United Kingdom · 8 Days · 10 Moments · July 2018

Islay - Scotland

5 August 2018

DAY NINE: Before heading home we decided to stop off Aira Force in the Lake District. Definitely worth a visit but be warned you need change for the car parking. Lots of beautiful walks around the waterfall and you can then walk down to one of the lakes. After stretching our legs we did our final 4 hours in the car back home. 😔

4 August 2018

DAY EIGHT: Yesterday we got up early to get the first ferry of the day back to mainland UK. If you travel on a Saturday you get the posh ferry very swish! Although Doug did queue 40mins for breakfast but I guess he didn’t have anything else to do! The car was also park on top deck so it was like a ride getting on and off it. Then we hit the road for 4 hours and stayed in Penrith. We went for a drink at the Fell brewery cafe which was very quiet and nice and then we went for one of the best India’s I have ever had! Would definitely recommend!

3 August 2018

DAY SEVEN: Our final full day in Islay and we decided to do the 3 distillery walk which is a 7 mile walk from Port Ellen. Was a lovely walk and really well signed posted with some lovely views. We also saw more seals again! The final distillery is definitely worth popping into their restaurant and it’s very cheap compared to Cambridgeshire prices! After our walk we did a little trip in the car to some beaches but ended up in a field full of cows which wouldn’t move. One of my favourite days!

2 August 2018

DAY SIX: We decided to get some fresh air and head south to see the light house and the singing sands. Apparently they’re meant to sing however we couldn’t hear anything. We then decided to go deep into the Scottish land and saw a wild monk-jack deer. Doug and I then went on one of the many whiskey distillery tours for just £5 which is very cheap round here! We managed to try 4 difference types of whiskey and even tried the whiskey from the barrel it was disgusting!! However, we did buy a bottle and managed to get our £5 back. Bonus! To finish the day off we went to Seasalt in Port Ellen for dinner and was served by the most french man I have ever met! Finally day in Islay tomorrow before heading back to mainland Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

1 August 2018

DAY FIVE: We decided to have a drive round most of the island today & we started by going back to the ferry port. We had a coffee while watching the World go by and staring into the cloudy mountains. Then we took a 40min drive to the other-side of the island and went on a wildlife hunt. We saw highland cattle, ten wild seals and lots of seaweed. Yet to see and deers but we will! Finally we headed back to the house and cooked a stir fire and chocolate mousse for everyone which went down a treat! 😁

31 July 2018

DAY FOUR: After a lazy morning and scrambled eggs and salmon we headed to a craft fair on the island which consisted of 6 tables. We then went to go to the local cafe but this turned out it was the local mini market which did coffee. After not a very successful morning we went to the local hotel for coffee and cake. Another unsuccessful trip. As the coffee was just warm milk and they forgot to put the cream and marshmallows on the top of the hot chocolate plus it was watery. Then the rocky road wasn’t rocky road then the scones didn’t come with cream just jam. All first world problems! On the plus side they only charged us for one of everything. We then headed back to the beach and walked half of the 7 miles. It wasn’t cold but seeing as we had a fire we thought we would use it. For dinner we had venison from the farm which will feed us the rest of the week! In the evening we went to some celiac dancing but no one was their when we arrived. All in all not an overly successful day.

30 July 2018

TOP TIP: If you ever come to Islay via car and drive around the island you must know that every car you pass the driver must wave or act knowledge the other driver. The locals tend to give you funny looks if you forget! P.s even if you’re walking on the side of the road the same apply’s to you! 🚶‍♂️ 🚶‍♀️
DAY THREE: A day full of adventure from start to finish! Woken up to what I thought was a cute site to see to then be told after this photo the sheep were being sold today for Sunday lunches. We walked the mile into port Ellen and of course stopped and had coffee and carrot cake. After Kay had made friends in the local doctors and told she had a cracked rib after falling over on day one. In the afternoon Doug and I headed to the local beer brewery after talking to the locals we found out Islay has a population of 3,000 and in May it goes to 20,000 for the Whiskey festival. We then found a hidden vegetable garden through the secret door. On our way back from bridge end we we to see if we could find the 7 mile beach. After scaring off the sheep we made it and had it to ourselves. Honestly the most amazing experience. Can’t wait to go back and walk it. Just stunning you wouldn’t believe this is the cold and wet Scotland everyone including the locals say it is.

29 July 2018

DAY TWO: Well after limited amount of sleep and our hotel in Lock lomond turning into a nightclub playing Abba until 1am and after Doug’s Scottish cooked breakfast we were ready for our next 6 hours of travel. First stop find our ferry. After our sta nav dropping us off in the middle of no where we found Kennacraig port terminal. WThe ferry was very smooth & took 2 hours to get to Islay. Once our drive across Islay we were meet with the beaming faces of the Crawshay family. We got settled into our new room and then headed off to find the 8 mile beach. We couldn’t find it! This was because we didn’t think the roads down to the beach were roads apparently according to the locals grass are roads! Instead we went & walked around the capital now if this was any other country and walking around the capital we probably would have seen it in one day. We walked around Islay’s capital in around 20mins. After going in the round church and on the small beach we had arrived in Islay well and truly

28 July 2018

DAY ONE: so we started our 6 hour journey to Lock Lomond and we didn’t have one argument in the car! Hardly any traffic and we made it in time to go for a walk when we got here. We walked around apart of Lock Lomond which is very picturesque. On the walk back to the hotel we spotted a restaurant and bar overlooking Lock Lomond and managed to get a table. Was a perfect finished to a pretty first day. 😁🤩