say it's been enjoyable and interesting for a huge range of reasons. But I'll most fondly remember it for the cheap beer. Not being sure if I'll ever return to Cambodia I'm confident in saying that I feel I've experienced a lot of what it has to offer and enjoyed it the whole way.
Last night we went to explore Khao San road and enjoy a night in Bangkok before we left. This obviously meant meeting up with the aussies and getting appropriately hammered before getting in a tuk tuk and holding on for our lives as he did wheelies down the street. Khao San road was packed - a fair amount of rum and whiskey meant we were all far beyond the point of no return. Several hours later at about 3:30 we arrived back at our hostel only to find out we had to be awake in 2 hours to get a train to our bus stop. Being the sensible men we are we decided to stay up and FaceTime all the guys back home until it was time for us to catch a train to the other side of Bangkok whilst still outstandingly drunk. Luckily with enough speed walking and asking locals where to go we found the bus stop and waited, before embarking on an 8 hour bus journey into Cambodia, obviously this included Being scammed at the border by locals. Luckily we're here in Seam Reap now and enjoying the cheap beer.