New Zealand, Fiji · 28 Days · 34 Moments · May 2017

India's tour through New Zealand

22 June 2017

Thursday - we now have only until Sunday in New Zealand which seems to have just gone so quickly. We're currently in Lake Tukapo but it's freezing and not much to do so sat in a cafe next to the fire 🙌🏻 We arrived yesterday to a very rude woman at the hostel. We have a fairly decent lunch but breakfast for me and then did another hike. Praying all this walking I'll make me loose weight for Fiji. Pretty cool views. We then facetimed Oliver which was really nice and not like freddy had said how they didn't want me to stay at the house anymore that we could sort it out when I get back and just enjoy the trip. I always feel home sick after speaking to him. They're off to Nick and Leslie's son Bens wedding in Mykonos soon so really hope they have a good time.

21 June 2017

Wednesday we got up early which seemed super early for me to get the bus to lake tekupo. It was sad to be leaving Queenstown as we had a really nice time there and met really nice people. But we have to move on. It was the shortest day of the year so we got he bus at 8AM and the sun still hadn't risen but as a result we got a super cool sunrise. The bus then wasn't amazing but I slept on freddy for a little bit so we got here fairly quickly. Although it was a four hour bus journey.

20 June 2017

Tuesday - Still in Queenstown and pretty much our last proper day. We decided we were going to the skyline walk up the Queenstown hill which was around 2 hours. It fucking hurt my legs. The worst was getting to the start of the walk because the roads and so bloody steep and then there was a load of steps. My enemy. But the views from the top were good actually better then from the gondola the day before which was a bit annoying as we'd paid to go up. We then got fegburger for dinner as it was our last night and we had to try it. It's fair to say it did not disappoint at all. Freddy stuffed himself as always. He then went to watch the rugby game with jack. I had a bath and tried to watch made in Chelsea but the internet was pretty shit. Annoyingly daisy told me after that I should join the 5G one because it's so much better and it was.

19 June 2017

She also told freddy some hilarious stuff about George when we were travelling which I'd forgotten. About one of his stories of how he was sending all these bags home and ripping people off making profits but how much detail he went into. And that all his travelling money came from gambling and stuff like that. We later went out for drinks and then realised the fight we saw the other night she was there also and we walked straight past her. But she did say three paramedics made sure the guy was okay and he walked off. So I stopped worrying so much. Also we got a FaceTime from Oliver while sat around talking and it was will and Siobhan and why've got engaged!!!! I was so so excited I originally thought the news was that the got get another dog but this is slightly better. I couldn't stop asking questions to which freddy didn't know the answer too and ahh!! I want to be a bridesmaid and I hope it's at skibo!
Monday - We were meant to move rooms today for the last night so we for up and started packing to be ready for ten to change rooms. Freddy then went down to check it was all okay still and they then told him someone had cancelled and we could stay in our room and it was just the most frustrating thing because we'd already part packed our stuff and ugh I wanted to have stayed in bed. Later we went up the gondola which was a bit of a rip off. They took a shit photo of us at the beginning too. Then it was all super family orientated and a wedding was going on up the top. We had lunch and some mulled wine up there but the views weren't spectacular which was slightly annoying tbh. We then came back down and met Jeanine for a coffee in Patagonia which was really nice. I realised how nice she was again. Freddy bought us all some churos too and drinks. She was impressed hahah but that's just Freddys generosity.

18 June 2017

When we did finally make it to Milford sound where the boats were leaving it seemed to be raining even more. But we read a sign saying that it rained 200 days a year so it doesn't really matter. But we headed to the boat place and we'd missed the last boat by a hour or so we did a little walk but weren't disappointed because the drive was so nice. We did some stops on the way back too at the chasm and saw some super cool really fast flowing waterfalls and some cool birds. You couldn't really see much from view point because the weather was so bad. When we got back it was dark but we got to see some amazing stars because it was so out of the way there was so little light pollution. We then all went out for a burger and then watched the game together which was really nice and lions smashed the Mauri all blacks by the biggest score ever.
Sunday 18 -I woke up very exhausted from skiing and we both managed to miss the free breakfast again. As we were sat groggy waking up daisy and jack said they were going to Milford sound today and did we want to go with them. As we were originally going to see is much hiring a car would be and with Jeanine before she told me she had already booked a tour, it seemed like a good idea. So we rushed around getting ready and I had to send freddy off to buy me some tampons because I didn't want to get caught on a long day out as I knew I was running low. We headed off and it was super nice in the car which amazing views. Like literally everywhere in New Zealand. And we were prepared for rain but my god did it rain. It was literally pouring it down. We went through a super cool tunnel too. But slightly scary incase we broke down or something went wrong haha. When we came out it was this dramatic landscape of mountains all around us partly covered in mist and clouds and pouring it down sti

