Armenia · 8 Days · 8 Moments · October 2017

One week in Armenia

9 October 2017


7 October 2017

6 October 2017

GARNI TEMPLE & NATIONAL PARK. This temple deserves to be in your must visit list if you are in Armenia. I personally didn't want to go here but luckily mom insisted so I had no choice.. and pretty grateful for this now as I really enjoyed walking around, watching people and breathtaking landscapes, taking pictures and being kissed by (still) warm October's Sun. For a moment you can forget that you are in Armenia and be teleported to Ancient Greece.. The temple was the first and the only one place we had to pay for the entrance. Not expensive but make sure you have 1200 AMD (for the day time visit) or 1500 AMD (for the evening visits) as there is no place to exchange money but local gift shops (which is not really recommended) + 200 AMD for the parking if you are traveling by car. But if you are a long term traveler on a budget I have to tell you something interesting: every last Saturday of each month you can visit Garni for free! Yay!
There is a place on the way to Geghard called the ARCH OF CHARENCE where you can have a great view of the giant Ara! I wouldn't recommend to leave it without any attention especially when its on the way to Garni and Geghard! Nearest village - Vohchabert.

5 October 2017


2 October 2017

1 October 2017

Yay! We made it to Yerevan! Let's see what this area prepared for us! But for now, from the first glance I'm in love!! The taxi driver seems so friendly, patriotic and helpful! Oh my God! I m really very shocked how helpful he is. Also, I m surprised as the whole way to the hotel (which is about 30 km) he didn't say even one bad word about his homeland! Mom: I see you have a lot of abandoned buildings around.. is it because people do not have investments anymore? Driver in Russian with very Armenian accent: why? Not at all! They have started and then went out of money so had to stop. For years. Maybe forever. But the buildings are not abandoned. Just not finished yet. And so it s a good example of how he sees things that are different in our reality. By the way, on the picture just a stranger.
We took a straight flight to Erevan by Ural Airlines. Not complaining but barely I can recommend this air company. Anyway, let's skip this part.. here we are! Yerevan is so friendly and hospitable! Cant wait to see more!