Finland, Croatia · 8 Days · 20 Moments · August 2016

Intersailing in Croatia

12 August 2016

Today we went zip lining over the canyons of Croatia. It was amazing. The views were so so so beautiful and the feeling of zip lining was incredible. We did 8 zip lines and worked our way from the top to the bottom of the canyon.

11 August 2016

Makarska. The town didn't have too much to do so we went shopping for outfits for that evening. We then watched the sunset whilst having a wok!

10 August 2016

We went for dinner as a group in Strari. We visited a burger joint. Afterwards we went around the night markets where I bought a bracelet. We then went on the trampolines, where Karlee did the most impressive moves and back flips.
We visited the beach in Strati Grad. We played in the sea and I snorkelled for a little bit.

9 August 2016

We visited Hvar. We headed up to the castle on the hill to look at the island from above. The castle wasn't particularly impressive but the view was amazing.

8 August 2016

We went to a cocktail bar in a walls of the town. You had to climb ladders to get there. Once you have ordered your drinks, they winched them up on a tray using a pulley system. It was a fun novelty.
We looked around the old town of Korcula. It was pretty but not very large. We went to Marco Polo's house where he was born. We also climb up the bell tower - I mean climbed!! The stairs were narrow and steep. The views from the top was beautiful but there wasn't loads for the eye to see.
We sunbathed all morning on the boat whilst we were travelling from one port to another. We had a swim stop on the way for three hours or so where we could jump in the water from the boat. I jumped from the top deck and it was huge. I definitely did not enjoy it! I felt like I had swallowed loads of salt water. I was shaking and closed my eyes and jumped. Afterwards everyone cheered but it still didn't make it more enjoyable. I think I will stick to second deck from now on!

7 August 2016

That evening we watched the sun set and had a big BBQ on the boat which was very yummy. It was great to get the know people even more.
We visited the salt lakes in Mljet national park which were AMAZING! You floated so easily. They were also ridiculously stunning and warm. We spent two hours playing in the lakes and looking at the view before sun bathing on its edges!
We headed to Mljet but had a swim stop on the way.
We went to Revel In night club in Dubrovnik. It was very European in music last but we had fun with your group from the boat.

6 August 2016

We moved into our room and had lunch with everyone on the boat before wondering around the food festival of Dubrovnik.
We visit the old town fountain which use to provided water to the city. Then we went to a cafe to get a drink to cool down.
We went to the maritime museum. The museum was fully of history about the wars. As well as loads of painting of rich merchant men. Some of the pictures were very fun!
We walked around the old town walls. It was 4 miles but the views of Dubrovnik were stunning! It was extremely weird to see new architecture intertwined with the old walls.

5 August 2016

We went for a few drinks in the old town of Dubrovnik. Unfortunately I fell down a flight of stairs but all is okay! We were very tired so we headed back about midnight.
We had pizza for dinner at a tiny pizzeria. It was yummy 🍕🍕
Horse shopping in Helsinki airport...
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