Iran · 16 Days · 32 Moments · July 2016

IRAN 2016

20 July 2016

Last night in Tehran with shandiz kebab! I should also proudly mention that I made it to Saadat Abad on my own using a crammed public (women's!) bus. And finally, that smoking a huge blunt before flying in the dead of night in a foreign airport can be a little bit of a bad plan. 😂

19 July 2016

The last leg of my little journey through Iran: the train from Shiraz to Tehran. The people are VERY interested in what I'm doing here! #crazyforeigner My travelling companions in this train are Zahreh (21), lawyer Donya (around 35) and Awesome Iranian Grandma Zahreh. Theyre all super nice despite limited english. I got food and even perfume from them!! Also we threw shade together at an iranian boy creeping on my insta!! I showed them the notifications and Donya closed the coupe door so they could all laugh and she could tell me IRANIAN BOY BAD!!!

18 July 2016

The tombs of the Persian kings in the holy mountains, a.k.a. the Necropolis! Afterward, we stayed in the hotel and played some pretty extreme card games.. Hashtag dutch people
The ancient city of Persepolis, seat of the Kings! Feat. Marion, Mathieu, Jeroen & Claudia. And not to forget our tour.......... guide.

17 July 2016

The tomb of Imam Reza's nephew (??) in Shiraz.. We had to wear chador, but this decked-out glitter mosque would make David Bowie piss tears
Architecture continues, featuring retarded lion
Some beautiful árchitèctúre and food in the center of Shirazzzz
Welcome to Shiraz.. I think .. Just had 10mins of sleep on the bus here

16 July 2016

Climbing the mountain to the Fire Temple at sunset with my new family of the Frenchies and the Dutchies!!
The Armenian church.. it was closed.
More architecture!
Ran into two more Dutchies. Time to take on the cliché of clichés: Isfahan's Blue Mosque!

15 July 2016

With our incredibly hilarious host, and a 50-year old badass Belgian lady, we had a coffee date and are now getting dinner in the magnificently beautiful city of Isfahan. This is what I wanted to see in Iran!!! Also we accidentally ran into our French buddies in the restaurant and im soooo happy
Welcome to Isfahan!! Haha

14 July 2016

We took a little hike through a ghibli-esque landscape in a mountain farmer village, and i said a little prayer to my grandma who passed away Saturday in this charming, old mosque.
The Ali Sadr water caves, what we originally came to see in Hamadan. Snuck in at reduced price by pretending to be Iranian. Worth it!

13 July 2016

Our host showed us these inscriptions, made by King Darion and King Xerxes himself, and then we traversed up the mountain next to the waterfall to find a little waterfall pool WHERE WE WENT SWIMMING!! I swam in a waterfall!! My dream!! And in Iran of all places.. where u have to watch if people are coming before u swim
Skipping Kurdistan, we travelled to Hamedan, where our gracious host is going to show us the city's highlights!

12 July 2016

Some Azerbaijani lunch before we head down to Hamedan, another 8-hour bus trip. Also: humor is the same everywhere in the world.

11 July 2016

After a tumultuous bus ride and a taxi that popped its trunk, we spent the day laughing about French accents at Kandovan

10 July 2016

Welcome to Tabriz, Iranian Azerbaijan! We (Dutchies + the French siblings) got the shadiest motel of all time, but it looks like a nice city.
8 hour bus trip through rural Iran to reach Tabriz. From the all-Iranian on board entertainment, to the truck stop with a mosque.. a fascinating experience

9 July 2016

The Tehran Bazaar near Golesthan Palace. The closest you'll get to (an unkempt version of) Arabian nights in this city!

8 July 2016

Hiking up the Tehran mountain with our team of 3 chinese, 3 dutchies, 2 french & an Iranian. Amazing sights, amazing hotdogs, impromptu frisbee games with Iranians, a heroic frisbee-from-rooftop rescue, Chinese lewd language, Iranian freestyle rap and the henna ass tattoo of an iranian girl followed
Art exhibitions and the Middle East's longest street!
Hanging out with other tourists at a local friend's place. The chinese girls & i had a girls night😂👌🏾

7 July 2016

An all-Iranian city park + bazaar.. Fascinating

6 July 2016

Milad Tower overseeing all of tehran. I had really failed to understand just how huge this city is..
Goodmorning Teheran!! (Or afternoon really) (I was sleeping so much) (But look at these huge packets of money)

5 July 2016

Hello again istanbul, for seven hours.. Side note: do u know That Feel when a mcdonalds lady misunderstands me and gives me a 16 euro family meal but shes cute so i dont wanna correct her and i eat a bucket of chicken nuggets by myself
Here we go!! Schiphol-Istanbul, let's get sickening. Crying babies behind me.. perfect