Turkey, Netherlands, Germany · 122 Days · 36 Moments · November 2016

Istanbul95 here and there

3 March 2017

Back to the office from the meeting with colleagues from Koc.

2 March 2017

During the meeting.
Second technical assistance meeting with participating municipalities.

8 February 2017

End of meeting.

7 February 2017

At reichstag with famous friends!

31 January 2017

Launching the first step of Istanbul95 with TESEV, Kadir Has University and Marmara Municipalities Union.

24 January 2017

Guests at the office. Highest protocole rules apply! Cookies and snacks!

20 January 2017

With Cleofas at our office. Exciting talk!

19 January 2017

With Cleofas Rodriguez from National Migrant and Seasonal Head Start.
In Adana. Just before the conference. The power trio: Bilgi University, Cukurova Development Agency and BvLF.

18 January 2017

In Adana with the seasonal migrant research team.
On the way to the airport to Adana. We've been here for more than hour now.

12 January 2017

On the way to the meeting with Mayor of Maltepe.

4 January 2017

Way back home on any work day.

27 December 2016

Before the meeting with Anadolu Efes basketball clıb.

16 December 2016

On the way to Şehir University Center for Urban Studies.

3 December 2016

Istanbul welcoming us all.

2 December 2016

Walking through the historical court.
At the Dutch Parliament with Keklik Yücel.

1 December 2016

At exhibition.
Meanwhile in another van.
Dinner with participants and colleagues.
With alderman de Jonge.
At youth center with Solid Start people.
Transportation in Rotterdam
The great Barend from Mothers of Rotterdam.

30 November 2016

We are going to the Netherlands.

28 November 2016

Fikret Bey working hard to connect us.

23 November 2016

On the way to the meeting with ŞehirUniversity.

22 November 2016

On the way to the conference of Turkish Basketball Federation.

18 November 2016

On the way back from the meeting in Adana.

15 November 2016

At the training with officers of Batman Municipality.

13 November 2016

At the start of Istanbul marathon for 10k.

3 November 2016

On the way to Public Health Department meeting with Gaye from Beyoglu Municipality.

2 November 2016

The office crowd.