17 June 2017

17th to the main start. And then all the lifts had stopped working for the rest of the day so we didn't go anymore skiing. I had told freddy to go off because I couldn't ski for more than 2 minutes before my legs hurt too much because of my joints. I was then exhausted. But we all went out for dinner at devil burger and watched the rugby. The lions won with the biggest points gap against the mauri all blacks. So the boys were happy. On our way back to the hostel we walked past some pubs and one has this huge crowd outside so my first thought was it was just everyone coming out of the game at once. But it soon became apparent that actually there was a fight and we saw this English guy knock this other guy out and then hit the floor. I didn't like that the girl who boyfriend knocked the guy out that grabbed him to run off
17th - but I was actually able to ski now which was nice. So we decided to do a blue run down to the restaurant to have pizza which was meant to be really good. It was actually super steep and I was surprised I managed to do it as I have barely skied. I did go a little off piste when we left off the restaurant but that was because my skis got caught and I couldn't get them unstuck. We had lunch and my joints were still really hurting but freddy and jack were going to do red runs and we were going to do a small red bit which joined a blue and then down the same way to the restaurant. I did the red bit fine. And then I fell over on the blue and really really hurt my hand. Then I fell over again because I couldn't push my knee against the snow to turn properly and then it kept happening and I was in too much pain. So I ended up just sitting down on the slope crying. They did all stop but I get bad. Freddy and I walked all the way down. Arguing. It then took 1 1/2 hours to get to the
Saturday 17th day 24 - So we planned last night that we'd go skiing and daisy and jack as they had a car would kindly take us! So we were happy about saving money. Last night we'd also all gone out and scouted for the best prices of hiring gear while freddy cooked risotto for us all. We found out they were vegan which was interesting to see how freddy reacted but he did well and they're super good about it in the sense that they aren't so strict it makes it awkward. We got up sooo early and then headed to the ski shop. Daisy and jack had the guy actually running the shop fit their boots and so was done correctly. Mine and Freddys we got this dumb German idiot who just didn't care. So when we did get to the slopes my boots kept coming out my skis because he'd adjusted the weight and boot size wrong. Which wasn't fun as it really hurt and I kept falling over every time I tried to turn because my boot kept coming out. We then went to get it changed and it was okay not amazing.

9 June 2017

Day 15 - Friday 9th June Today we got the inter-islander ferry to the South Island. It was a bit sad to be leaving the north as it meant soon I'd be headed home after such a long time away but freddy was also very excited for the game tomorrow night. We found out again that we couldn't get a bus to kikora and then to Christchurch so we had a mammoth of a journey tomorrow. The ferry trip was really nice and so pretty. I tried not to order food because it would be a waste of money but I got a cider instead. Our hostel was super nice apart from picking us up late. They did a free breakfast with scones on the morning and had a free hot tub and gym too. We used the hot tub and had these two Germans join us.

8 June 2017

Day 15 - Thursday 8th June Today our plan was to go to the museum and spend the morning there. Then we go and have coffee at some nice coffee places and then wander around Cuba street and then for dinner get fish and chips and eat it on top of the hill. The museum was amazing or at least the new exhibition on WWI was. We were both so impressed and hands down the best one either or us has seen. We spent a long time there. We then walked along the front and for doughnuts which was bite sized and pointless. Then went and got pizza for this American diner place which was nice. The weather then didn't look too amazing and it didn't look like we'd get much of a sunset so I said there wasn't much point in us going up and my legs still really hurt anyway.

7 June 2017

Day 14 - Wednesday 7th June Today we had to get up early and get our bus. We hadn't left enough time as always as we were stressed and my legs hurt a lot from the walk still so I wasn't in the best of moods. We were now headed to Wellington. It took a while and we got there in the afternoon after stopped at some weird place. And this girl came on the bus who obviously thought she was from the ghetto by the way she spoke and what she was wearing. Stiletto heels on trainers and then a cropped top with her tummy out. She hen swore at the bus or me when she got off. We got dropped at the train station which was the opposite side to where our hostel was and I didn't trust freddy was getting us to walk in the right direction because his phone died. When we got to the hostel our light didn't work so we had to change rooms again. I then went to sleep and freddy bought some food. We then didn't really do much. Freddy went for a run and I showered or something. But we had the comedy evening!

