Indonesia · 29 Days · 19 Moments · January 2018

2 February 2018

Bye bye Bali, direction le Cambodge!

29 January 2018

Visit of Broken Beach and Billabong on the second day. The indonesians believe that a god hit the ground with its fist so hard that it created a whole in the ground.

28 January 2018

Visit to the Nusa Penida Island close to Bali with Maelle for a 3 day excursion. Discovery of the cave temple and beautiful view of the active Agung volcano!

24 January 2018

Tanah lot temple, temple in the water, after waking up at 5am to avoid all the tourists! Good brunch reward at the end of it!

22 January 2018

Little stretching walk of the afternoon :)
Fourth volcano sunrise trekking to the Gunung Batur volcano with great view of the active Gunung Agung!

21 January 2018

Road trip to the famous lakes of Bali to get to a Sunday fishing party next to the temple Tamblingan

19 January 2018

Gone to Ubud and day trip to the Gunung Kawi temples, oldest temple of Indonesia dating back to the kingdom era, impossible to take pictures that do justice to this green bowl of rice fields and meditation temples!

17 January 2018

14 January 2018

Arrivée à Bali!

13 January 2018

12 January 2018

Deuxième randonnée au sommet du volcan Bromo, malheureusement le temps n'était pas de notre côté et le réveil à 3h du matin ne nous à quand même pas permis de voir de lever du soleil, mais une fois la brume levée, le paysage en vallait la peine!

8 January 2018

To celebrate our 2 month travel anniversary, what else than a night 8hour hike (4h30 to the stop through a steep slope, through magmatic sand and rocks) to watch the sunrise from the Merapi Volcano, one of the most active volcanos in the world!

6 January 2018

Borobudur temple, apparently you should not die before seeing the sunrise at this temple, we didn't get to see the beginning of the sunrise but the atmosphere was still there at 6am which quickly becomes rushed by tourists and groups of school kids running after you (literally) to take selfies with you

5 January 2018

The first day in Indonesia was full of temples and food of course! Nothing more to make us happy 😁
Prambanan temple is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and one of the most visited Hindu temples