Europe, Australia and Oceania, Asia, North America, South America · 188 Days · 100 Moments · January 2017

Ivan's trip around the world in 187 days:-)✈️

8 July 2017

Day 185-187: The day before yesterday I enjoyed my last day in Jericoacoara by for example jogging into the sunset at the beach and going out. Yesterday I left Jeri and drove to Cumbuco which is near Fortaleza. There I visited a friend and enjoyed my last sunset at a Brazilian beach. Today I am boarding my flight which will end this journey around the world in 187 days😢 Time passes so quickly and money even faster😂 I loved my journey and I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks for following and I wish you all a happy life😁

6 July 2017

Day 183-184: I went to the kitesurfing beach yesterday and waited for the wind to turn all day long but it didn't😓 In the evening I went out. Today I went to the beach and did SUP (stand up paddling) towards the sunset🌅 Going out tonight🎊🎊🎉🎉

5 July 2017

Day 181-182: I went to the beach yesterday and worked out there too. After that I enjoyed the sunset on "La Duna" and went out in the evening. Today I had my private tour on a quad and I went to the famous Lagoons Paradise and Azul. It was beautiful😍

2 July 2017

Day 179-180: I went to the beach yesterday and enjoyed a beautiful sunset in the evening🌅 I went to the beach again and later on I went jogging. I jogged to the famous Pedra Forada where the sun sets through the big hole in the rock.

30 June 2017

Day 177-178: Yesterday I had to buy some things and arrange a few things went swimming in the sea and went out at night. Wild donkeys and even cows everywhere not to mention cats and dogs. Today I went kitesurfing the whole day and went out at night:)

28 June 2017

Day 175-176: I flew from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro yesterday ✈️ This morning I wanted to go delta sailing but the weather conditions weren't right and I didn't have time to stick around and wait because I had a plane to catch up to the northern part of Brazil (Fortaleza). After I arrived I was brought to Jericoacoara by Jeep. It's like a little beach village here and lots of possibilities to kite surf. I love this place already😍

26 June 2017

Day 173-174: I went to Puerto Madero yesterday ate some famous churrasco and Choripan and enjoyed watching people dancing Salsa and Bachata. Yesterday I actually wanted to go to Uruguay by ferry with some friends but one forgot to bring the passport and I had my passport but I should have brought the other one because it didn't carry the immigration stamp. So we ended up not going🤦🏻‍♂️ I went for a nice tour in the teatro Colon instead and in the evening went for dinner (like always😅) Photo shows a ceiling in the theatre which is made out of 22k gold💰

25 June 2017

Day 171-172: Yesterday I did a walking tour again and it was really interesting. I was told that Jose San Martin is the most popular Argentinian ever (google him😉) We ended up at the famous cemetery and in the evening we went out. Today we went to visit an art museum the japanese gardens and in the evening went for dinner and a tango class🕺🏽

22 June 2017

Day 169-170: I joined the free walking tour yesterday with a friend from the hostel and we had a tour around the capital of Buenos Aires. The buildings are beautiful and have so many different architectural styles. Buenos Aires really reminds me of being in Europe (especially France). Was quite cold yesterday (11c*) but it's starting to get warmer today (20c*). In the evening we went to explore nightlife. Today we had a walk around in the parque del palermo and then went to buy some nice cuts of argentinian meat which we cooked for dinner. After that we joined a Tango class in the hostel.

21 June 2017

Day 167-168: I had lunch with a friend and then I went to visit the statue of christ yesterday with another and it's huge😱 In the evening I packed my suitcase. Today I left Brasil and flew to Buenos Aires in Argentina. I ate the famous choripan there had a walk around the plaza serrano and went to bed:)

19 June 2017

Day 165-166: Yesterday I was at my friends house and made a new friend😍 In the evening I went clubbing at Copacabana. Today I spent the whole day at the pan de azucar and the view was breathtaking😊 In the evening I had dinner with a friend.

