Italy · 1 Days · 2 Moments · July 2016

Al Bates

Irresistible Italy

20 July 2016

Basically an archeologist now. The hat proves it.
So yesterday we drove to Italy. Make that a 600km trip from Cannes! 😱 talk about long day of driving. We arrived last night in the town of Tarquinia on the west coast of Italy. We didn't do much but chilled. We seemed to have accidentally booked into a child's holiday camp though. For some reason a disco kicked off at 9pm. I reassured JB and myself that'll be over within an hour. Oh no. Half midnight anyone?! Do they ever sleep here?! Anyway. Today we've come to look at why we're here. The Etruscan tombs. Incredible! Older than Roman times - we are talking 2500 years old. The paintings are so clear.