Canada, Netherlands, Ghana · 13 Days · 26 Moments · January 2018

Going, Going....Ghana

13 January 2018

We were in luck - as we were lounging by the pool we saw two elephants having a bath in the watering hole down below. We asked if we could go down, so a ranger hiked down there with us (we were still dripping wet and in our swimsuits) and we were able to get so close! It was so cool. Also sidenote: Alex or I didn’t know that an elephant’s natural colour is black, not grey...
Saturday afternoon pool time 😁💦
Saturday morning we did a safari hike with Adam, a park ranger who was very knowledgeable and a really cool guy. No elephants but saw baboons, crocs, bush bucks, monkeys and kobs (similar to a buck). It was actually a bit chilly in the morning!

12 January 2018

In the afternoon we did a community tour which included a boat ride down the river, learning how they make Shea butter and seeing the famous Larabanga mosque (only from the outside of course).
Alex and I flew to Tamale (northern Ghana), was picked up at the airport and then drove 2 hours to Mole National Park, where we stayed for two nights at Zaina Lodge...AMAZING.

11 January 2018

Eddie drove me to Alex’s school at the end of the day and Alex and I ran home. Very interesting to run through the neighbourhoods - Alex made a stop to see his chickens (a farmer takes care of them). It was SO HOT. Felt good in the end, but I was boiling, dripping in sweat, and it felt like I had just been in a steam room for an hour 😜

10 January 2018

Spent the day with Eddie (Alex’s driver) on a tour of Accra - a very random day, but was really fun. Went to a lot of different grocery stores lol. In the evening we went to an “art talk” at an art gallery/fancy hotel with Alex’s friend Tjaša. There was a reception afterward where there was free sushi and wine 😁

9 January 2018

Monday/Tuesday just hung out and relaxed - slept in, did some yoga, had a few naps, while Alex was at school.

5 January 2018

Relaxing at the end of the day 😊
Paddle boarding - because of the Harmattan (sand from the Sahara dessert this time of year) it was very foggy, so looking out to the lake it was very eerie but so cool.
Lots of fisherman going by Cocoa Village throughout the day, paddling with flip flops and sitting on a narrow piece of wood.
We went hiking for about 15 km through the jungle and villages which was so interesting. In the villages kids would come up to us and ask us our names, and they were the cutest! The women in these villages (and throughout Ghana) do pretty much everything - they are always carrying heavy loads on their heads like it’s no big deal and doin all the selling. And they are so beautiful!
We arrived at Cocoa Village (Lake Bosumtwi) and had dinner, played cards, slept in a very small bed...I woke up the next morning and Alex was sleeping in his hammock. Lots of roosters everywhere.

4 January 2018

After doing the Kente cloth, we went to do some Adrinka stamping - I got to help make the dye and then make my own cloth.
On the way to Cocoa Village we stopped at a place where they make the Kente cloth, and got to try doing it ourselves....quite unsuccessfully, I might add. The workers are so fast!
Left Biriwa (Cape Coast) after having breakfast and headed to Cocoa Village. Randomly, Ghana has coffin shops everywhere...

3 January 2018

There was a path down to the ocean...the water feels so good on my feet 😁
Relaxing at our accommodations for the night 😊
We drove to the coast today and went to the Cape Coast castle, which is one of the slave castles in West Africa. Very interesting. And an amazing view.

2 January 2018

Arrived in Accra, Ghana. 27C and humid! 2 hour wait in line to go through immigration 😬 Eddie (Alex’s driver) picked us up and brought us back to Alex’s condo.
Met up with Alex at the Amsterdam airport, before flying to Ghana

1 January 2018

Happy to be leaving freezing cold Calgary 😊