6 June 2017

Tuesday 6th June Stream of water through a mud path. It was so wet and slippery the mud went up to your ankles and there was no way of avoiding it. For a long time I tried not to get my feet too muddy or wet but it didn't last. The worst of it was me was the endless stairs to come. Which can't even be classified as actual stairs because where they'd placed the wood and filled it then with mud and turned into a puddle and you had to balance your foot on the tiny inch thick wood and not fall in for another hour or so. And then it just kept going up for such a long time. We eventually reached the top and then freddy and the other girl wanted to go to the mirror lake although you couldn't actually see anything and I knew we wouldn't. I was cold and bored by this point. It was then a long way down and this seemed to go on forever but I felt bad for the people going up asking how much further they had because my god did they have far to go.
Tuesday 6th June Stream of water through a mud path. It was so wet and slippery the mud went up to your ankles and there was no way of avoiding it. For a long time I tried not to get my feet too muddy or wet but it didn't last. The worst of it was me was the endless stairs to come. Which can't even be classified as actual stairs because where they'd placed the wood and filled it then with mud and turned into a puddle and you had to balance your foot on the tiny inch thick wood and not fall in for another hour or so. And then it just kept going up for such a long time. We eventually reached the top and then freddy and the other girl wanted to go to the mirror lake although you couldn't actually see anything and I knew we wouldn't. I was cold and bored by this point. It was then a long way down and this seemed to go on forever but I felt bad for the people going up asking how much further they had because my god did they have far to go.
Day 13 - Tuesday 6th June So this morning I watched the sunrise and the sunset. I was also extremely tired and wet for most of the day. So freddy have chosen for us to do the tongori crossing on mount Taranaki. I had no idea what this actually meant but considering I'd done some hiking in sapa I thought I'd be okay. Oh no. So the first bit through the goblin forest was okay it was steep and steps which I hate but it wasn't too awful and we were at the top within 40 minutes of walking. Then it was across which was again fine and we had some amazing views because the cloud was clearing away from the summit. It then seemed to take forever for us to get down to the lunch point but we made good time. Then we got to the swamp. The guy who dropped us has told us it was muddy and wet but there was a boardwalk. What he didn't say was that this was under water and below the mud around it. So you can imagine how I found this. After that it was then nearly two hours of pretty much a

5 June 2017

Monday 5th June So this meant we had to go to Wellington the following day and that tomorrow we could film mount Taranaki. My phone has no internet and the wifi wasn't working so freddy looked up which trail to do and arranged the pick up. We then had a sauna which was nice as the man only charged us 5$ instead of that each because he said he'd use it and other people wanted to as well. But the other people that wanted to use it kept bothering us when we'd actually paid and were going to have an hour so they got annoyed but that there own fault.
Day 12 - Monday 5th June After arriving late in New Plymouth yesterday neither of us looked into how early you had to get up to do a walk around mount Taranaki and so when we were told the shuttle leaves once a day at 7AM we realised we weren't going to do it. We were disappointed but at the same time we had no idea so we just got on with our day. The weather was pretty bad anyway and so it wouldn't have been nice. We didn't want to walk along the sea front because it was raining. So we played bowling and then indoor mini golf where freddy said I was cheating which was I wasn't I just didn't hugely care too much about playing to win. Afterward we were going to get a coffee but most places closed as it was a bank holiday. We went to joes garage and freddy had a scone and I got hot chocolate. We then headed back and sat by the fire to realise again we'd screwed up the buses because it was fully booked for tomorrow.

4 June 2017

Day 11 - Sunday 4th June So from looking at the bus times leaving waitomo we realised that we'd made a mistake booking two nights as the bus left at 7pm and we sure as hell weren't going to spend another day here with shit all to do So I said to freddy as we were going to the glow worm cave that we've paid for the room and won't get a refund on the day that we should just use the room till we leave. The caves weren't anything amazing. Or at least I wasn't impressed. The pictures you get shown are much more amazing than what we actually saw. So when we got back freddy spoke to the weird hostel guy who surprisingly said he'd fully refund us and he'd given us a free breakfast this morning as well when he'd made everyone else pay which was weird. He then dropped us for when our bus would come as well. Which was nice but it was odd. The hostel had some cool animals though pigs and sheep and a deer.

