Oman · 4 Days · 23 Moments · September 2016

Ivy's adventure in Muscat, Oman

12 September 2016

Opera house on the way to the airport
Goodbye Barr Al Jissah, till we meet again!
Met Grace and Johan in Muscat Grand Mall
Lazy river
Catching crabs and enjoying the sea
Breakfast at Samba

11 September 2016

In room dining - Nasi goreng and Iranian grill. The girls had pesto pasta and cheese and ham, kids meal
Complimentary dessert from the hotel to celebrate Eid
Saw some crabs and fish
Not forgetting the flora and fauna
More pictures
Taking an evening stroll along the beach
By the Al Waha pool, after a round of mini golf
Breakfast at Al Bandar

10 September 2016

Day 2 another full day at the beach and lazy river and pools. Dinner was at the Turkish House in Al Khuwayr

9 September 2016

Dinner was Italian at the Capri Court in Al Bandar
Spent the whole day at the beach and lazy river
Arrived at hotel. Room number 3420. Beautiful view from the Al Waha hotel.
First stop City Centre Mall for some breakfast.
Mountains in Musandam
So much for our priority government quick check in lane, we still had a fair bit of queueing. After dropping our bags we had to queue to get our e-gate eye scans. It was quite a long queue and an Etihad staff decided to be very helpful and told us to go to the counter. Waited awhile but got thru. Though now we still do not have e-gate on our passports which means queuing when we get back from our holiday! Next we had to queue to get our bags scan....then we quickly walked to the gates. Thought we had time for a toilet stop, again no surprises there another long queue!! While waiting in queue we were told to board so we abandoned queue and queued to get on the bus which took us to the airplane. Finally now on board...managed to use the toilets and we are just waiting to take off!
An early start this morning. Woke up at 5.20am in anticipation of the booked taxi at 6am. Come 6am, taxi hadn't arrived. Tried calling and finally got a text message 'We do not have any taxis available at your time of booking'. Errr...thanks very much but we need to go to the airport now! So we set off out the compound and hope to hail a taxi. Waited 15mins no taxis... Finally CK managed to call a cab on his phone and within minutes the taxi arrived. Journey was luckily quick as it was after all 6.20am in the morning. But upon arriving at the airport there were long long long queues! Queues everywhere!
Window seat as I got A to sit with CK as the flight wasn't full