Europe · 72 Days · 56 Moments · September 2017

The Coddiwomple tour of France and Spain 2017

21 November 2017

Well after a lovely evening with our friends we are heading north homeward bound and look at where we are. Stuck on the motorway. We have done over 4000 miles without any traffic jams oh the joy of motoring in the UK.

19 November 2017

We set off from Chartres heading for Calais, we’d booked our ferry for Monday morning and wanted to make sure we were there in plenty of time. We arrived at about 3.30 and took a short walk along the promenade we could see the white cliffs of Dover in the distance . We moved to the camper park a short distance away to have tea and get ourselves sorted for the ferry tomorrow. We have had an amazing time, been to some fabulous places and met some wonderful people along the way who we hope to keep in touch with and that our paths cross when we are on adventures. Our adventure isn’t quite over, we are calling in to see some friends and visit the bike show on our way north/homeward Bound.

18 November 2017

We are in Chartres, arrived late after a long journey some of it on motorways but we still managed to get on some lovely scenic roads. Stopped at a roadside park on the outside of town as the campsite and Camperstop were both closed Lovely sunset tonight

17 November 2017

We are now at a lovely village called Le Vegan parked up next to the lake. Lots of ducks and fish which we can watch from the van.

16 November 2017

We are now in Carcassonne, while looking for somewhere to park we came across an Aire just outside the town with a walk along the river to the town so we are stopping here tonight. After a fab walk along the riverbank we explored the medieval city, well worth the visit.

15 November 2017

We stopped last night in La Massana, Andorra. Woke up to -3 it was cold. We did a bit of shopping then hit the road heading for Carcassonne. We went over the Passa de Casa, Pyrenees mountains climbing to 2404m with lots and lots of snow, the views were amazing, we loved every minute. Tonight was the first time we had difficulty finding a place to stop, the first place had the wrong directions and the second was shut so we ended up in Limoux and plan to visit Carcassonne tomorrow.

14 November 2017

On the way to Andorra/the mountains in the background Love the old villages on the hills that we’ve passed through. There’s snow on the hills - yikes.
Spent the morning exploring Villafranca, lots of lovely building (churches) and narrow streets. Heading for Andorra this afternoon.

13 November 2017

Today we left the dusty campsite heading north along the coast. We were amazed when the road suddenly split around this arch which is called Arch de Berà dating back to the Romans’. We are now stopped in Vilafranca which is known as the first motor racing of formula 1 in Spain in 1921. I’ll post pictures tomorrow once we go for a walk around the town.

12 November 2017

Today is race day, so we packed our sarnies, donned our new Rossi t-shirts and hats and headed for our seats in the stands, it was packed. We had a good view of most of the track so could see most of the action, including a few spills that happened in our corner. The atmosphere was great, the fans cheered and clapped even if it wasn’t their favourite rider - brilliant.

10 November 2017

A great day watching the qualifying session for the racing tomorrow. It was very warm sitting in the stands 25 degrees. We got a Valentino Rossi flag for the van we just need a flag pole 😀

9 November 2017

We’ve arrived at Valencia race circuit and camped out right next to track. Going to watch the practice tomorrow.

7 November 2017

Today we took a cycle ride along the coast through the L’albufera de Valencia nature reserve then onto the lake. Lovely ride apart from having to go through the bushes sometimes 😀.

6 November 2017

Had a lovely day in Valencia today, bus journey was only 30 mins for 1.5€ bargain It was a lot cooler today than we are used to and had to wear a jumper - yikes. Valencia is a large city with lots of old beautiful buildings, you spend half your time looking up or you will miss them. On the bus journey we passed some very modern buildings part of the cultural arts centre.

5 November 2017

A lovely leisurely ride today departing Xabia for Valencia We are at a camper park not far from the beach and a nature conservation area, there’s also a lake with bird watching that we need to explore before we leave. Picture is of the beach with Valencia port in the background.

