Switzerland · 86 Days · 12 Moments · November 2017

Ela Celine's First Album

25 January 2018

My parents left me for the first time with lovely Anita. We enjoyed our time together

21 January 2018

My first Birthday Party with mostly adults
My first hotel stay with Mum & Dad

20 January 2018

During my first SBB journey to Zurich I slept in my stroller next to Sepp Blatter

17 January 2018

I sleep well with muslin cloth covering my face during daytime

14 January 2018

Coffee & Cake with Annette

12 January 2018

I start to discover my fingers

9 January 2018

Thank god I had my mum after my first vaccination

3 January 2018

My first baby friend Lenn

24 December 2017

Christmas with grandparents Antje & Hans and my aunt Katja

20 November 2017

My father is on business trip and we enjoy sun on Lake Thun with grandparents

19 November 2017

My grandpartners Harika & Ugur