United States of America · 1 Days · 3 Moments · January 2018

Ivan's journi To Vermont

15 January 2018

Yay 😃 after laser quest we drove to VERMONT we rented skis 🎿 and ski boots then I drove in my friends car 🚙 and when we got out of the car we loaded our suitcases and went in our room,we ate dinner then watched a movie about Ant man .While watching the movie I got pretty tired and went from my friends room to our room and watched another movie about Percy Jackson then I went to sleep
Today we were going to ski in Stratton Vermont and this was the first time my little brother Serezha went skiing on a green and this also was my first time skiing on a black diamond.Today I was mostly skiing with my dad and my friends but I also spend some time skiing with my mom and Serezha.I really liked that day because I got to spend time with my family and friends and of course because of skiing too.

14 January 2018

Today was my birthday party 🎉 at laser quest and there were me ,Michelle, Victor, Victoria,Alex,Sam, Serezha and Luke. I got a lot of 🎁 then the front desk called us to the game. After we played I felt really happy 😃 today because me and my friends got to spend time together and because of the presents 🎁 and the game. After all we didn’t go home 🏠 guess where we went?⛷⛷ We went to Vermont!!!!