Austria · 30 Days · 9 Moments · June 2014

Summer in Italy 2014

20 July 2014

... I just love it, it is simply beautiful here. And this is why I changed my plans and why I will get back to Vienna tomorrow. I figured that I also want to visit other cities and travel around and this I can do better by train. I also have the opportunity to experience nature in Austria, and can plan some hiking tours. I will return to Vienna, to rearrange my backpack and making new plans, because I definitly want to see and experience more. I don't feel sad about giving up the plan of going afoot through Italy, because I think if your priorities change you shouldn't stuck to your old plan at any price, but change it too. That's just how things evolve, and that's definitly something good. Thanks for sharing this experience with me! I really enjoyed my stay in Italy.
So you might wonder why I'm allready in Venezia. Well, I was not able to find a passable way after I left Tivoli. I had to walk on the street the whole time, which was just terrible, and far away from what I wanted. So I got to the next trainstation and then back to Roma. After asking myself what I'm going to do now I finally decided to go to Venezia by train. I arrived in Venezia Mestre at night and could hardly managed to find a place to sleep. This morning I took the train to Venezia Santa Lucia, and here I am: Bella Venezia!! ...

17 July 2014

It was my last day in Rome. I was quite lazy today and enjoyed doing nothing. I found a very nice place where I took a nap under a tree. Tomorrow morning I will leave Rome and take the train to Tivoli. From Tivoli I will walk to the east-coast.

16 July 2014

Did the tourist-program today and visited the Collosseo, Foro Romano, Piazza del Popolo and the Pantheon.

15 July 2014

Finally arrived in Rome. It was a long night with just a few hours of sleep but followed by a nice breakfast in a small Cafeteria. I got lost exploring the Cimitero del Verano and was totally thrilled by it's beauty. Definitly a must-see!

14 July 2014

I'm on my way. Italy here I come!
Today is the day! Got everything together, now waiting for my train to leave. Looks like I'm going to have nice weather the week I'll stay in Rome. I'm very excited but haven't completly realized yet that I will be gone for one and a half months.

20 June 2014

Bought my train ticket today. Departure will be on 14th of July to Roma Termini. So things are getting serious. Can't wait until then. But first there are still preparations to do and finals to pass, so I guess cool stuff has to wait so far...
Hey everyone! Follow me on my trip through Italy. I will be backpacking from Rome to Venice and wherever my feet will take me, from 14th of July to end of August (maybe September). I want to share my experience and impressions of what it means to live and sleep mostly outside, just armed with a backpack and a hammock. I will rarely have a WiFi connection, but I will try to update this site as often as I can. So, here we go!