France · 11 Days · 41 Moments · August 2014

Inukshuks and catchy Tunes. Back in France.

20 August 2014

All done in france!
Then over to the pont d'avignon.
Not a bad view of the walled city from on the bridge.
Got an audio guide for the bridge too. Only problem was in order to listen you had to stand on the bridge for a while and it was boiling! So toasty!
gNÖmie came up top for a lookout over the city.
Day 2 we went into the palace. Audio guides and all. Which means that it took forever to go through the whole place! They had gargoyles too!
Finally our hostel. It was pretty trendy and had lots of cool art!
Tim wishes that we could have gone here so he could try some of the wine. Apparently it's the best. Birthday present anyone!? He was pretty bummed at how expensive it was.
We wandered up to a lookout point to see the pont d'avignon. And also a neat tree and is that a pomegranate?!?
Then we wandered around the palais des papes. we didn't go inside yet. But we will.
Arrived in Avignon. We wandered to the town square first.

14 August 2014

On out trip to Avignon we had a private train car. Only for one stop. But it was a little spooky having no one else there. Lol.
These are from the beach in the morning. Our setup. We finally got some beach toys. And I just floated. I may have floated a little too long...
The train station and a tiny church outside of it. Just tiny. They have a very fancy train station.
Then we went to Monte Carlo. Not as fancy as I thought it would be. But still fun. Here's the casino from a bunch of sides. It's cooler from the back!
Saw some fancy cars. And a fiat for Ferrari dealers! Who knew
This is for chewy. So many people smoke e-things here. Many stores that sell all kinds of them. Even a pipe!
Next day we went to menton. The view from the beach was rather nice. Very close to Italy again.
There was a music festival on. And while we were at the beach they started playing very loud reggae music. So loud it was shaking the water! So we left the beach.
Then we saw some fancy cars. There were more fancy cars here than in Monte Carlo. Although they were classier and less flashy in Monte Carlo. Whatever floats your boat. Lol
Then we went to Cannes. To go on the beach. It was a nice beach. But the busiest beach I've ever seen!
Now that's blue cheese!
Beach in Antibes. We didn't go on it though.
There were a bunch of other yachts registered to the Cayman Islands too
This is the prince of katars yacht. See the helicopter? Only 4 sets of flippers on the back deck! Four!
A cool green sailboat
The next day we went to Antibes. We originally came to check out the town. But it turns out all the rich people put their boras here. So we just walked around the marina for a long time.
I just think this picture looks funny. Then we played in the water.
Then we trained to villefranche for the beach. The beach was nice. Small pebbles almost like sand. But the water wasn't as nice. Note: this is the only decent place in our experience to get a view of some decent boobs. Ha
On our way down we stopped at a cafe in wheels. The name is on the door. But I forget it. We had a peach mint slushie. Good times.
Here's a map of the town. And some of the gardens along the cliff.
Then we wandered through the streets. It's not a very big town. But it's all very cute.
The next day we went to eze. Took a train to the bottom and then a bus all the way up. No seating room on the packed bus that only comes once an hour. So we stood. Boy was that a crazy ride. Here are some views from the top

10 August 2014

Then we had some fun in the water. After we finally got into the water. Walking on those big rocks proved very difficult. Also there is a steep part getting into the water so you have to crawl. Otherwise bad things happen. Water was the nicest here since it wasn't sandy. But the beach was not the nicest. We still had fun. And look at the colour of that water!
Then we walked up to a viewpoint for a good shot of the beach. The pictures are curved like that because of my gopro. It fisheyes things. Also i have never taken a picture with one before so my hand is in the corner of a lot of pictures. It's very wide angle. Not used to it. I'll get better.
Next day. There is an antique market only open on Mondays. Lucky us. We went. Whoot
You can get a poutine here. For 15 euros. I didn't get one. But I was tempted. First one we found on a trip. Poutine. What's poutine. Like the Russian guy? Apparently they pronounce Putin like poutine here. Very confusing.
A sparkly palm tree for Pam.
Then we sat down at the beach. And what can you do at a large rocky beach? Build an inukshuk. So we did. Here's proof
We arrived late in nice. So we just went for a wander and took some pictures of the beach. We also saw some buskers. Dancers soccerballers painters. A whole bunch!