China, Hong Kong S.A.R. · 16 Days · 67 Moments · August 2015

Indigo China

1 September 2015

Napkins, I miss napkins. They don't use them in China.
Just remembered an interesting question over dinner last night that only someone from such an ancient civilization would ask. How many generations has American been around? I actually had no idea. If a generation is 60 years, and the U.S. is 239 years old that means we are almost 4 generations. That's not taking into account that people died much earlier then 60 in the 1700's and 1800's. Really not that long if you think about it.
China is wrapping up. The Chinese culture is different then what we picture in the west. This place is a modern county with a hunger for modern things. There really is reverence for America. There is also a lot of misconceptions. Food: I will miss the noodles, the sea food of Goungdong province, and the late night dinning. The language is something that takes getting used too. Yes everyone sounds like they are yelling at each other, but over time it seems just like conversation. My own English probably gets worse while I am here. Speaking in broken simplified sentences (if sentences at all) can take its toll. I quite like being a foreigner. When everyone around you speaks a language you don't understand it leads one time for introspection. I will not miss 100 degrees with rain, crappy internet, and the tiny hotel room. See you soon habibi.
Coco Puru mannequin
Last little trip to Beijing Road for some presents. It was pouring with tons of thunder.
Cool art, well it's a sin but still.

31 August 2015

Headed back in the rain from east Guangzhou. Looking at the purple puncho on the scooter is definitely reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz. The way home the rain was so tick you could barely in front of you.

26 August 2015

This making me happy!!! Yay for charging!!!
Apparently no pooping on the doors.
Next time I want the glam airline
Traveling from country to country really makes me understand fanny packs
Art inside the GZ airport.
Early morning trip to the airport and on to Bangladesh for 4 days. Fell asleep early last night and missed dinner. Man I am starving.

25 August 2015

Apparently Starfleet makes vans for China.
Antique jewelry from Hong Kong

24 August 2015

Definitely massing my two cats and hubby.

23 August 2015

And the sunsets and the night begins. I look forward to the next time I am here, Matthew on my arm, seafood in our bellies, and adventure to be had. Tomorrow I need to be on a train back to GuangZhou at 7:30 and work as soon as I arrive.
The sun begins to set over the city.
Found the Lebanese section.
Love me some street art!
Hong Kong (at least the island side is all hills and steps).
Cursing around Lan Kwai Fong
Arrived in Hong Kong! Know it's a hipster neighborhood when there is a pressed juice place.
Out side the train station there is a lot of random conspiracy posts
Beautiful train ride to Hong Kong.
I am very happy I had my old boss with last time I was here. He actually taught me a lot. I feel so much more comfortable traversing the city. Sure a cabby tried to rip me off, but I caught it.
Style now, patches are trending majorly here. On tops, bottoms, pants everywhere.
Disney. In America the wearing of any character or Disney item is almost worn ironically. Here in China, they love it. Men, women, children, everyone can be seen through out the region. Right now Donald Duck seems to be the fav. I saw a really cool hoodie yesterday that I might have to go back and get.
Headed to Hong Kong for a solo adventure.

22 August 2015

I love Asian adverts
Temple part two
Stumbled upon a beautiful Buddhist temple hidden among the buildings.
Beijing Road is always a fun shopping experience. Super discounted items and great food everywhere.

21 August 2015

Was feeling the need for familiar food. The Pizza Huts here are pretty posh, well for a pizza chain. There was steak on the menu, and wine for drinks. Service is so different here. I think the fact our servers work for tips really changes things.
Guangzhou you are one warm and humid city.

20 August 2015

Tiny Chinese seafood "burgers", half shell, and a whole anchovies. Only part of the amazing meal.
Followed by brown liquor. Ok
Dangerous start to dinner often comes in small glasses of clear liquid
Amazing dinner with factory owners. The food is literally picked out of tanks and cooked for you. All the yum!
Final touches on spring 2016 for one of the brands.
Eating only Cantonese food for the last few days means, very little if any carbs! Here's to the Guangzhou weight loss plan. Seafood, tofu, and various other proteins... Maybe I can keep this up back in America.
Chinese money has a women with a Turkmen like head piece.

19 August 2015

Behind the main streets of the hotel are alleys for shopping which have creepy smaller alleys that jet from them. The smaller ones just ooze nefariousness. I am sure there is at least a mogwai or two down a few of them.
Rainbow paper crane art.
Making the jeans. Pretty sure the dude in the first picture doesn't know what his shirt says.
Officially found the world's ugliest back pockets. Gold, glitter, and rhinestones. Looks like what I expect a drag queen's vomit to look like.
Most factory workers live on the grounds and even above the factories. At first one can think how horrible that seams, until you see the slums. This is definitely a step up.
Just hanging out with a fellow Taurus.
Warrior women with kaiser helmets. Who doesn't need a little sexy protection?
Random art

18 August 2015

City life
The drive to work. Last time I was here I spent most my time in the modern part. Now it's mostly in then villages.
Tuk tuks with umbrellas for shade. I love that they are aerodynamic.
Urban farming
Another amazing meal, but this was followed by shots of red wine. Yes I said shots. Glasses were refilled about two fingers full and then we shoot them. To me the weirdest thing I have seen in Asia.
Entering one of our main factories. They specifically only do denim. It's interesting people often as "what does it mean to design denim". Picking silhouette, thread, fabric, wash shade, distressing patters. A lot goes into it.
Being in Guangzhou for work affords me a whole new way of working. Denim is something I have been doing for more then 10 years and sure I have learned a lot. But being over seas changes my game. Case in point after we worked all day Monday the factory representative asked me if I could speak slower. My co-worker who's first language also told me that I speak too fast for him. So my goal is to slow down my speech and be more deliberate in both my word choice and cadence.
Osotto hotel. It's pretty small but comfy. It's home for the next 10 days
I am always fascinated by Chinese breakfast. Squid boc choi, salted duck egg, bacon wrapped mango, fungus, curry puff, and coconut milk. All the yum!!!

17 August 2015

This beautiful fish had a light curry taste.
Moutai a rice liquor. Looks at the tiny glass. Very delicious, and dangerous.
The factory took us out for lunch and served us this booze in tiny little glasses. Moutai is a rice liquor and 50% alcohol. Which means 100 right? Now I understand the tiny glasses.
First time trying Gouiduck. All the yum
Life of a denim designer. We are working on getting the maximum amount of shades out of the fabric.
Gotta love having curtains on cars.
Super humid, sweaty, and musty waiting for our luggage.
Giant engines of a giant plane. Landed safe and sound.