4 November 2017

Took some more pics of the mountain that is visible from everywhere in Xabia, it’s called “Massis del Montgó” and it’s part of the Park natural del Montgó, which was declared a national park in 1987.

3 November 2017

Another lovely day, hope this isn’t getting too boring for you, but we are enjoying it. Another cycle ride in the opposite direction today found a nice little bay pity we couldn’t continue the route around the cove but it was only accessible in foot Back for a late lunch and me beating him at dominos again.

2 November 2017

Cycled again today. We are getting used to this now especially that there are no hills - yippee. Had a fab lunch at the Octopus bar, calamari sarnies. The food here is really good need to come back another time. Weather has been sunny (again) but we have had some light cloud.

1 November 2017

Lovely sunny day Went for a lovely cycle ride along the prom/cycle track to the harbour Stopped for lunch then headed back late afternoon.

31 October 2017

We spent the morning at the Musée Vehiculos Guadalest lots of restored old motorcycles. We then followed the very windy steep downhill road towards the coast to follow the coastal road north. Passed some very large houses and boats to match in the marina at Calp. Found an amazing Chinese bazaar which sold everything and I mean everything we could have spend hours browsing. We are now at Javea or Xabia which is what its signposted as.

30 October 2017

Lovely day today. We are at Castel de Guadalest not far inland from Benedorm. We had a nice walk around the village and castle, altitude 516m Lots is quaint narrow streets with lovely shops leading to the castle which is up lots and lots of steps but view was worth it. There is a miniature museum with dolls houses but it was 10€ each to get in so we passed it by. Parked in car park just below the castle for the night. We are the only ones here.

28 October 2017

Not much going on today. Decided to stay another night and spent the day tidying up and sitting out in the sun planning our next stop. Forgot it was Sunday and all the shops are closed so having to cobble together tea from what’s in the fridge and cupboard - amazing what you can make out of bits and pieces.
Another strange journey today, as usual we took the scenic route over the Sierra Alhamilla mountains. Some beautiful scenery. Then we hit the concrete metropolis from Cartagena heading north. The campsite we had chosen was full so we had to find somewhere else, so the satnav took over and found us a camper stop at San Fulgencio, it’s a clean place dedicated to camper vans, the bays are gravel, not huge but ample for a night or two. May stay for 2 nights and have a cycle down to the sea tomorrow. Not far 2-3 Klms.

27 October 2017

Another warm day. Didn’t do much today as we’d walked miles yesterday searching life a new mifi device Had lunch at a restaurant not far from the campsite, then spent the afternoon by the pool, a relaxing day as we plan to head off tomorrow

26 October 2017

Beautiful day today. Walked into town along the promenade. Needed to get a new myfi as ours hasn’t worked for a while. Beautiful promenade with views of the castle. Aguilas is somewhere we would definitely come back to. Not too busy and everywhere is beautifully kept. Got new myfi so hopefully we’ll be back on line soon.

25 October 2017

Headed off again today up the coast. Started off on motorway which was a bid boring so we turned off along the coastal roads, we passed through some fab scenery Stopped for lunch at a lovely bay near Cartoneras then climbed up the pass over the mountain, fab views from the top. De la Granatilla Parque Natural. Followed the road along the coast through holiday resorts and national parks Stopped overnight at Aguilas. Going to explore the town tomorrow.

24 October 2017

A lovely day today. Cycled along the promenade towards Roquetas de Mar and beyond. Lovely castle and marina. Coffee was lush.

23 October 2017

A little walk along the beach.
Well we had a strange journey today along the coast with some beautiful views out to sea, but inland it was miles and miles of poly tunnels. I suppose the good thing is it provides work and feeds the world Parked in campsite near Roqueras de Mar not the best place we’ve been to but we’re off for a walk as the beach is apparently nearby. Advantage of a motorhome if it’s not good we can move on. Sun was shining all day but now a bit overcast

22 October 2017

A lovely lazy day. Sat watching the sea lap against the shore. Spotted this castle on the way to the shops but couldn’t find out anything about it.