15 June 2017

Day 163-164 Yesterday I went to Ipanema beach and enjoyed the sunset there in the evening🌅 Today I went to Copacabana beach and in the evening we went out. We relaxed near the famous escalera de selaron.

13 June 2017

Day 161-162: I went to see the "museum of tomorrow" which shows how the world will change in the future also due to global warming etc. Please Mr. Trump go and educate yourself and visit that museum! I was in Lapa today and saw the arches which is impressive. In the evening I showed the museum from the outside to a friend and went out at night😊

11 June 2017

Day 159-160: Yesterday I got up quite late because my body was still in nightlife mode😅 Then I went for dinner at Copacabana. Today I relaxed at the hostel and had to turn down a boat party otherwise I would never get my peace and quiet. Its crazy how there are parties every day here in Rio😱
Day 157-158: The last two days I was enjoying Rios Nightlife🕺🏽

9 June 2017

Day 155-156: Yesterday I went to visit Copacabana beach and its a huge beach😳 In the evening I went out with some friends. The next day we went to a different beach called Barra. It's calmer there and more relaxing. In the evening I met some new friends and we went to drink something near Copacabana beach:)

6 June 2017

Day 153-154: Yesterday I traveled all the way from Cartagena to Rio de Janeiro. I arrived at about 5 am and then went straight to bed😴 Today I spent my day doing organizational stuff like washing, getting a metro card and looking for a sim card. It is unbelievable how the people here don't speak Spanish at all, although they understand quite a bit but respond in Portugués and then I don't understand 🤦🏻‍♂️ Also English skills are quite rare here. It's frustrating if hardly anybody understands you😅 Because I did no sightseeing today I don't really have a photo. But I figured I should once take one of a hostel room:)

5 June 2017

Day 151-152: Yesterday I met a nice family in Cartagena with wonderful kids and spent the last two days playing with them and taking care of them.

2 June 2017

Day 149-150: Yesterday I traveled from Costeño beach to Cartagena by bus which took me about 6h. Today I had a walk around in the historical center. It is beautiful and it really reminds me of Spain. It's quite hot here😅

31 May 2017

Day 147-148: Yesterday I traveled from Tanganga to Costeño beach. As soon as I arrived there I rented a surf board and went surfing🤙🏽 Today I went to Tayrona to a beach called cabo San Juan which apparently is one of the nicest natural beaches in the world. I went there and back on horseback which was lots of fun. I was able to ride on my own. Back at the hostel I was sick though because I ate some strange shrimps for lunch🤔

29 May 2017

Day 145-146: I caught a plane yesterday to head up to Santa Marta in northern Colombia. In the evening I went to the town center to have a look around. I am staying at a really cool hostel. The world here is completely different to the world in Medellin. There is much more visible poverty. Today I went to a beach around here with friends, played some cod with them and chilled with some people at the hostel eating pizza and watching netflix😊

26 May 2017

Day 143-144: I did proper downhill yesterday for the first time in my life and it is so scary and dangerous😱 I fell and hurt myself too🤕 But I am okay now😅 In the evening I went out with a friend. Today I did the usual body workout which I do four times a week with my backpack and am going out again tonight.)

25 May 2017

Day 141-142: I went paragliding yesterday and it was so much fun!!! The view was amazing😍 Today I visited a village called "jardin". It's really cute. I asked to rent two horses with a friend there to ride around the city. We both don't really have experience is what we told them. They didn't care.... They just observed us getting on the horses and off we went! It was so much fun although going back to the stable they started to really get out of control and started racing back🏇🏼

24 May 2017

Day 139-140: I went canyoning yesterday and it was really fun! Today I went to some parks in Medellin which are all near each other (botanical garden, exploring park etc.)

