North America, Europe · 18 Days · 71 Moments · June 2018

Ireland 2018

2 July 2018

I'm thinking Belize late next June. Who's coming with me?

27 June 2018

The group has landed safely in ATL. Delta flight 175 is still scheduled to arrive in STL af 6:04pm. Upset tummies seem to have been remedied and mass consumption of high fructose corn syrup has comenced.
5:30 am came too early.

26 June 2018

Captain's log day ? ( heck I don't know, the last day): I just realized some of my Rock of Cashel photos mixed with the Japanese Garden photos. I still need to add the final ones from the stud farm (which was interesting, to say the least). Tomorrow will be a long day for us. I do hope I did a sufficient job being surrogate mom to the 26 kids this past week. This trip was certainly more tiring than the last. A big shout out to the other chaperones (Russ and Rebecca) and the unofficial chaperones who worked just as hard (Sarah, Debbie, and Jennifer). Also, I tried very hard to make sure to get photos of every kid but some of the little boogers purposely avoid the camera. There will be a lot more pictures in the shared Google folder made available only to travelers and their parents. Oh goodness, please send good vibes that we all survive the ATL airport and customs process without any of us killing eachother tomorrow.
Kildare Stud Farm part 2
"I can take your worries away. Whatever's on your mind today, breathe deeply and believe in me. Walk tall for now you're worry free."
The fairies that protect the stud farm.
Kildare Stud Farm part 1
Japanese Garden at Kildare Stud Farm Part 2
Japanese garden at Kildare Stud Farm part 1
The Rock of Cashel
I'm going to miss that hotel.

25 June 2018

I was rendered speechless. Unfortunately not everyone witnessed this. This was just after 10pm.
This is all directly in front of the hotel.
After dinner some of us went to the beach. It was beautiful to begin with but as it got later... well, you'll see...
Heatwave! It hasn't gotten over 75! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
We've made it to the hotel in Youghal. Here is our view for dinner at the hotel. We have a few kids that chose not to come down: one who's been car sick (FB), one who said he wasn't hungry (DE), and one did not give a reason (VB).
This is what happens when you step out of line. 😂
Cobh Heritage Center
English Market in Cork
Blarney Castle part 3. I do have pictures of each kid that actually kissed the stone but I'm saving those for now. Most did, some did not.
Blarney Castle part 2
Blarney Castle part 1

24 June 2018

Finished adding the pics of the cliffs and Bunratty Castle. They upload in order of when they were taken so scroll down.
I have heard so many gasps of amazement today. We have a lot of dying phones though and even extra batteries are dying so don't worry if we're all a little quiet for a while.
Ring of Kerry part 3
Ring of Kerry part 2
Ring of Kerry part 1. There's no way I can post all of these here but they'll be on a shared google folder within a week.
So we just saw a donkey wearing a hat with a dog chilling on his back. This picture couldn't wait. Lol
Bog Museum

23 June 2018

We saw some amazing sights today. I need to devote some time to editing some of the pictures to really do them justice. If I'm quiet and you worry please do not hesitate to call or text me at 3146469207. My calls are free.
Current lodging.
Bunratty Castle part 4
Bunratty Castle part 3
Bunratty Castle part 2
Bunratty Castle part 1. My favorite part was the dungeon.
We visited Cliffs of Moher now heading to Bunratty Castle. Pics to come later.
The Cliffs of Moher
The ride to the cliffs yesterday.

22 June 2018

Today was an amazing day! The kids are doing such a great job. I am so proud of their punctuality and how well they're getting along and getting to know eachother. None of us can get used to the 17 hours of daylight. It's 9:55pm and looks about how it would at 7ish there. They've all been given snacks and sent to their own rooms. I think they think this lodging, Corrib Village, is pretty cool because it's college dorms. Don't worry, we're the only ones occupying this little set of buildings. Each kid has their very own room. I joked that they can pretend to be in college by reading all evening and eating only Ramen. Lol
Galway part 3
Galway Cathedral part 3. The marble came from the Connemara Marble Factory we visited. And yes, that is JFK.
Galway Cathedral part 2
Galway Cathedral part 1
Galway part 2
Galway City part 1
The beach part 3. By the way, all the photos will end up uploaded on Google drive and shared with everyone. That way the kids can add theirs as well.
The beach part 2.
The beach part 1. We bought lunch at a rest stop and had a picnic on the sand. For some kids this was their first time seeing the ocean. It sure was cold but they didn't want to leave.
The drive to the county of Galway.
Connemara Marble Factory

21 June 2018

We're back at the hotel for the evening. Kids are hanging in eachother's rooms as groups for now. I'm going to do room checks and offer snacks. Curfew and final room check will be at 10pm.
Temple Bar District
Irish song and dance. The guy in the middle in the red pants is Marco, our tour director.
About to see the Irish song and dance show. They say it's going to be great fun, or "lit" as the kids would say. We shall see.
St. Patrick Cathedral
St. Patrick Cathedral

20 June 2018

Captain's log day 2: I've been awake for 36 hours. Just did final bed check. All but a few kids were sound asleep. I offered those still awake a snack. I somehow failed to realize that at 9:45 it would still be light out. Tomorrow we wake up at 7 (1am there), breakfast at 7:45 and 8:30 departure back to Dublin for further exploration, including St. Patrick's Cathedral. I realized tonight that several kids still aren't on Remind. This posed an issue when they went to look for me in my room and I wasn't there. At breakfast I will remedy this. Anywhere where they have wifi they should be able to message me through Remind to request such things as Bandaids and snacks. We did have a meeting this evening to reinforce expectations and to have them reflect on the historical and geographic splendor they are to explore. I reminded them of the sacrifices their families made to send them here. Overall today was great. Now to get some sleep. Zzzzzz
Dinner at Murray's. Ya know, just chilling at the pub.
Visiting Trinity College to see the Book of Kells, produced sometime in the 9th century.
We've landed!

19 June 2018

Getting settled in on this giant plane. I've instructed kids to wait until they serve dinner then take their melatonin. We will land in about 7ish hours.
We have landed in Atlanta! We're going to pow wow to make sure everyone is feeling ok and then head to our next gate.
Delta was amazing and let us board second after military but before first class. Haha rich people. 😉 Hopefully they'll be just as awesome in Atlanta. Taking off in about 15 minutes.
Ready to go!

15 June 2018

It's a good thing these backpacks are big!