Netherlands, United Kingdom · 4 Days · 27 Moments · April 2017

City trip London ❤

1 May 2017

And we're going back to Holland. Had three wonderful days and I'm kind of sad that I have to go back home right now. At least it's my birthday tomorrow, so we'll have something to celebrate 🎉
On our way back to the station, where we have to wait for like three hours till our bus leaves. Luckily there's wifi, some tasty panini's and a Starbucks. Then our bus leaves at 7.30 pm to go back to Harwich.
More Tower Bridge. Had some great sunlight between the rain after our visit to the Tower of London.
The Tower of London in all it's glory. We had to wait for like an hour to see the Crown Jewels, but it was so worth it! Unfortunately, you're not allowed to take pictures. They're breathtaking.
Managed to make another good picture of a beautiful old bus. So fancy :)
Many expensive shops, but the buildings are so pretty with all the finery. And there are nice cars. Very nice cars...
Just some nice buildings around Piccadilly, Oxford Street and Regent's Street. All the details are wonderful.
Our drinks for breakfast at Costa Coffee.

30 April 2017

Choccywoccydoodah is probably my favourite shop London. I'm addicted to chocolate and this shop is just amazing. I love it ❤ It's also great that our apartment was 8 minutes walking from Choccywoccydoodah.
Switzerland, it's everywhere. Also love the architecture of the building on the second picture.
M&M's World. Here are just soo many M&M's, like heaven. Like, everything is M&M. I quite fancied the cups on photo 6, but the queue was just way too long. The shop is great, but I don't really like the smell.
This morning we went to Buckingham Palace and I have to say that I love this place as well. The architecture is just so beautiful. Definately worth visiting! We were lucky that the weather was good during the changing of the Guards. During the afternoon, we went back, so we could take pictures without thousands of people.
The Victoria and Albert museum with some pretty epic stuff. I didn't really know what to expect, but I actually liked it. Especially the old cafes with the amazing paintings and ofcourse the architecture.
Harrods being it's fabulous self. Just the food... And the expensive stuff... And the marble...
More beautiful places in this city. I'm in love with the car on the first picture. The second picture is the back of the third picture. Trafalgar Square, the last pictures, is also beau-ti-ful.
Guess I fell in love with China Town. Especially because of all the Chinese lantarns. We were probably on our way to Harrods.

29 April 2017

The wonderful warehouse Liberty and a freakin expensive bear at toyshop Hamleys. One of my friends loves marble, so that's why I took the picture of the phone. And I have to admit that it looks rather fancy.
The City of London with more decorated street-lamps, benches and statues. And a small, tiny part of Westminster, starring a Horse Guard and Westminster Abbey.
It's just so pretty!
The Big Ben, Westminster and something to do with the parliament. These buildings are just all so freaking huge! I just can't imagine the fact that they build all of this years and years ago.. I also noticed that wherever you are, you are accompanied by construction workers. It feels like they'll never stop building in London.
Covent Garden and a building on our way to Covent Garden. Love the fact that there are so many artists here! People should be more creative.
When you secretely try to make pictures of the St. Paul's Cathedral.
Bus. Just. Bus. Oh and it's an old bus. Love it.
Bridges, street lantarns and... the Thames. I really love the fact that all the street-lamps are so beautiful. Yep, I have a weird obsession with decorated stuff - and especially street-lamps.
This is such a beautiful and calm oase between all the rumour of the City of London. Love it. Had some lovely hot chocolate and a muffin at a little restaurant. We were surprised that the boat of Queen Elizabeth was here as well; it's so pretty! It was last used for her jubilee in 2012.
The Tower Bridge is our first stop after we leave the Liverpool Street Station. It’s my first time in London, so I'm thrilled. I never knew that the Tower Bridge is partly light-blue, so that's a surprise, but I really love it. I'm also suprised by the amount of red buses and black cabs. They're like... everywhere.

28 April 2017

The boat to Harwich, England. We will leave at 10 o'clock pm, Dutch time. Luck is on our side, because we have a cabin for five persons while it's just the three of us and there are barely any waves at sea. We'll have to cope with a short night, because they'll wake us at 5.30 am, English time