21 May 2017

Day 137-138: I didn't do much yesterday because I was still exhausted from Friday night. Today I went to parque Arvi with a friend and we did some zip lining there which was fun😊 To get to the park or all kinds of different areas in Medellin you have to take the metro cable. 🚠

19 May 2017

Day 135-136: 🎶Yesterday I didn't feel like doing anything🎶🙈 Today I went to visit the comuna 13 which is a poor region in Medellin. The crazy thing about it is that there are huge orange escalators in the middle of the place which were sponsored by the government to make it easier for the people to reach their steep homes😳In the evening I moved to a new apartment (2 picture view from my apartment😊)

18 May 2017

Day 133-134: I had a chilled day yesterday to recover from my fever and so I did some washing, had a haircut etc. Today I went on a coffee tour which was on horseback about 30min drive away from Medellin. We took part in the whole coffee bean process. We picked the beans, used machinery to get them out of the husk and saw how they spread them and let them dry on a rooftop. We also had lunch near a beautiful river:)

15 May 2017

Day 131-132: So yesterday morning I started to get a fever so I didn't do much. This morning I all of a sudden felt better so I did the "Pablo Escobar tour". We went to see his old mansion in Guatape and we climbed the famous rock there. The view was amazing😍 (The pic of the rock is edited by me but original from google because I wasn't able to get a nice shot)

14 May 2017

Day 129-130: The last two days I was partying quite a lot😂 And today I was invited to a colombian birthday party 🎉🎊🎊

10 May 2017

Day 127-128: I participated in a walking tour around the slums in Medellin yesterday and it was really interesting. In the evening I went to the final football game of the recopa sudamericana⚽️ Today I organized the activities which I want to do while staying in Medellin and went out with friends in the evening.

9 May 2017

Day 125-126: Yesterday I went to explore the area around the hostel which I am staying in. Today I went to see the so called pueblo paisa and enjoyed a beautiful view over the entire city of Medellin😊

7 May 2017

Day 123-124: It took me the whole day of yesterday to reach Colombia from Mexico city because the connections where not layed out nice at all so I spent part of the day doing some shopping in LA. Today I finally arrived in Medellin Colombia and my first impression of the city is really positive. It's like a big city in the jungle. There are literally about the same amount of green natural patches as humanized city patches. I love how nature and city life goes hand in hand in this town😍

6 May 2017

Day 121-122: Yesterday we went to give the car back and visited a private swiss school in Mexico. Today we just relaxed because our roadtrip was really tiring and we did 3060km! For the first time I literally don't have a good photo representing the last two days😅

4 May 2017

Day 119-120: We went around town in Chiapas yesterday and its quite a hip city. Today we had a boat ride through the cañon el sumidero and drove all the way back to Mexico city.

2 May 2017

Day 117-118: We went on a day tour in Oaxaca yesterday and saw a huge tree with a 42m thick trunk. Then we went to see how they make the famous carpets and the alcoholic drink called Mezcal, some ancient ruins and then to some natural pools. Today we had a roadtrip of about ten hours to Chiapas and finally arrived😅

30 April 2017

Day 115-116: I was finally able to go kitesurfing again yesterday 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊 Today we had a roadtrip of ten hours from Acapulco to Oaxaca...🚗

28 April 2017

Day 113-114: Spent the last two days surfing and getting rashes😂🏄

26 April 2017

Day 111-112: We went to do some shopping yesterday and had some wonderful cheesecake at the cheesecake factory. To lose those calories again we went running in the Chapultepec park. Today we rented a car for the next nine days and drove all the way to Acapulco where we are staying at a huge airbnb place for 30$ a night with harbour view😂

23 April 2017

Day 109-110: Yesterday finally my friend arrived from Monterrey and we just relaxed and ordered food with uber eats which is really cheap in Mexico (like everything else). Today we walked around in the Chapultepec park and went to see the famous museum of anthropology. It was huge😳 Its crazy how Mexico has so much culture as a background.

