Ireland · 9 Days · 3 Moments · April 2013

Ireland Bed & Breakfast Tour

30 April 2013

Just Amazing You feel really tiny when you are standing there looking towards the cliffs. It is really worth it going there. Just make the experience and lie down and look down to the sea and the cliffs... it a strange feeling :)

25 April 2013

The pink elephant The pink elephant is really a nice restaurant. Situated on the southern part of Cork right on the coast. You might find people singing "sweet caroline" or smth like this....eating there was a really fun experience.

22 April 2013

Cute Village Kilkenny was one of my favourite villages there. Everyone there knows each other and you feel like you are part of the group. There is also a very nice Irish Pub, where two old men play their guitars and you enjoy your Guinness or Cider.