3 June 2017

3rd June Saturday - And have a buffet for $10 so we went and they were also playing the game. The food was okay. Nothing amazing because they knew people would come whatever so it made no difference to them. We had another couple in our room who seemed okay and then this french couple who were just annoying and came in late and were rustling and then again in the morning stupidly early like just fuck off.
Day 10 - Friday 3rd June Today we had to kill pretty much so we did another walk around the lake which was nice as we both enjoyed it. Then we went and got lunch as what described itself as a art cafe. It was just weird inside like dinosaur computers and run by two Indians. Freddy had a full English and it was interesting but okay I think. I didn't eat because I wasn't that hungry. We then grabbed our bags and headed for the bus. One was already there so I asked but that was heading to Auckland. Then this mini bus showed up and the woman asked if we were going to Rotorua and she was sorry that she was late but it was literally just us on the mini bus. And she got us there quicker that the bigger bus would have. We got to Waitomo and wow there is really nothing there. Like literally nothing. There isn't even shops in what they call the township. So we couldn't buy any food which was a good shit. The guy at the hostel seemed really weird too. But said a restaurant picks you up and

2 June 2017

Day 9 Again I woke up super tired and slept in. Freddy then had a bath so it was a lot later than I planned. I thought we'd be out by 10AM but we weren't. So we went to get breakfast but they close the kitchen from 11 to 12 which is the dumbest thing. So we had to eat out which was surprising cheap but not that amazing. We then wandered around the park that Nick and Leslie told us about where we could go see the hot pool for free. It stank like hell but was super cool and actually quite warm. We then went back to the hostel to rest Freddys ankle before we did the walk around lake Rotorua which was really nice. In the evening we then went to the Polynesian spa for 2 hours till around 7pm. We both really liked it and the water was so hot and didn't smell too bad but was full of Asians.

1 June 2017

Day 8 We left Auckland very early which I was happy to be out of their house. Sue is just so awkward and I couldn't wait to be on my own time again. The bus was okay I tired to sleep and slept awfully. Constantly have a head ache most of the time right now. But away we arrive in Rotorua! It's stinks like high heavens that's what no one tells you. We're hoping to see the hot pools for free today and then do a walk around the lake. I wanted to go see this other lake but I'm not bothered now. Really hope I manage to be nicer to freddy today. That's my goal. Go a day from now without snapping at him. We went I a Muari evening which was really fun a little touristy but expected and was interesting. Did want to laugh when they did the opening ceremony though.
I only have one more whole month away and I think for the first time it's enough. I've enjoyed travelling not every minute but most. I think I need a break from social media and just enjoy being here. I will keep posting updates on Instagram but apart from that and keeping Popsy in the know I don't want to be in my phone anymore. I hate how horrible I'm being to freddy. I'm not sleeping well and I went to enjoy our time together not constantly being horrible.

31 May 2017

James and Russell as I missed them both and freddy was doing my head in just speaking to him. I wanted to speak to James about how I'm feeling but I'll do it another time. It was so nice to speak to them and I can't wait to get home and see them.