22 April 2017

Day 107-108: Yesterday I finally arrived in Mexico city😁 Today I had a walk around and in the evening I went to see a "lucha libre" (mexican wrestling) and it was crazy😵

20 April 2017

Day 105-106: We went to do a workout at "Barrys" for the first time and it was amazing. Then we went to the Runyon Canyon and enjoyed the amazing view over LA. After that we had dinner in Beverly Hills which is near Hollywood. Today we went to the Topanga Canyon to relax and after that enjoyed our convertible ride on the Hwy 1 along the beach up to Malibu riding towards the sunset🌅 After that I dropped my friend of at the Airport👋🏼✈️

17 April 2017

Day 103-104: Left Mexico yesterday and rented a Dodge Challenger for the day. In the evening, we stayed at our friends place and went to the movies. Today we changed the challenger to a convertible camaro, went to Balboa park, Ocean beach and drove all the way to LA😎🎉🎊

15 April 2017

Day 101-102: My Persian friend from Chicago and I went to Rosarito yesterday (south of Tijuana) to enjoy the spring break party. Today we enjoyed lunch with the Mariachis, sunbathed on the beach, witnessed an illegal drag race on the streets and are going to a foam party now😉

12 April 2017

Day 99-100: I went in to the uss midway (aircraft carrier) yesterday and it is huge😳 Today I just went shopping in one of the enormous malls in San Diego.

11 April 2017

Day 97-98: I went sightseeing with my Persian friends yesterday and enjoyed some nice views of San Diego. Today however I went to Tijuana with some room mates and we went to see a dog race and other crazy things😂

8 April 2017

Day 95-96: Yesterday morning started with a fun jam session and a home party in the afternoon. In the evening we went to a hotel rooftop bar. Today it was all about relaxing in the hot tub and sunbathing😎

7 April 2017

Day 93-94: So I got ready for the Californian lifestyle: Rented a bike, surfboard and wetsuit and went cruising around with a guy from Austria. Today I actually went surfing and took my bike down to la Jolla cove to see the sealions. In the evening I met some friends and we chilled at his house in the jacuzzi an had a little jam session😍

5 April 2017

Day 91-92: I went to the Fuji-Q amusement park near Fuji mountain yesterday which contains guiness record holding rollercoasters. It was such fun😍 In the evening my friend and I went to the famous robot restaurant. Today I flew to San Diego and my hostel is right at the beach. Its crazy though how the time difference is 16 hours between these two places😳

3 April 2017

Day 89-90: Yesterday was just another lazy day, but today I got up at 4 am to see the biggest fish market in the world. Then I went to a few different parks to see the Sakura blossoms (Meguro, Shinjuku gyoen, Ueno) and in the evening I drove around Tokyo in a go-kart and this while cosplaying incl. my mega boom😂 One of the best experiences ever😍

1 April 2017

Day 87-88: Yesterday I enjoyed a lazy day in the hostel doing washing, working out and watching netflix while it was horrible and rainy outside😊 But today I did loads of things. First I went to a cat cafe called "mocha" where you can stroke cats because lots of Japanese don't have enough room for their own cat. There I met a cat which I called grumpy (if you look at the photos you will know why😅) Then I went to an owl and dog stroking place. After that I finally managed to go to the Imperial palace although it is rather the Imperial gardens that you visit as the palace is generally closed to the public. In the evening I met up with a friend from Fukuoka who was the owner of the hostel that I stayed in and he and his family invited me for dinner in Yokohama.

29 March 2017

Day 85-86: Yesterday I went to get my driving licence translated so I will be able to drive in Japan. Then I went to see the Imperial palace but it was closed😅 After that I met my French friend in Shibuya and then we went for dinner and clubbing. Today I went to see some cherry blossom. Finally its here! After that I went walking around in Ginza and visited the Sony Center. I then met up with a Spanish friend who I got to know in Australia to go and have sushi together🍣

28 March 2017

Day 83-84: Yesterday I traveled from Kurume to Tokyo with the Shinkanzen which took me the whole day. Today I went to Shibuya again (place of the busiest crossing in Tokyo). After that I enjoyed the view from the Skytree which by the way is the highest tower in the world and the second highest building after Burj Khalifa (634m)😳

