Italy, France, Spain · 7 Days · 32 Moments · August 2018

Interrail 2018: Spain 🇪🇸

11 August 2018

Tower of Hércules 🗼 This is the main attraction of the city
Menhires 🗿
Praia de Adormideras, one of the many nice bitches. 🏖
Castillo de San Antón - Museo Arqueológico
Iglesia de la Colegiata ⛪️ , a very old church
Santa María Pita. ⛪️ The main square of the city.
Puerto de La Coruña 🚢

10 August 2018

Monte Pedroso ⛰ 40 minutes walk from the city centre, here you’ll have the best view of the city.

9 August 2018

Alameda Park, a good place if you want to relax and have a great view of The Cathedral 🌳
This is the cloister of Pazo de Fonseca. 🏛
Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. This is the arriving point of the Camino de Santiago, a long footpath made by millions of pilgrims. ⛪️
Nice awakening in this magical city: Santiago de Compostela. This is one of the many churches and convents of the city: Monasteiro de San Martín de Pinario. ⛪️

8 August 2018

Last stop in Barcelona. Unmissable. La Sagrada Familia. ⛪️
First stop of the third and last day here. “La Bouqueria” market, one of the most famous places in Barcelona. Here you’ll find fish, jamón, qnd lovely stockpile of fresh fruit. 🍓 I recommend to go there in the early morning, so that you can admire all the banquets in tranquillity.

7 August 2018

Park Güell, a must to be visited in Barcelona. In this big park you’ll can see many things, like Casa Gaudí, nice monuments, but above all you’ll see one of the best Barcelona panoramic view.🌆
Palau Güell, not the most common attraction in Barcelona, but something that it worth to visit. 🏰
The Arc de Triumph 🏰
Park de la Ciutadella, a nice place where to have a picnic and relax. ⛲️ There’s also a small pond where you can rent a canoe, a big elephant statue and a huge monument with a big fountain.
Picasso Museum, a must for art/culture lovers and not-lovers 🖼
Second day in Barcelona started with: Santa Maria del Mar ⛪️

6 August 2018

To end tre first day: sunset on Plaça de Moll 🌆
The best dinner I had in Barcelona: Pinchos in this small restaurant. On the whole street (Carrer Blai) you’ll find many other nice place where to eat 🥘
Montjuic Castle 🏰
Mossen Costa I Llobera Gardens 🌵 A big open space full of a plenty variety of cactus.
Cableway for Montjuic ⛰🚠
La playa de Barceloneta 🏖 This place is always super busy, it’s hard to find a spot where to relax, but another essential place of the city.
La Catedral de Barcelona ⛪️
Another must-to see in Barcelona: Palau de la Música 🎼
First stop in Barcelona: Casa Battló

5 August 2018

Nice view from this train Chambery-Valence🇫🇷. Then, still one and then I’ll be in Spain!
Second train of the day: Turin-Chambery. Welcome to France 🇫🇷
First train of the journey: Rome-Turin