United States of America · 8 Days · 18 Moments · July 2017

Family Adventure in California

16 July 2017

Last day. Thank you to our gracious hosts. Some breakfast, then the drive. Back to mostly reality tomorrow. School starts in 3 weeks.

15 July 2017

Travel to LA day. Missing pictures from awesome lunch with friends. Saw family, met our newest cousin. Swam and saw our uncles. Went to dinner at Sue's restaurant. Another great day. Heading home tomorrow.

14 July 2017

Day 6, Part 2. We had lunch at the Crack Shack and then finished with ice cream at Handel's. Went back to house and just hung out. Walked to dinner at Jake's and saw the most unbelievable sunset. Great way to end our trip to Del Mar. Tomorrow morning we head to LA.
Another pleasant day. Last day of surf camp. Lots of good food. Finished our Horse Art Photo Series. Sunset & Selfies. Feels way too short...
Day 6, Part 1. Last day of surf camp for Adam. We watched Adam for a while and then Nana, Papa, Mari and Becky went for a hike at Torrey Pines.

13 July 2017

Day 5. Ira went for a run so Mari and I did not go for a walk on the beach. Adam went back to surf camp. Papa took us to get some poached eggs for breakfast at Lofty. We went to La Jolla and did the coastal walk. The bridge was closed but we decided it was not as dangerous as some of our adventures in Iceland so we went on it to continue our walk to the sea lions. Amazing views. Ira took the kids back to the beach for 3 hours this afternoon. After, Nana and Papa took the kids to dinner while Ira and I had a nice dinner with a view.
Another pleasant day in Del Mar. More surfing, more art horses, nice lunch, fun at the beach, great dinner, relaxation before bed.

12 July 2017

Day 4. Adam went back to surf camp. Nana and Papa took the kids to the air museum. Ira and I went to Carlsbad. We all went to dinner at Poseidon. I forgot to take pictures again.
Another relaxing day. Horses all over town. Saw them on the way to surf camp. Went to Carlsbad, visited another beach & farmer's market. Family dinner. More horses.

11 July 2017

Day 3, Part 2. Ira picked up Adam and took him for a sushi lunch. The rest of us skipped lunch because we had late breakfast. Nana and Papa took the kids to look for sea lions. They found them. They came home and played Ocean-Opoly. Then, we all went back to the Fish Shop. Adam ate salmon for dinner, and asked for us to make it at home. Nana wanted to go see a concert at the beach. Papa and the kids joined her. According to Adam, there "were 1,004 people at the concert and we were the 4". All in all, it was the perfect day in Cali. Apparently, I was too chilled out to remember to take pictures.
Day 3, Part 1. We attempted to wake up early. We finally made it to the beach at 8:15. It was low tide so Mari was able search for sea shells. Adam went back to surf camp. He was up on the board right away. Papa took us for brunch and then we went shopping in Solana Beach.
A mellow 'S' day. Snuggling, Shells, Surfing, Sushi, Sea Lions, Salmon, Seaside Singing, Sunset, Surfing (web), Sleeping.

10 July 2017

Day 2. We woke up and went for a walk on the beach. Adam started surf camp. Mari spent lots of quality time with Nana and Papa. We stopped at a random restaurant for lunch. Ira took the kids to the beach. We had dinner at restaurant in San Diego and Mari ran into her friend from school at the restaurant.
Fun day! Adam started surf camp. He loved it. Hopefully Becky will add some action shots. Went to Sun Bum. Mari's cast cover let her swim in the Pacific. Fun family dinner, and ran into a friend from Phoenix. Tired...

9 July 2017

Finished up the night with some awesome fish in Encinitas. Adam needs his rest for surf camp tomorrow.
Spent most of the middle of the day at Legoland. Kids had a great time. Mari's broken arm plus the fast pass meant we did not wait at all. Sea Life was a pleasant surprise!
We started the day early. We walked to Starbucks with Nana and Papa. After a quick snack, we went to have our morning walk on the beach searching for sand dollars. We had to get home so Nana could go to the Farmer's Market. Since we arrived a day early, we decided to use our Legoland passes, that we bought almost a year ago, one last time before they expire. Since Mari is in a cast, we were able to get a special pass that allowed us to skip the lines. Since we were able to go on all the rides we wanted in just a couple of hours, we also explored Sea Life. After Legoland we met Nana, Papa and their friends, the Feits, for happy hour. For our dinner, we picked a local fish taco shop. Mari ordered the kid's fish plate and it was great to see her enjoying fish. Adam decided that cooked Mahi Mahi does not taste like chicken. We went to bed early since Adam has surf camp tomorrow morning. It is 10 pm, Nana and Papa are still out enjoying the town.

8 July 2017

Just arrived! Looking forward to a fun week!