26 March 2017

Day 81-82: Yesterday I arrived at Yufuin quite late because of the poor train connections. I then arrived at the hostel and met a few people. I went to the famous Onsens in Yufuin (Japanese spa) today with people from the hostel. Then Masaki invited me to his house where his friend is also staying. He lives in Kurume and his family is really welcoming. At the moment we are playing some good old Battlefield😁

25 March 2017

Day 79-80: Got up quite late yesterday because it turned out to be a long night with the Koreans. In the afternoon I brought a parcel to the post office with things I don't need in my suitcase anymore to send it back to Switzerland and then went for some tonkotsu Ramen which Fukuoka is really famous for. It was the best Ramen I have ever tasted (Ichiran)! In the evening we went to some hot pools which where really relaxing (Onsens). Then we cooked dinner back at the hostel. Today I went to a huge mall and spent the day there. Not really a lot of sightseeing to do here in Fukuoka I think (thats why the photo of the ramen😅) In the evening I went out with a couple of friends to a nightclub called Cats:)

22 March 2017

Day 77-78: I traveled from Osaka to Hiroshima yesterday and spent the night there. Today I went to visit the Hiroshima peace memorial park. After that I headed furher south to Fukuoka. Time for a dark chapter history lesson: The first image shows the atomic bomb "little boy" which was 3m long and 4 tons heavy. It detonated in Hiroshima. The other photo shows the force of the heatrays. The shadow on the stone of the steps came from somebody sitting there as the A-bomb exploded. Everything around his body got "bleached" due to the heat. The explosion was so great that even after a distance of 3.5 km human skin still got burnt😳 In the evening I finally arrived in my hostel in Fukuoka and met some new friends from Korea. They invited me for dinner which they cooked (at 24:00!) and I couldn't say no😅

21 March 2017

Day 75-76: I was at the Universal studios in Osaka the whole day yesterday and it was really fun. Especially the flying dinosaur rollercoaster. While queuing my friend and I watched offline movies on netflix. In the evening we went to a club called G3. Today I was in the famous Osaka aquarium and gazed at whalesharks. After that we went to the top of the umeda skybuilding and later on for some Ramen and clubbing in Bambi and G2.

17 March 2017

Day 73-74: Yesterday I walked up to the famous fushimi inari shrine on which path you walk through 5'000 gates. Ther is even an emoticon for it⛩⛩⛩ After that I took the train to Osaka. I had a look at the Osaka palace today and then wanted to go to the universal studios. The lady at the entry though said that the waiting time for the best attractions are 3h! "I will be back" I said and by that I mean tomorrow when I have more time.)

15 March 2017

Day 71-72: Yesterday I went to explore the famous Kiyomizu temple and then treated myself to a original kobe beef steak from Kobe! Today I visited the Bamboo forest and the monkeymountain🐒

14 March 2017

Day 69-70: Yesterday I met with a few couchsurfers thanks to the couchsurfing app "hang out" feature. We went to have a nice dinner and then I went to a Club in Roppongi where I met the dinosaur😂 Today I bought my Japanese railpass and arrived in Kyoto. Its quite nice for a change to be in a less lively place for a bit😅

13 March 2017

Day 67-68: I left Ralphs apartment yesterday and checked into a hostel somewhere. But I didn't like it and so I checked out again and in some where else. I went to explore the shinjuku nightlife with some people I met on the street. Today was my lazy day in the hotel and at night I went to explore the Shibuya nightlife. There was so much going on although its a Sunday night😳 By the way the photo shows the shibuya crossing which is rumored to be the busiest intersection in the world.

