Spain · 7 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017

Spain - 12/6-17

19 June 2017

Todaaaay, we sent back to the πŸ› center called Zenia Boulevard. (Our very favourite). But this time we shopped our asses off! With at least 3 bags each we went smiling off home. And we all found a new favourite shop, it had all the amazing clothes and colours that a shop should have. And they had something that would fit everybody. DAAMAZING. It's called PULL&BEAR and we do really recommend it. Later on we decided to take a 🏊🏻 in our pool and make a short adventure to a nearby shop with old πŸ“š. Over there we didn't buy anything but it was just nice to get out into the aaaaaiiiiir. Ha det bra!

17 June 2017

Today the 17/6 a Saturday we went out to eat at one of our favourite restaurants, it's called -----. It's been quite many empty days just passing by without having to do something. But believe me, we needed the extra time just to learn how to do exactly nothing. Just to relax, πŸ›€πŸΌ and enjoy the β˜€οΈ. I've noticed that the longer you stay here, the more you appreciate the life at home. Our landscapes are so much different, and to be honest I more of a ⛄️ myself. But that also makes me take enjoy the different sunny life even more. Well today at 19:30 we went out, took a quick walk to a nearby centre with quite a lot of very different restaurants. The walk took less than 10 min, back and forth. And yeah, as you can probably see from our amazingly gorgeous pictures we, despite how much πŸ₯˜ we ate, look quite good, and happy. Ha det bra!

16 June 2017

Today, 16/6 a Friday we decided that it was time for some shopping (!!) We went to one of the worlds biggest πŸ›’ center called Zenia Boulevard. It's amazing, and filled with lots of beautiful restaurants. And the next shop stocking up with even more different things than the one before. Their is a shop for most people and I'm sure we all found some little thing that made our πŸ‘€ pop in to ❀️ One very special store was the one with baby 🐱 to adopt, I πŸ’­ we all went a bit crazy there. I can only speak for myself but during those 10 minutes I managed to think of both llegal and illegal ways to ship them home with me. None of which I later on figured was not possible... After that we went 🏑 with quite (non) empty hands and ate some lunch. And continued to our regular schedule, to πŸŠπŸ»β€β™€οΈ and enjoy the β˜€οΈ Ha det bra!

15 June 2017

Today, the 15/6 a Thursday we decided to go to the 🌊 to swim, enjoy the sun and eat some of their well known amaaazing πŸ” with 🍟. The chips specially has a different taste to it, you can't find it at many other restaurants. It's unique and I do really really like it. Well worth the money that we payed for it. The trip by πŸš— took about 20 minutes back and forth and the traffic could be survived. We found a parking spot right next to the beach which was perfect so that we wouldn't have to carry all of our stuff very far. There we took some nice pictures of me doing some πŸ€ΈπŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ, cheerleading stuff basically. It was very fun. And I do really hope you enjoy tracking our journey. See you, ha det bra!

12 June 2017

We started our journey the 12/6, a Monday. Me, my cousins together with our grandparents. We went by car from Γ–rnskΓΆldsvik to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The trip took about 5 hours without any further delays, quick and quite comfortable. Our ✈️ flew from Sweden sharply at 17:20, and we landed in Spain, Alicante airport at 21:18. This time we flew with Primera Air which was a bit different. We normally, and still prefer to, fly with Norwegian πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ When reunited with all of our bags we went to the garage and checked out our rental πŸš— that we will be coming to call ours during these 14 days of heaven. (Psssst, 27 degrees over here) Ha det bra!