North America, Europe · 10 Days · 59 Moments · June 2018

Ireland, Scotland, & England - June 2018

1 July 2018

Cheers to London & Auf Wiedersehen to Atto

30 June 2018

Wonderful last day in London! This was such an amazing trip with some great people!
Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and Windsor Castle
Tower of London and Tower Bridge
Hotel #6 - Holiday Inn at Waterford Junction outside of London

29 June 2018

Enjoying 42nd Street at the Drury Theater in London near Covent Garden.
Bus tour of London with an amazing tour guide. Look kids...Big Ben...Parliament!
More pics from the London Eye this morning...another beautiful day in the UK.
London Eye fun!! Atto wasn’t so sure about it!! Lol! We absolutely loved the views!

28 June 2018

So far we have traveled by plane, bus, jaunting car, and foot...guess it’s time to take a train.
Edinburgh Castle and Fish & Chips for lunch!
Hilltop overlooking Edinburgh
Three Bridges outside of Edinburgh
Beware Children! 😳
Hotel #5 - Beveridge Park Hotel in Kirkcaldy, Scotland

27 June 2018

Ghost tour in Old Town Edinburgh 👻 It was so much fun, included a couple scares, & only a few students lost limbs during the tour.
We have officially arrived in Scotland.
Pit stop for lunch and bonding in Gretna, Scotland.
Everyone’s enjoying the scenery from Wales to Scotland 😉

26 June 2018

More pics from the ruins in Wales.
Best. Hike. Ever. We hiked up a mountain near our hotel to see some ruins.
Hotel #4 - Hand Hotel in Wales
Beaumaris Castle in North Wales
Visit to the Welsh town with the largest name after taking a ferry across the sea.

25 June 2018

Irish Dancing Lessons, Dinner, & Show - Sonya’s dancers performed during the actual show 😁
Gaelic Games in Dublin - Handball, Hurling, & Gaelic Football
Gaelic Games in Dublin - Handball, Hurling, & Gaelic Football
Hotel #3 - Summerhill Country House Hotel & Spa (unfortunately, we did not get to use the spa 😁)
Tour of Dublin and Trinity College to see the Book of Kells.
St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Guinness Factory, & Dublin Park
Hotel #2 - Woodford Dolmen
Current situation...breaking records for high temperatures in Ireland! Yesterday was 82 degrees!

24 June 2018

This trip is all about creating positive relationships & emotional bonds.
Photo pairs contest at Blarney Castle. Who do you think was best???
Kilkenny Castle in Kilkenny, Ireland!
Good job guys...good job...
More Blarney Castle moments
Blarney Castle - kissing the Blarney Stone was definitely an act of acrobatics 😘

23 June 2018

Old Monastery in Killarney National Park
Where the 3 lakes meet on the Ring of Kerry (aka “Ladies View”)
Selfie contest from Day 2. Winning groups were Moose & Davis!
Coastline of Ireland on the Ring of Kerry. P.S. Star Wars was filmed on one of the islands.
Waterville on the Ring of Kerry
Cathergall Stone Fort on the Ring of Kerry
Lunch stop! Fish and chips again 😁👍🎉
Sheep dog demonstration on the Ring of Kerry
Breathtaking views of Dingle Bay on the Ring of Kerry
Kerry Bog Village...where we learn more about peat than we ever wanted to know 😁
Hotel #1 - Killarney, Ireland

22 June 2018

Jaunting cars through Killarney National Park.
The jaunting cars in Killarney! An amazing ride through the national park with incredibly funny and informative guides!
Bus ride/nap to Killarney. Lack of sleep on the plane seems to be catching up to everyone 😁
Bunratty Castle, our excellent tour guide, and a gathering around the ole table!
Landed safely in Ireland. First stop is at Bunratty Castle. This castle, built in 1425, was an important stronghold for the O’Briens
Flying over the Atlantic!

21 June 2018

Quality airport time.
A little food and down time at the airport!
And we are officially off...Ireland, here we come!