10 March 2017

Day 65-66: Yesterday, I explored the Akihabara electric city (mall for technology) and it was so big that I needed a whole day to see everything😳 Today I visited the Sensoji temple and after that my couchsurfing host Ralph showed me around in town and we went to see the sunset on the world trade center🌇

8 March 2017

Day 63-64: Was travelling the whole day yesterday and today (timezones). I even missed my flight from Christchurch to Auckland because the busdriver was 50 min. late. Luckily I managed to catch another plain otherwise I would have missed my connecting flight to Japan😳 I finally arrived in Tokyo today and am going to couchsurf for the next three nights. So frustrating if you don't understand speech or writing which confronts you everywhere😅 The couchsurfhost (Ralph) and I went to have dinner at the skyrestaurant and the view is amazing up there😍 Don't really know what picture to post🤔

6 March 2017

Day 61-62: Yesterday I arrived in Queenstown. What a cool city😁. Today I went Bungee jumping for the first time (134m) and it was scary but amazing 😱😍

4 March 2017

Day 59-60: Yesterday it was raining the whole day so we went to do some spa. Today we drove in direction Queenstown and stopped at a few lakes and a waterfall 😊

2 March 2017

Day 57-58: Yesterday we drove to Mahinapua and had a fancy dressparty in the evening. My mate the ginger bread man won a free bungee jump😳 Today we arrived at Franz Josef and I almost skydived again but it was cancelled due to clouds. Maybe more luck tomorrow🤔

27 February 2017

Day 55-56: Took the ferry from the north island to the southern island yesterday and enjoyed the beach in Kaiteriteri in the evening. Today we arrived in Westport with the kiwibus (same as usual) and jumped in the lake Rotoiti on the way there😊 There I was "attacked" by some ducks🦆In the evening we had a nice bonfire at the beach.

25 February 2017

Day 53-54: We drove to the river valley yesterday and spent the night there. Today I went horse riding and it was awesome😍 They can go so fast😂🐎 Heading towards Wellington at the moment.

24 February 2017

Day 51-52: Went to visit the Geysers in Rotorua yesterday. Today I went on a hike. I went all the way to the top of "Mount Doom" (The Mountain where they destroy the Ring in the movie "the Lord of the Rings"). It was exhausting😅

23 February 2017

Day 49-50: Yesterday I went canyoning in Waitomo and it was great fun. The glowworms down there were amazing😍. Today I went to visit the shire (hobbitland) and it was fascinating. After that we saw a maori performance in Rotorua at the place we are staying.

19 February 2017

Day 47-48: Went on a dolphin excursion yesterday in Paihia. Although we weren't allowed to swim with the dolphins because they had babies with them. Went to the pool later on to swim with my friend🙈 Did couchsurfing for the first time last night and it was amazing😍 sleeping for free at random people's houses. In the evening we stayed near the hot water beach where we dug holes in the sand for our own private hot tub😊

18 February 2017

Day 45-46: Took off with the kiwiexperience bus yesterday and headed up north to Pahia from Auckland. Did a daytrip today to the northern end of New Zealand (Cape Reinga). The sandboarding and the view in Reinga were awesome😊

16 February 2017

Day 43-44: Arrived in Auckland yesterday and didn't really do much except from going out in the evening. Today I went to visit the famous Waiheke island although it was a rainy day. I asked a person getting off the ferry what to do in this weather. She was pretty honest with me and told me that there isn't a lot to do in this weather and at this time. She then got picked up by her dad and they invited me to dinner at their place. It was really nice to see how locals live for a bit! I am always astonished at how speaking with people can open so many doors in Life😊 Going on the Kiwiexperience bus tomorrow. Didn't really get good photos because of the rain so here's one of the airport entrance to Auckland😅

14 February 2017

Day 41-42: "Bula" (fijian for hello)Left blue lagoon yesterday and arrived back at the mainland just in time for the sunset in Nadi. While sitting in the bus every person I made eyecontact with on the street waved and greeted me. Amazing how friendly and welcoming they are here. Going to the airport today to fly in direction Auckland via Brisbane and spending the night there. "Vinaka" and "Made" Fiji (fijian for thank you and good bye). "Senga nalenga" (fij.for no problem)

13 February 2017

Day 39-40: Left Mantaray island yesterday and arrived at the blue lagoon today.

