United Kingdom · 2 Days · 7 Moments · June 2018

Isabel and Frederick return to Chessington!

29 June 2018

We visited the lorikeets again on my birthday, and had a lot of fun again!
Day two brought another beautiful day.

28 June 2018

We had a lovely evening Explorer Glamping, but it was very hot when we woke up in the morning! Before retiring to our comfortable tent, we spent an hour continuously on the dodgems, re-opened especially for glamping guests. We had a tasty buffet dinner too!
We took a quick flight on the Flying Jumbos after our meal at the Pizza Pasta Buffet Restaurant!
Feeding the lovely and loud lorikeets was also a highlight!
We also visited the graveyard around the back of the Vampire ride. Here there were subtle tributes to old rides. The Chessington Adventure Tree carousel was also looking great in the sunshine with its integrated water features on the roof!
Our first stop in the park was the new ‘Land of the Tiger’ where former ‘Dragon Falls’ has become ‘Tiger Rock’ and the whole area had been re-themed, including new Amur tigers prowling around the walkway!