Singapore · 289 Days · 4 Moments · December 2016

itzDreams's journi to Singapore

24 September 2017

The Game Plan is so touching! You gotta watch the movie!

18 February 2017

Check out my photography skillz!! Cactus-Summer Normal Green Tree-Spring Christmas Tree-Winter Tree Without Leaves-Autumn Hope you like it!!

17 February 2017

17/2/2017 Hey diary! Today, I will be seeing my relative who has come from Australia. I don't remember how he looked like, and we seemed to see each other only on FaceTime. I will be going to my grandfather's house. Today in the morning, the school was having an eco bazaar, which is where they sell things that our friends donate for a cheaper price. I bought four little stuffed toys. My friend happened to donate one of them and I laughed and asked for my money back. She ran away and I laughed even harder. What an amazing day!!

9 December 2016