United States of America · 2 Days · 20 Moments · July 2017

Weekend trip to Poconos

30 July 2017

While we were away, Danik was visiting Babushka Lena. He went to Queens Zoo and won an orange duck :)
Наша доча
Boys and their toys
В лес по грибы 🍄
Crossing waterfall
Hiking at Rattle Snake Falls
Another surprise: Puppet show
Day 2: morning fun

29 July 2017

Perfect end to a great day 🔥
Dinner and cake ! Celebrating Chase's 5th birthday 🎉
Hiking along Big Bass Lake
Ох эти качели
Russel and Yana rented out a house in Poconos for a month of July. They invited us for a weekend and we very happily agreed. 😊Plus, Mikey and Julia love playing with Mia and Chase.
Chase ловил кузнечиков и один на него покакал 😂
Летний ветерок
Сашин первый улов 🎣
Having fun at the playground 😊
Flash back - Diggerland
First things first- fishing on the Big Bass Lake.