Thailand · 8 Days · 3 Moments · May 2016

Isha's journi to Thailand

22 May 2016

Phuket- The last destination in this extremely awesome journi. It is beautiful drive from ptaaya to phuket, couldnt keep my eyes off the road for even a moment. Started the day with a tour of the city, visiting the beautiful buddhist temples. Actually attended a prayer ceremony as well. A hill top view of the whole city was the best part of the tour. Visited the ancient caves in phang nga. Did snorkeling, diving, swimming, kayaking what not. Doing snorkeling with my very limited swimming slills was an adventure in itself. The visit to the famous james bond island and walking there is the rain was fabulous and the views from the little boat were priceless. Had a fabulous Thai lunch at the phang nga island. It was sumptious and i completely enjoyed the hospitality of the locals. No bisit to Phuket is complete without visiting their shopping street. And that was the end of my journey to Thailand. Definitely a place worth revisting. Loved every moment of it

17 May 2016

Pattaya welcomes me with all its splendor, a perfect blend of natural surroundings with its picturesque beaches and the streets buzzing with lights and activities it was amazing to be here. The variety of food that Thailand has to offer deserves a write up of its own. Plethora of cuisines to chose from, The quintessential Thai food to egyptian, european, indian, american, arabian thailand has a vast platter. I was especially mesmerised with the street food, the delicious fruits and the very famous fried ice cream. Being a food lover this place was a delight for me. Got a chance to visit the famous Alcazar show, a very colorful show which was a treat to the eyes. A visit to the Ripleys believe it or not museum was interesting. Picturesque journey into the waters of the Indian Ocean and the water sports were memorable. My favorite was the parasailing and the thrilling dip in the ocean. What an adventure!!

14 May 2016

Bangkok welcomes me with all the lights and rhythms, the whole city is pumping with life and it is hard to not get soaked into the fun. The colorful street markets are a shopping lovers paradise. The view of the city from the smoothly sailing chao phraya cruise was a sight to behold. The beautiful buddhist temples offer serenity and peace. I fulfilled my life long wish to visit madame tussads here as well. Indeed an unforgettable city and i have surely fallen in love with Thailand