Australia · 5 Days · 9 Moments · February 2019

Isabelle's Journi to Australia

18 February 2019

I have now made it to Sydney! The last few days in Cairns were very exciting. I went skydiving for the first time which was something that pushed me out of my comfort zone and ended up being one of the best times of my life. Later that night I explored the Cairns Night Markets which have a lot of cool food vendors and flower shops. The next day we snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef! I can’t believe I can say that I have done that. While parts of it were very beautiful, many parts were dead which opened my eyes to how important protecting our environment is (pictures from underwater to come). The next day we went to a Crocodile park/zoo! I pet kangaroos and looked at the Koalas. Additionally, I watched a crocodile attack show and a snake show. We then departed Cairns and flew into Sydney! I am so excited to finally be in the city. Last night, I walked up to the university and stumbled upon Gay/Lesbian Mardi Gras which was basically a huge party. I am loving the city so far!

17 February 2019

16 February 2019

14 February 2019

13 February 2019

I have officially made it to Australia! I am spending the first week in Cairns, also known as the “Tropical North” in Queensland. The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) has set up an orientation week for us here to get settled in Australia. I am so excited to get this adventure going!