10 February 2017

Day 37-38: Went to volunteer as a teacher in a fijian school yesterday. Today I wanted to leave Barefoot Manta island to get to the blue lagoon but the seaferry was canceled due to stormy weather. Now I have moved to an island nearby which is called Mantaray island.

9 February 2017

Day 35-36: Was still raining yesterday. But the weather's been good today. Byebye Beachcomber island and hello Barefoot Manta island😊 Was playing volleyball with the locals there.

7 February 2017

Day 33-34: Arrived in Fiji yesterday (Nadi). And am on Beachcomberisland today. The weather is rainy but it should change tomorrow🤞🏽

5 February 2017

Day 31-32: Went diving at the Great Barrier Reef yesterday and a helicopter had to fly in because a girl forgot her diabetes tablets😳Today I visited the rainforest here in Cairns. The picture shows the famous cathedral fig tree. Tomorrow I will fly to the Fiji islands😁

2 February 2017

Day 29-30: Went skydiving at Mission Beach yesterday and it was incredible😍 Arriving in Cairns today which will be my last busstop in Australia. After that I am heading off to Fiji😁

1 February 2017

Day 27-28: Arrived at Mission Beach yesterday and went river rafting today. It is raining a lot here! Rainforest everywhere ☔️

30 January 2017

Day 25-26: Was on magnetic Island for two days. Met some wild wallabees and went driving around with friends😊

28 January 2017

Day 23-24: Back from my 3day boatcruise to the whitsundays. It has the purest and whitest sand in the world! It was brilliant😍 Went diving twice and saw a shark😳

26 January 2017

Day 22-23: Arrived in Airlie Beach yesterday with the overnightbus from Agnes Water and heading of for a boat trip on the Atlantic Clipper for 3 days today.⛵️ Its Australias independence day today by the way🇦🇺 No swimming without wetsuits from now on because of lethal jellyfish! More photos will follow.)

24 January 2017

Day 20-21: Agnes Water. Went driving on a chopper yesterday and surfing today. Also relaxed on a kayak in the hostels pond. Met a dog and a horse at that hostel😊

22 January 2017

Day 18-19: Came back from Fraser Island and heading to 1770 today. Lots of travelling-.-

20 January 2017

Day 16-17: Fraser island is awesome!!! Driving around in 4wdrive in heaps of sand😂🙈

18 January 2017

Day 14-15: Arrived at Rainbowbeach yesterday and it is beautiful.🌈 After that I surfed and today I went kayaking. It was lots of fun😍 On the way kayaking we saw these soldiercrabs.

16 January 2017

Day 12-13: Arrived in Noosa yesterday and it is a relaxing place. Hired a ebike today and it was really fun🤣. Went to the Fairypools with some friends and am in the cinema now and will watch Rogue one😊

14 January 2017

Day 11: Another day in Australia.)

13 January 2017

Day 10: Arrived in Brisbane with this. Always travelling with this kind of bus.

12 January 2017

Day 9: Went surfing again today, sent a package to Switzerland with my first bought painting and going partying again tonight🏄🕺🏼

11 January 2017

Day 8: Finally arrived in Surfers Paradise😊
Day 7: Kitesurfing in Byron Bay. It was awesome😍🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

9 January 2017

Day 6: Another day in Byron Bay. Also went to Nimbin.

8 January 2017

Day 5: Byebye Mojosurfcamp and hello funny creatures in Byron bay😊

7 January 2017

Day 4: Still busy surfing and getting sunburnt😅

6 January 2017

Day 3: Exhausting 1st day of surfing 🏄

4 January 2017

Day 2: Byebye Sydney😢
Day 1: Finally arrived in Sydney😁 Let the journey beginn🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼

2 January 2017

Departure in direction Sydney😊