30 May 2017

Day 7 We got the bus back to Auckland. Steve met us from the bus station and took us to walk along the water front which was really nice. The weather was good and the buildings were nice. But my god does he love to talk. You can't just stand and take things in. He seems like he wants to be younger then he his a lot. I don't think that's mean to say either. We got back the house and sue was as awkward as ever. When we told her what we'd done in the bay of islands she just said how amazing the place we didn't go to is up there. Great?? Just don't say anything woman. I then tried to get freddy to organise stuff but he annoyed me again. He just does stupid stuff all the time it's so frustrating. We eventually sorted stuff out and then I wanted to watch tv so we did. And Jamie Oliver's comfort food made us so hungry. Hopefully we are going to make steak sandwiches tomorrow. We then had dinner which was really nice some mince balls and rice. After that I'd arranged to FaceTime
Day 6 We bought some drink for each of us and had that. Ate our left over carbonara from the night before and then pigged out on the sweets and popcorn we'd bought while we watched pirates of the Caribbean 3 after watching 2 the night before. It was actually alright and we got along okay.
Day 6 We then sat and ate lunch which wasn't much a hot dog bun from a bakery and some pretzels. Looking over one of the bays in the mangroves. We then continued our walk and it turned into more of the woods which was nice and we both enjoyed it. It was a lot of up and down though which seemed ridiculous because it was a waste of time. At one point freddy had a fantail bird following him so he called it James and kept making sure it was behind him. We seemed to have done most of the walk quite quickly and I didn't understand why they said it took 5 hours. We got the car ferry across which was $1 so pretty quick. And then I saw a sign saying 6km to paihai. Let's just say it was not a nice walk back. It was an alright coastal bit but then freddy annoyed me with some stupid comments and we argued and then didn't speak for a long time. I asked a question and he didn't reply for such a long time and then he got angry and started kicking stuff. We didn't get back until dark.
Day 6 Today we were meant to get up relatively early as we'd planned to do a walk and wanted to back for the afternoon. But I didn't want to get up again and neither did freddy. I slept awfully. The dorms are horribly claustrophobia and I'd already had to get us moved because the first room we were in people were drying their clothes in the room which made it smell damp and I wasn't going to get ill. When we eventually got things sorted. Freddy again was meant had sorted out where we were getting the ferry from and when they were leaving but he hadn't. So we missed one and had to wait an hour for the next. The walk started our alright we had argued a bit because of freddy getting on my nerves most of the time. And then we were okay and we were walking. I didn't like that they'd called it a coastal walk and it was mainly a long a road for a decent amount of time. It turn into more of a bush walk as freddy called it just a woods really. And then on boardwalks for a little.

28 May 2017

Day 4 I woke up feeling unwell and had a really bad head so just stayed in bed. Freddy got up and went for brunch with the family. He said it was really really good and then they went to this warehouse filled with al different bits of furniture and he thought I'd like it. We didn't do much or at least I didn't. He made a rough plan with sue and Steve about where we were going. So when I was up we just booked buses of where we were going. They then went out to see an exhibition and freddy stayed in with me. Day 5 We got up and got our stuff packed and then we had a late breakfast / lunch at Crave where they went to breakfast the day before. It was nice. It wasn't anything amazing. The service was appalling and that just annoyed me. After we went to the cool furniture place. Freddy and I liked the complete opposite things. Surprise. And I got a cronut for the bus journey to Paihia bay of islands.

27 May 2017

Day 3 Freddy and I both slept in to pretty much mid day because we were both so tired. I don't like that they only have one bathroom for everyone here and that Steves office is right next to the bathroom. They were going out in the evening and so had got us comedy evenings tickets to their friends comedy house called the classic. And so we went out for a nice meal to this place called Orleans and it's pretty obvious what type of food they do. Freddy really wanted to try to the chicken and waffles but I wasn't sure and it was a huge portion for me not to like. I had a really good cocktail but the food was alright. I'd prefer to have the spent half the money and got the same. Freddy was happy because while we were waiting to get a table he found a bar which showed different games of rugby. We then headed to the comedy club. It was actually surprisingly good and we had a really nice evening. Some people were evidently funnier than others but they were all pretty good.

26 May 2017

Day 2 After Beth took us to Piha and we went to the visitors centre we went to Steve's. Which resulted in another argument surprise surprise. Because we were meant to be there at a time but freddy has no concept of time apparently and doesn't know when you need to rush. Note to self stop letting him sort stuff out on his own. So we eventually got to Steve's having abandoned our original plan of getting the bus and just paid for a taxi. There house is nice but they are just slightly odd and not hugely welcoming but then we've never actually met them and are staying in their house so. We had dinner which was nice it was Syrian lamb with rice. And then we got ready to go to the rugby. I was excited because it was my first game. Not that I'd have any clue what was going on. My plan was to drink and some of it would make sense. It did start raining which wasn't a huge deal and they gave me the waterproof trousers you know that everyone has so I just put them over my legs.
First day Beth showed us around Piha and we went out for lunch which was really good. I had soup which I hadn't realised I'd missed but I had A LOT. We then went to some waterfalls which were so nice and this Little Rock pools on the way down. We were both quite tired from having arrived in New Zealand and then just heading out but it was fun. Freddy slept in the car a decent amount but I was sat talking to Beth most of the time. I can't wait until we come back to Auckland and I can see her again for a little bit to properly spend time with her. One evening and half a day isn't enough. Her parents were so lovely when we arrived. Her mum Lyn said she wouldn't have recognised me haha. What was super sweet is that she asked about ma and Popsy and then said how much Popsy adored us girls. The fact that someone remembers that from 10 years ago!

25 May 2017

Night at Beth's uni