Australia · 290 Days · 15 Moments · March 2018

A fun life with Miss P in 2018

17 December 2018

Today was a walk to the balancing rocks at the top of the granite peaks. Getting enthusiastic about the walk in the bush was a bit difficult but once we got higher and found the rock climbs we got much more enthusiastic!

5 August 2018

This was time for a birthday party down at Armadale on a horse farm. Pity it had been so wet before because the paddocks were puddles and mud! But all the girls seemed to have a good time and the horses 🐎 were very patient too! The it was a mad dash to Como to drop P off again to her Mum.
Started the day off with breakfast with Grandma and Poppy. I got to wear my new cape jacket thing and looked pretty cool 😎!

4 August 2018

We all went in to Poppy’s office to look 👀 at rocks and boy has he got a lot! Poppy forgot the alarm code so we thought the police 👮‍♀️ would come and arrest us for breaking in!

28 April 2018

After we picked up Miss P we headed out to visit Dale and select some new birds to add to the gene pool! P had fun in the bird house getting up close to some of the birds on sticks!! We ultimately selected three - two girls and a boy. After dropping them off in their new home w8e dashed to the PO and also bought a bucket of BerryMe 😁 After picking up P’s bike we headed off to Kings Park with the aim of finding8 the walkway through the trees. Only problem was, once we got to the end, no bikes allowed. And similarly for most of the paths around the park. Dummy spit moment so we went to Lake Monger where bikes are welcome! Finished the day with MacDonalds!!

15 April 2018

Following lunch at Mr Walker’s cafe P took off on her bike along the waterfront down to the playground. Then it was home for some PC schooling and to find out what she doing at school.
Jumped up early and played Memory in bed then headed off to South Perth to ride on the automated bus 🚌 for a ride down to the old mill and back.

14 April 2018

P was hanging out for a bike ride when we got home so it was off to the park for a dose of tree climbing, shuttle tennis, and monkey bar swinging.
Then we headed off to Kalamunda for the 120th edition of their agricultural show. P had fun riding the gravity defying rides, then went driving dodgem cars 🚘 with Poppy. We had a ball!! But like all good shows, the show bags were like the call of the wild and P bought a flubber pack. Some of the flubber was almost as good as the stuff we made while we were in Cervantes.
Started our weekend with a quick MacDonalds breakfast before heading to Karawara for Berry Me dessert. Then we headed to Vic Park for some grocery shopping but discovered a children’s farm. It surprises me how calm all the animals are when surrounded by enthusiastic children!!

3 March 2018

The prior to the drop off, we went for an early dinner or maybe it was a late lunch? Went to chase our food around at Sushi bar but spent more time playing funny faces !!
Miss P and I went to Ryrie Park and she loves, as always before, the physical play and balance activities on the gym and trees. So supple and while she doesn’t have the confidence her balance is very good.
Then saw for the first time the BHP water playground. Pretty neat display really. Them got back on the ferry to make our way back to the car 🚗 for home 🏡.
Walked around Elizabeth Quay, stopped off at the children’s playground for a while then got some photos under the silver arches.
Had a surprise lunch at Mr Walker’s by the river then caught the ferry across to Elizabeth Quay. Fun on the ferry ⛴