Australia and Oceania, Asia · 10 Days · 12 Moments · June 2018

India Work Trip #3

29 June 2018

28 June 2018

Great day in Brissy with Scott and Em. Got to see the new Drum/PT shed of Scotty’s. had a bit of a tinker with his old electronic drum kit that’s seen better days. Out for a delicious Thai meal around the corner from the new place for dinner, and then home for beers! Awesome to just hang out with then and so close for Em now!

27 June 2018

1 Flight down, 2 to go! Those Jet Airways snacks are delicious! Pretty full flight - hit a small patch of BAD turbulence about 1/3 of the way in. Went near 0-g’s for about 5 seconds out of no where. The young Indian/American sitting next to me thought it was all over. Found a new bar at Changi called “the world is flat” couple of tasty brews and a cheeky red before onto the gate. Next stop BNE - everything looks to be on time 👍

26 June 2018

Day off again after this mornings work. Slept until around 10 then went to the pass office to return our passes. Once again this went surprisingly smooth without a delegate on hand! Back to WorldMark for a little shopping, then on for some lunch - spicy chicken biryani/chicken. The local dogs around here have it pretty tough... home to pack for tomorrow’s early kick-off. Vodka and Sprite by the pool then onto a bar hop to see the local hotel bars. Found one that was showing the Aus/Peru soccer, grabbed a bit of kebab (delicious) then home for a night cap. Our #1 bar tender gave us a bottle of sparkling, for which we gave him our stubby coolers with a nice tip inside. Off to bed.

25 June 2018

So today was split into 2 parts, work and play. Woke up pretty seedy after yesterday’s adventures. After AEP Pass pickup headed into town to look at the Masjid Janpath Markets with a stop at the Jantar Matnar relics. Pretty impressive that the science was developed enough here 300 years ago for this kind of structure. It’s basically an elaborate sun dial, but I thinks there’s a bit more too it. From there onto the market. There wasn’t much we were interested in, mainly clothes. Grabbed a couple of small god statues. While walking towards Connaught Place a young bloke started chatting to us and suggested a little shop tucked away in the back alleys - nothing for me but Webby was still hunting for tablecloth material so he dropped a fair bundle on some amazing silks. Found this stunning lion statue at what I think was a Ghandi exhibition. Home for a quick beer and bed before night shift.
So part 2 of today went a lot better than we we’re expecting. Picked up our passes in the AM for the first time without a company deligate escorting us. Surprisingly this went very smoothly! From there we went onto town. That arv after a couple hours sleep we grabbed a cab to the Iron Gate, after a bit of a wait, Naveem met us and organised the tooling pass. Security went pretty smoothly then onto the troubled bird. Temp and humidity was up, actually hotter than the daytime install we did a few days ago... Initial testing looked good with no problems in the self testing and live engine data. We did find a fee bits a pieces wrong with the install, nothing too serious though. Turns out the processor was as fault, likley due to it not being engaged in its rack correctly, cause a high temp/vibrations situation. Wrapped it up and got back to Ibis around 4:30am. Time for Z’s.

24 June 2018

Day off today after yesterday’s efforts. Went to Dilli Haat at I.N.A. (Whatever that stands for...). It was a cool little market space, mainly aimed to foreigners (paid entry). Lots of silks and outfits. A few souvenirs and a couple of eateries - no beer though (well they did advertise “fruit beer”. It was ridiculously HOT!! Caught the train back to Janpath and visited some of the street markets, grabbed a couple of skirts for Lyn and wondered to Connaught Place in the hope of finding a bar with State of Origin playing. Found a sports bar, but it only had India/Paraguay Hockey on. They did however have 2L beer towers. Grabbed a bite to eat and a couple of towers - felt pretty merry after that so headed back to Aerocity and grabbed a bottle of red around the corner from the hotel. Tapped out at about midnight after a pizza and another beer.

23 June 2018

Second half of the day was brought in with lunch, Indian style - same grub as last trip but the breaded roll was new and delicious with lots of ketchup (isn’t everything). Our one install setback was the “FAST INOP” annunc/switch was missing a jumper wire from factory, managed to knock something together and get ourselves out of trouble. New test box worked well for the vibration monitoring. We got kicked out of the hanger due to the A320 behind us in the hanger, and that’s were it all went wrong... stuck out on the line for 6 hours after that. It took the guys 2hrs to put one engine cowl on (decided to do the hot engine 1st...) I did the other engine (first time) with only one stand in 20 minutes - Indian life... got to have a little look at a couple rusty relics out on the line while we waited. Home for a pizza, beers and World Cup at 11pm, in bed by 2... feww!
So big day yesterday... 15hrs on the clock - yet it was probably our quickest install yet! Arrived nice an early on a clear and hot day - while we were technically “inside” the hangar, the first half of the day was spent in the sun.

22 June 2018

Started off the day expecting to be picked up at 10am, then got news that the AEP Pass were not ready - oh well! We decided to retreat back to our rooms where I got some time to look at car hire in Croatia for the holiday. What the hell is “Anti-Fascist Struggle Day” in Croatia?? Oh well, we beat the heat for most of the day. Had lunch at the hotel, the deserts look amazing, the pink one was weird - sweet and really moist! Pass pick up eventuated at 4pm - 1hr to collect the pass and get to work which is very smooth. Looks like IndiGo had a couple of engine changes on the go yesterday. Hopefully none today otherwise we will be doing our install outside of the hanger in 43’C! Got to prep the looms in the air conditioned composites room, sweet! Plus they had some golden safety posters around the workshop, hahaha. Home for beers at 8:30, and pretty much crashed at 10. Big day tomorrow!

21 June 2018

Flight from Honkers was fairly uneventful, having to walk through business class was a sad feeling though... a photo of my would-be seat down at 62K, which I gave up for a middle row, middle seat for a young couple to sit together. Oh well - company was pleasant. Great to see the Minion after a couple of days (nervous it wouldn’t make it after getting checked through Hong Kong). Bar snacks for dinner and a bunch of beers with Jacob the concrete engineer from Denmark, while watching the Aust-Den soccer - 1-1 draw, bugger!

20 June 2018

Got to experience a bit of Hong Kong nightlife with Webby on a rather sticky and humid night. Visited a small jazz/blues bar on Mikeys recommendation call The Iron Fairies. Such a sweet spot! The ceiling is covered in real hanging butterflies, great band playing in the corner, and actual “iron fairies” on the tables. There are also “boiler” shaped private booths and a 3 inch think iron bar. From there we explored Lan Kwai Fong which is a night club area. Trained it home for a shower and bed.
Got a business class upgrade with Hong Kong Airlines - food was fantastic! The seating was great to play around with. So much better reclining back at watching a few movies with wine and cheese - I think I’ve been spoilt for economy now! The seat actually recliner all the way to flat!