North America, Europe · 3 Days · 20 Moments · April 2017

Ingalls go to Barbados

12 April 2017

I'll save you from any other detailed photos, but I even burned behind my ears. Behind my ears! I did put sunscreen on, by the way. #whitegirlprobs
For dinner today, I unfortunately wasn't feeling well. Yesterday we were both a little seasick (nothing crazy) and today was a little unfortunate for me as well. I think I got too much sun. We did meet a little LDS family at dinner and got sung "happy honeymoon" as well (to the tune of "happy birthday": "happy honeymoon to you. Happy honeymoon to you. Happy honeymoon, happy honeymoon. Happy honeymoon to you"). They even brought us a little heart shaped chocolate cake that said "happy honeymoon." Roy (our server) remembers our names and made a joke about telling us to not rock the boat tonight 😂 they also had show time where all the dinner staff danced and clapped. They even invited the two little girls from the LDS family next to us to go up. We learned that we might be able to see sea turtles tomorrow without paying money! That's way exciting for me. Also, one of the waiters came over and started pouring me water. Roy, behind me, saw and said, "no, no, no. She will want lemonade."
We got a hippo today!
We had an entire bus to ourselves today as well! Lots of new things involving public transportation for me today.
There was a lot of cruisers in Barbados today
More beach fun! Trying out my new swimsuit cover.
Stages of our sand castle and wall. It was fun to build, but I ended up fried. So sad.
Enjoying the beach! It was so warm and wonderful. Mark didn't have swimming stuff, so I had to go alone, but it was still great.
Barbados and Chamberlain bridge. First impressions...similar to Europe and dirty.
So I got shot gun on our bus today. That's never happened before.

11 April 2017

We got gift cards for our honeymoon! We plan to use them even.
Formal night! We've gotten "Norms" at a fancy restaurant. As we ordered, I mentioned that I also wanted a lemonade and our server was all "*eye roll* I know, it's already coming" in a sarcastic tone. Before he even finished taking our order, the lemonade was being poured. 😂😂😂 Roy knows us so well these days. He doesn't even ask if we want alcohol anymore
Having fun exploring the ship on our day at sea! Also, we got a peacock as our towel animal today.
Mark and I eat breakfast a bit differently 😂
This continental breakfast buffet thing is really great.
At the morning show! Today is our day at sea.

10 April 2017

Looking off the ship
We played a game of mini golf. I scored 29. I'm not sure how well that was. I forgot what pars we had on the course
More exploring of the ship. Look at the piano bar thing!
I'm wearing a dress, but the wind makes it look like I'm wearing leggings