21 October 2017

Beautiful sunset from our camping spot. Castillo de Baños, la Mamola, Granada, Spain.
Just when we thought the journey was getting boring with miles and miles of flat countryside we suddenly came across the mountains. Fantastic views across the Sierra mountains. Miles and miles of olive groves as far as we could see either side of the road. We are now at a camp site near Castell de Ferro on the med. 26. Degrees beautiful sunshine.

20 October 2017

A longer journey today 238km. Left Segovia over the Alto de Navacerrada mountains lots of switchbacks and climbing to 1800 metres. Now in Puetro Lapice famous for the windmills featured in Don Quixote novels. Whole village seems to be dedicated to him. We are parked in aire with views of the windmills.

19 October 2017

Fantastic day today exploring segovia. Roman aqueduct built early 2nd century without any mortar or cement - very impressive, aqueduct is 959 metres long, 28 meters high with 167 arches. There’s also a large church and an impressive castle. Lots of narrow streets with lots of shops including a material and art shops I was impressed.

18 October 2017

A very wet journey today from Olite to Segovia. Most of the journey along the N122 was at over 1000 metre above sea level. Stopped for the night outside the bullring in Segovia. Exploring the town tomorrow.
On our way to Segovia we stumbled across this reclamation yard. Colin was in his element. Good job we didn’t have enough room or dear knows what he would have bought.
Oh dear a bit of a drizzly start to the day. Heading to Segovia but will probably have a stopover on the way.

17 October 2017

Olite a medieval village and castle. Royal palace of Olite built in 1424 by Charles III king of Navarre. Beautiful village had a lovely walk around the castle and village.

16 October 2017

Fab day in Pamplona. Walked the famous “run of the bulls” didn’t see any bulls thankfully Lovely city with lots of narrow streets.

15 October 2017

Some beautiful scenery today. Took the back roads through France and across the Pyrenees to Pamplona in Spain Parked in dedicated motorhome car park. Hope to explore some of the city tomorrow

14 October 2017

Invited to bbq with the chateau owners so staying another night.
Quilts for sale at the market.

13 October 2017

Another day at Chateau Clarens, beautiful sunshine. Last night as here heading for Spain tomorrow. Sat outside having lunch with our new friends from Belgium. Luc and Annie We’ve also purchased a few bottles of wine to take with us. Hope that we will have some left to take Home.

12 October 2017

Wine tasting.
Staying another night at Winery We have been invited to a wine tasting this evening which we are looking forward to. This is a bottle of their wine we were given as a gift. Second pic is of Cadillac castle which is only a short walk from where we are staying.

11 October 2017

Beautiful scenery at Chateau Clarens in Cadillac today. Staying here this evening met a lovely Belgium couple Apparently the name Cadillac originated from here. A car designer working in the USA named the car after his village in France - Cadillac.

10 October 2017

Pics of royal castle of Cognac and the river. Nice warm day today.

9 October 2017

We are now in La Crèche heading for Cognac tomorrow. Sun is now shining and we’re having a fab time.

8 October 2017

Visit to Chateaubriant with Ruth and Gordon. Pity about the rain.

7 October 2017

Staying at ruth and Gordon’s tonight. Lovely to catch up with friends

6 October 2017

Overnight stop in alencon. Campsite was closed so parked up at service point outside campsite. Nice and quiet and sheltered by trees. Another motorhome arrived not long after hoping to get on campsite so we’ve shared the spot.
A great lunchtime stop at aire baie de Somme Weather lovely and bright sunshine.

5 October 2017

Arrived in Dover. Overnight stay in city car park ready for ferry first thing tomorrow. Fab views from the car park of the castle.

4 October 2017

Overnight stay in The Red Lion pub car park. Nice quiet car park behind the pub
All packed and ready for another adventure

11 September 2017