North America · 9 Days · 45 Moments · June 2016

Intl. Affairs of the Fats: Quest for Churros

28 June 2016

The water comes from hot springs and is at amazing temperature. And, I have a mohawk 😝 -Fancy Fat

27 June 2016

Impossible to not be amazed by this. 😍 -Fancy Fat
We arrived at Grutas de Tolantongo and were greeted by amazing views! -Fancy Fat
We have said our goodbyes, our family was welcomed, and we take within us a little piece of Mexico. Now we're on our way to Las Grutas de Tolantongo, ready for our camping adventure! -Alpha Fat

26 June 2016

It was a challenge but I was able to accomplish going up The Pyramid of The Sun. The view was amazing and glad I went all the way to the top. -Bold Fat πŸ’ͺ
At the very top of The Sun Pyramid at Teotihuacan!! -Alpha Fat
Happy Birthday to this cute little lady! My mom's madrina, and the reason why we made this trip!!

25 June 2016

The Quest for Churros has been completed!!!! -Alpha Fat

24 June 2016

Day 5: We have located the Churros!! We almost got them...but we must wait one more day :( -Alpha Fat
El Angel de la Independencia de Mexico -Fancy Fat
Playing a very intense game of checkers XD -Alpha Fat with Afro Fat
Locked myself in the restroom. Tia Sussy to the rescue! Afro Fat
We went to a baseball game and Beto was finally happy because he got to meet the players and get a baseball autographed. -Fancy Fat
We rode the moto-taxi (a cute little cart pulled by a motorcycle), the metro-bus (the crazy subway-like system), and a taxi (nothing special, but expensive). -Alpha Fat

23 June 2016

Then and now. At the pyramids about 13 years later. πŸ˜„ -Blonde Fat
Overlooking Cholula, Puebla -Fancy Fat
We just had a lady try to offer us some real dead crickets...TO EAT!!! With some lime and salt!!! -Alpha Fat
The largest pyramids in the world, by volume. They're now covered by grass and a beautiful church sits on top. Cholula, Puebla -Fancy Fat
Breakfast on the road to Cholula, Puebla. -Fancy Fat
El Volcan Itza (la mujer dormida) y Popo. πŸ”πŸŒ‹ -Fancy Fat
Day 2 Still no churros ☹️ -Just Fat πŸ™„

22 June 2016

It started pouring on us right as we arrived to the Zocalo XD then we looked like penguins on our way back with our ponchos!! -Alpha Fat
Palacio de Bellas Artes, Torre Latinoamericana ... and trying to cover from the rain.
We've arrived to Ciudad Neza, a city in the metropolis of Mexico, D.F. -Fancy Fat
Follow us on Snapchat as we spend the next four days sightseeing in Puebla and Mexico City! πŸ‘»πŸ‡²πŸ‡½
Ice Cream -Afro Fat

21 June 2016

Fancy Fat, Just Fat, Bold Fat & Blonde Fat keeping up with the fitness routines. Before & after pics 😁πŸ’ͺ🏼
Enchiladas Potosinas en San Luis PotosΓ­ πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ -Fancy Fat
My cute little lime and chamoy nieve de agua. -Alpha Fat
My dad wants me to take all these pictures XD -Alpha Fat
Gorgeous! -Alpha Fat
Templo del Carmen -Alpha Fat
Dad: "Voy a manejar a la Mexicana." (I'm going to drive the Mexican way.) We nearly crashed with a bus. 😢 We were trying to get downtown during traffic hour and that particular area had no traffic lights (😱). -Fancy Fat
We have arrived at San Luis PotosΓ­! Naturally, we're lost. πŸ˜† -Fancy Fat
Apparently men can use the women's restroom in Mexico also. J/K Got a little scared but I'm glad I knew the man and he just walked into the wrong restroom. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ -Bold Fat πŸ’ͺ
Perfect way to clear your mind. Open road and a nice view!!! Bold FatπŸ’ͺ
I mean....just look at that cheesecake!!! -Alpha Fat
This place has amazing ice cream!!!!! I want it all!!!! -Alpha Fat
Food!!!! FINALLY!! -Alpha Fat
Hope it's all good now!! But we missed Real de 14... -Alpha Fat
We had a delay in the middle of nowhere because of a minor problem with the van. We will not get to see Real de Catorce, but at least we are safely back on the road. -Fancy Fat
The van kinda broke down πŸ˜• needs water...and this is our car adventure on our way to Real de 14. -Alpha Fat
Sabinas Hidalgo, N.L. -Alpha Fat
We haven't even left Laredo, and The Fats are already wondering if we're almost there. -Alpha Fat

20 June 2016

The International Affairs of the Fats: The Quest for Churros | Mexico 2016