Romania · 5 Days · 14 Moments · August 2016

Isabel Bannenberg

Isabel's voyage in Romania

18 August 2016

Sma and I on our late night walk by the lake last night.
A different castle
Dracula's castle
Brasov and the mountain we climbed. 2.500 meters. 12.500 stairs

17 August 2016

Climbing the mountain

16 August 2016

Intens spelletje Cluedo gedaan. Ik was er in drie beurten achter hahaha
Cheesecake en eclairs. De cheesecake was niet geweldig, maar de eclairs waren GE WEL DIG.
Enorme Roemeense boekenwinkel. De naam is een pun -> carturesti Wat basically hetzelfde is als bookarest. Al jullie souvenirs en shit daar gekocht ;P

15 August 2016

Exploring Verona with Sma
Sma made friends with a little doggy named Roxy
More street art
Summer Well Festival - night #2

14 August 2016

Rose lemonade at the Arc
Summer Well Festival - night #1