Italy · 2 Days · 6 Moments · July 2018

15 July 2018

Night in Bolzano!!! After taking a train from Verona to Bolzano, we went to the hotel and then went out to the iceman museum!! It was very interesting but we weren’t allowed to take pics. So cool to see how they figured things out and science behind it. We then went to dinner, Bolzano is influenced by Germany so it’s mostly German food (#yuck) but I actually got something I liked! Beer goulash. After dinner we went on a cable car up the mountain which was about 12 miles. Going up was ok, I’m not a fan of heights tho. We saw amazing views and went to the cutest restaurant and got dessert. SO GOOD OMG. I had the apple strudel. And homemade grape juice ahh (not wine which sucks but still very good and I <3 grape juice so). Then dun dun dun I storm was coming and the only way back down to Bolzano was to take the cable car. Needless to say, I was sitting on the floor of it scared to death we were gonna die. We luckily survived. Leaving for Salzburg tmrw but at 10 so sleeping in!! Finallyyy
Morning in Verona!!! Got up super early to leave Venice (I’m so tired) and caught a train to Verona, Italy. Super nice train, wifi and charging stations, thank goodnessss. So we then walk to the square called Piazza Bra (I think lol) and we saw the colosseum. We didn’t go in bc the line was ridiculous and we didn’t have much time. Then went to Juliette’s balcony. It was SO crowded in there. And there’s some statute that if you touch her right boob you will have good luck and love forever. So of course, I touched it. But there wasn’t a line for it, everyone just crowded up around it pushing to get to it. I was very annoyed with everyone lemme tell you. We then got gelato AGAIN. I’m obsessed with it. It’s so amazing. And then we walked back to the train station. Of course I got burnt and I have blisters all over my feet from walking. It’s a sign, I shouldn’t be walking this much. Anywho, taking a train to Bolzano now!!! Post an update later.

14 July 2018

Rest of the second day in Venice!!! Didn’t take any other photos so here’s this one again bc it’s cute :) We went out again around 3:30 to go on another walking tour of Venice. Lemme say that again, more walking. So we go on this tour and we are walking in hotttt weather for about 2 1/2 hours. I wanted to die. It was cool to hear about the hidden facts about Venice and the history of it, don’t get me wrong. But I was just done with tours honestly lol. After this tour, we asked the tour guide for food recommendations. He gave us a place and told us which way to go. Turns out that way was wrong and we had to find it completely on our owns. We eventually got to the place and it was full!! Meanwhile we are all so hangry!!! We then find a cute restaurant on the canal. I order pasta with shrimp and it comes out with like the full shrimp, eyeballs and all. I wanted to barf. Ate only the pasta and it was good at least. Leaving for Verona and Bolzano, Italy tomorrow. Can’t wait!!! More to come!
Morning of the 2nd day in Venice!! You take boats every where instead of buses so me, Megan and a few other people got split up from the group bc we couldn’t fit on the boat and had to find our way to the basilica ourselves. We were with an adult at least but still not good. We finally made it and went to the basilica where we had to have our knees and shoulders covered. I was dying of heat, it was bad. But the inside of the basilica was amazing, sad we weren’t able to take pics!! Lit a candle for Oma! Then we went to Doge’s palace. So pretty inside. You walked all around it and inside. So beautiful. Until me and Megan walked a different way than our group (we were allowed to) and got lost in the dungeons of the palace. SO scary, well I was at least. There was no one down there and we didn’t know which way was the right way. We then ran into our group and we eventually found our way out. It’s like a maze I’m telling you. Very cool to look at though!! Going out later, can’t wait!

13 July 2018

VENICE YOU HAVE MY HEART!! I am seriously obsessed with this place. Got here around 4ish and took a boat to our hotel, since there’s no cars. That means water taxis ahh!! We then got to our rooms and relaxed a little and then went out. We went to THE BEST Italian restaurant. Now idk if it’s really the best but I thought it was. Granted it’s the only place I’ve eaten at here yet lol. I got homemade pasta with lobster. Best. Pasta. I’ve. Ever. Eaten. Just saying. And there’s no age on drinking wine here (how good is this place cmon). We only had a little I swear but we tried both red & white wine!!! Yum. Our waiter was so funny and everyone was super nice!! In love. Anyways then we walked around and went in some shops. Got gelato (one of my fav things ever) and walked home. Tried to go on side streets to get back to the hotel but got lost at a dead end. So don’t recommend doing that lol. Overall its amazing. Exploring more tomorrow!! Considering moving here honestly, before it sinks lol
Streets of Venice!!!