Germany, Estonia · 6 Days · 38 Moments · April 2017

Innovation-Future-Workshop @Tallinn Estonia

30 April 2017

Our way back home... a bit longer than we thought... with the... car 🚗😂
Massage 💆 at the SPA ... that's how a trip should end 😍❤️️💕
Last night ... 80ies Party @the Clazz and After-Party @the Mojo-Bar

29 April 2017

Had great 👍🏻 Indian food at the charak
And the Party 🎉 goes on 🙈😂
Sucessfully done ✅
We are ready 😆
Dinner... and the again we ended up at the Clazz-Bar 😄😂 #hashtag #entrepreneurs #fun #DesignDrinkig 😂

28 April 2017

Our dinner 🍴 @ the restaurant Mmuah
Our hotel... The Braavo Spa Hotel at the Aia-Street, really good, price and quality fit and the Spa area is big and has opened until 10pm what is really perfect 👌🏻😍
On the way back we passed the Natural historic museum which is just under renovation
A small trip to the beach 🌊 it was such an awesome and beautiful day so that Thomas and I took the chance to go "So ... ich bin dann Mal am Meer"
entrepreneurs@work 🙈
Back at the Lift99 to work on our business-models

27 April 2017

Night out ... @ the Clazz-Baar
Our dinner 🍴@ the restaurant Peppersack, really tasty 😋
Just some more impressions
One of the plattforms to see the old town and the port
The Alexander Newski Cathedral ... amazing 😍
Walking through the city 🏰
@the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences We are attending an interesting lecture, around teams, organizations and motivation. ... where innovation meets future We got to know all the details concerning all the e-ways Estonia is doing nowadays and in future Low government costs, a good life-quality, a secured system that makes it easier for the population... in my opinion: perfect 👌🏻
Lunchtime 🍴
Lingvist will help you to learn a language 10 times faster than all the other language-tools
Shiptiwise - the try to make your travel with equipment easier, a real good idea getting really big in future
Meeting Wof3D in the Estonian Business School, very interesting company creating Avatars for a realistic future communication for business and games, including emotions

26 April 2017

A honey-beer stop in a medieval bar @the church 😃😃
Nighttime...back into the heart of the old town
Our way back, walking 🚶 of course, back to the hotel through the sunny city
Lift 99, that's where we spent the dirst workshop day, it's an entrepreneural place for young start-ups and people meeting to be innovative, an awesome place 😍
@la tabla, a Mexican Restaurant near Telliskivi where we had a great lunch for less than 10 Euro, really nice 👍🏻!!
At the Telliskivi-Areal
The breakfast in our hotel

25 April 2017

We went out and saw a cool and strange Bar called "Labor" freaky... had a drink after then with our professors at the Art Café
Great food at the Olde Hansa ... so typically and fine 😊😍
Back at the Olde Hansa ... a medieval restaurant, really classic, a bit touristic... but anyway, it's soooo cool 👍🏻😍😍 We've been there already in 2015 when we did our Mini-Baltic-Cruise 🚢
Arriving in Tallinns old town
Ready for take-off, Tallinn, Estonia #estonianmafia #FFHSest