Netherlands, Belgium, France · 19 Days · 57 Moments · August 2017

Ghent and France 2017

24 August 2017

We're leaving today. I'm going to miss this place, tho I'm happy to go home. Had some wonderful weeks and explored some beautiful places I definitely would return to.

23 August 2017

Some swans during our walk.
Pénestin with another dry harbour. It's clearly a common thing here, but not less pretty.

22 August 2017

Piriac-sur-Mer is just too cute. It's described as a Card Postale. It really is. And the icecream is very good too, especially because it was 33 degrees Celsius.
I'm going to miss this ocean a lot. The sound of the water is calming and the cliffs and rocks are beautiful.
Statues, temples and caves that describe Jesus's life. Very impressive.

21 August 2017

Another harbour without water, a lovely little church and the perfect views at the coastline.
A very cute harbour, which was completely dry. I love these boats!

19 August 2017

Beach time! Had a wonderful day, including kiting with my dad, tho my shoulders got a bit sunburnt. Painful!
After we visited the Château, my dad and I went for a 8km walk. My mum came with us on her bike. Of course we had to walk the wrong way, but luckily we figured out where the right path was. A beautiful route!
Today we went to these ruins: Château de Ranrouêt. It was so pretty with all the trees around it! They also made the temperature bearable :p

18 August 2017

And on our way back, we decided to take a look at the Château - which was pretty.
This is the big Cathedral. There was a choir singing inside and it sounded so wonderful! After visiting the Cathedral, we went back to our car to go home.
The Passage Pommeraye and some buildings along the route. The Passage was wonderful - it's from 1843. From the outside you can't know that there's something this beautiful inside.
Machines de l'Ile! It was so impressive to see this 12 (?) metre high elephant walking trough the museum. The other machine-animals were also very interesting to see, especially during the demonstrations.
Today's programme is Nantes. The weather is perfect: not too hot, not too cold and you don't really feel the wind between the buildings of the city. First we walked into the city center where we visited this church: the Basilique Saint-Nicolas. It was beautiful! Afterwards, we walked to the Island of Nantes.

17 August 2017

Some of the shells we collected today on the beach!
More of the coast, after we had our crêpes and after the rain. We never knew this is such a rough coast, but it's beautiful!
Coastline! And rain... Jente, our dog, smelled awful after a walk on the beach... We fled to a crêperie where I ate the most delicious crêpe I ever had - with butter and sugar. Lovely.
Coastline! And rain... Jente, our dog, smelled awful after a walk on the beach... We fled to a crêperie where I ate the most delicious crêpe I ever had - with butter and sugar. Lovely.
We went to the museum Terre de Sel, which was about the fields of salt in these surroundings. It was really interesting, because they do everything by hand: the harvesting, the maintaining and the rebuilding. They are busy the whole year. The weather was bad, so they weren't working today. They make these candy's (pic. 3) with the salt and they're delicious!

16 August 2017

So this is our new view on the new campsite. I'm curious to the new places and I can't wait to explore the surroundings!
So today we're moving to Nanes, because the weather will be much better in the Southern parts of France.

15 August 2017

And here we have the cliffs of Êtretat from the other side. Had a lovely afternoon on the beach.

14 August 2017

'Cus baby you're a firework! There was a fireworkshow on the beach in Yport, so my father and I went up the cliffs to watch and it was breathtaking. I've never seen something like this before. Amazing.
Today my dad and I walked from Benouville to Êtretat, because it's kind of impossible to go there by car (and then park the car). But the route was so beautiful along the coast! And the water is soo blue. I'm in love ♡

13 August 2017

And the real sun. (And Jente)
Beautiful sunset on the coastline.
Beach, please.
So today we went to Fécamp. My dad and I also visited the Bénédictine Palace. It was beautiful! They make liquor, once invented by monks. The Palace is build in a Gothic style, with some sober halls. There's also a library with 800 books!
I went for an early morning walk with my dog. And the weather is definitely a lot better dan yesterday!

12 August 2017

Went for a walk with my dad and the dog, after it stopped raining (and that took a while). It was beautiful, tho a bit muddy.

11 August 2017

My lovely dog in a field of gold.
More of the coastline and the fields of gold.
So, the sky looks better now, but it's still not warm at all. When I just woke up, there was no wind, but atm it's blowing us away. We tried to go to Etretat, but the town was too busy, so we went to another village for the supermarket. I hope tomorrow is a bit warmer and less windy, tho it is beautiful here...

10 August 2017

Yport! The coast is beautiful, but the wind is blowing SO hard. We had a little bit of rain today, but I hope it stays dry for the rest of the days.
I call it 'loneliness'.
And we're on our way to France! The car's doing well so I hope he'll survive the rest of the holiday.

9 August 2017

And last but not least some cute houses 😊 Oh, and our car is back (5pm) and so are the chairs, our table and some other things that didn't fit in the taxi 😝
Skyline of Ghent ❤

8 August 2017

Enjoyed some hazelnut coffee in the city center this morning 😄
So today is a bloody rainy day. It's awful. And because our car is still not fixed, we can't go anywhere. That's why I decided to finish my drawing of Gal Gadot 😊

7 August 2017

And the last pictures of today :) With the post office, the three towers and the 'Big Ben'.
Oh hey look, Strawberry Mojito and beer 👅
No comment 😝
This is one of the 49 churches, with some other buildings (just like the London journi).
More photos of the boat tour.
We also made a boat trip through the canals. Ghent reminds me of Amsterdam, but more diverse and of London, but a lot less busy. I think I fell in love today. During the boat tour, we also sailed trough a tunnel, which I never new existed. It was really fun because we learned a lot about the city :)
Today we went to Ghent. This city is very beautiful. I never knew it was, until now. You should visit it someday, because it's really worth it. Thanks to our broken car 😝
I went running this morning with my dog (yes, me and running...) and it was beautiful. It was a route of 5 km around the swimming lake. At first it was really cold, so I wore 2 sports trousers, a shirt and 2 jackets. But at the end it was pretty hot.

6 August 2017

Let's just say that this was amazing :) Enough said
Our final destination today is Ghent, by taxi. We hope that our car will be fixed tomorrow, so we can continue our trip on Tuesday!
Soo we're stranded for two hours already. The motor of our car gave up and it's probably the same problem as one month ago, but he went to the garage and they fixed it. Well, clearly not good enough. I have the feeling we're going to have to stay in Gent during the night, mostly because it's Sunday, so the garage will be closed.

5 August 2017

Well, the car is all packed and we're ready to leave tomorrow morning. First we had the intention to go to Denmark by boat, but the weather wasn't the way we liked it - and it won't be the next weeks; so we decided to go to France :)