North America, Europe, Asia · 15 Days · 29 Moments · February 2018

Pause the Moment

2 March 2018

The Palace of Versailles!

1 March 2018

The catacombs of Paris!
Another day around the Eiffel Tower!

28 February 2018

The Louvre and the Arc de Triumph!
The notre dame of Paris!

27 February 2018

Checked in at the hostel and met some great people at eh spaghetti dinner! We all decided to go see the Eiffel Tower at night and watch the light show!
Since I had sometime before my train to Paris, I decided to check out the small town of Pontoroson just south of Mont St Michel. It was a quiet little tourist town with what appeared to be visitors coming and going. I somehow managed to stumble across the mayor who asked me what I thought of the town and showed me his office and town hall. They even had their own little Notre Dame church across from the town hall which I checked out. Across from my rail stop was a French bakery artisan who suggested to me to try the Barat which turned out to be delicious for only 1 Euro!
This morning I was able to get up early and watch the sunrise at Mont St-Michel. Trying to recall a time where I thought I had seen a prettier one. Nothing came to mind. The birds chirping and flying over head on a crisp cold morning with the slight sound of waves crashing in the background was all too relaxing. The streets in the morning are amazingly quiet with just a few people who had stayed the night were the only ones welcome to enjoy this quaint town’s early morning rituals. Only one restaurant open to serve breakfast to the roughly 20 guests able to squeeze into the small rooms available overnight. Employees were bustling to get ready for the main stream of tourists expected to arrive around 10am. As I left I thought that I would have to come back to this place someday to experience it again. I think that it is hard to find a place such as this nowadays with very little changed and natural stunningly beauty landscapes like they were personally handcrafted by God himself.

26 February 2018

Man what a crazy day! My trains got delayed I had to take a taxi to get to the castle and barely made it in time before the hotel shut the doors on me! The view of St Mont-Michel definitely made it worth it! Looking to get a lot more pictures and do some more exploring in the morning!
This morning I am traveling from Rotterdam, Netherlands to Mont St Michel, France by train and bus. It’s going to be about half a day travel once it’s all said and done. I am hoping to see some of the beautiful countryside in France I have heard about it.

25 February 2018

After sleeping in some from the long journey, we decided to explore the town of Delft in The Netherlands. Simon and his girlfriend Natalia surprised me with gokarting in the afternoon. In the evening we ate at the Burger Trut and played board games. The architecture is much different in Delft then in Rotterdam, as much of Rotterdam is new due to the bombings during WWII. Delft has the older European style that is to be expected of old small cozy towns with its beautiful canals and shops.

24 February 2018

Die Pannenkoekenboot, the pancake boat! Unlimited pancakes while we toured the waterway in Rotterdam!

22 February 2018

Riding the Elephants!
Holding a cobra and going to the Royal Palace! Not a lot of photos today, we were unable to take a lot due to restrictions.

21 February 2018

Taj Mahal!

19 February 2018

Lamb Rogan Josh with steamed rice A little spicy but very delicious!
The qutar minar

18 February 2018

Kesari Jaleri Rabri - the closest thing I can liken it to is an Indian funnelcake.
The last of the ceremonies. The first one is Vineet welcoming his guest, the carriage takes him to the temple, the brides family gives flower arrangements to guests, the last photo is part of the final ceremony. Videos to come on Facebook.
Sacred band ceremony
Another ceremony(name to come), men and women come and bless the groom and bride with tamarack, henna, yogurt and mustard oils. Men go head, shoulders, knees and toes. Women the opposite way. This completes the cycle and is thought to make the marriage more pure and bring prosperity. The cycle is completed 7 times each as to bring luck.
Matar Kulcha = Delicious!

17 February 2018

Family jewelry ceremonies
The Mahindi (Henna Tattoo) ceremony. The bride gets henna tattoos on all limbs, while typically female guests get them on the hands. Blessings are sung for the bride and groom.
Arrived in New Delhi Airport! 4 taxi drivers tried to get me to take their cabs!
2nd flight down 1 to go! Paris —> New Delhi!

15 February 2018

A 30 minute delay on the tarmac gives me one flight down, two to go! Atlanta —> Paris then Paris —> New Delhi!