Israel · 6 Days · 6 Moments · December 2016


31 December 2016

Shabbat shalom and happy New Year! On Saturday, we woke up and went to Akko with Adi's family to the markets, where we met up with Inbar and Julia and toured around with them. The food there was truly AMAZING. Then, with Inbar's family, we went to a gardens area where we saw an Arab bride and had a great time. Then, we went to Inbar's house where we met the rest of the family and drove over to the beach in Nahariya. Beautiful. Then, we went to Adi's grandmother's 90th birthday party and met lots of the family. After, we drove to iJump, a trampoline place. After that, we went home and washed up for our New Years celebration (after a really good pizza dinner) at Reem's house. Great night. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

30 December 2016

Shabbat shalom!! On Friday, we started our early day by driving to the Golan Heights where we hiked near a waterfall (and got very dirty!!). We then took a drive to an informational center where we watched a really cool video about the Golan Heights ("feel Golan, touch Golan"...) and then a light show on a model of the Golan heights about the history of the land and wars of the land. Then, we went to a falafel place to have falafel and pita! Super good! We needed to get back early enough to make it in time for Shabbat, so by 4:30 I made it to my second host's house, Adi, where I met her mom and dad, and brother and sister (and sister's boyfriend) and Adi's boyfriend later in the night. Shabbat dinner was incredible; we had a great conversation, great food and it was truly amazing. After dinner, we met everyone at Ballers, a lifesize pool table place with soccer balls! After that, we went to Adi's friend's house, Amit (who was supposed to be on the delegation!) It was a great night!

29 December 2016

Thursday was amazing!!! First, we went to the Nahariya Absorption center where we played with children of Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia. It was incredible to see these children play and appreciate everything that we had to offer. We spent time playing with soccer balls that someone brought for them. (They were also amazingly cute.) Then, we went up to the northern border of Israel, where it meets Lebanon. There, we went to Rosh HaNikra and explored the caves. Then we went to a hummus and pita place for lunch, and then walked around a Kibbutz that specializes in banana orchards. We ended our daytime activities early to get ready for a dinner with all the families. It was so nice to meet everyone; we introduced ourselves and gave gifts to the family!! Incredible day!

28 December 2016

On Wednesday, we started off by going to the Haifa fire department, where we met with the fire chief and saw the department... many of my friends even went down (and back up) the fire pole!!! Then, of course the police department needed love so we went to this fair that was going on that put the cars department in display. We got to go in them and meet some policemen. Then we went to the wall on the edge of Acre; we took photos and learned about the history, and then we had lunch (we had Israeli couscous, but Israelis call it Ben Gurion Rice). We then went to a museum that was Acre prison that held resistance fighters. We then drove back to Nahariya where we listened to a few (very boring) speakers that taught us some Israeli history. After that, I went back to Hadar's house, showered and then the other Hadar and Noah came over. We walked to dinner, in which I had schnitzel. We went to the mall, met up with Noam and Adam, and then walked to Blueberry, a froyo place; we took a taxi home

27 December 2016

On Tuesday, we were in Jerusalem. After waking up in the hostel, we had breakfast and then went out to Mt. Hertzel, where we saw graves of fallen political leaders and soldiers. It was beautiful. Then, we went to the Market/shuk. We got lunch (I got this pita pocket with fried eggplant, egg, cucumbers, tomatoes and hummus. It was INCREDIBLE!! We found awesome produce and baked goods... I got rugula which was amazing. Then, it started raining but we went to the Kotel. It was freezing and wet. But we enjoyed the western wall and seeing the old city within the walls. After that, the adults got us all sufganyot which were unbelievable. We drove for a few hours to Nahariya, went home to Hadar's house (which is a beautiful penthouse apartment) and went to bed. Great day.

26 December 2016

Saturday night, Christmas night (of course after Chinese food)... off to the airport! Take off is at 11:00pm... I slept for some of it, enjoyed the leg room and landed at around 4:00pm Israel local time, where we met the Israelis at the airport, took a bus to a mall, shopped, had falafel for dinner and went to the hostel in Jerusalem to go to sleep (well, bedtime ended up being at 1:30am oops!!)