Croatia · 9 Days · 11 Moments · October 2016

Incredible Croatia & Montenegro

13 October 2016

Pictures of Hvar city walls, gate and other favorite shots from the day. Made dinner again ourselves, local sausage w sautΓ©ed onions, broccoli & carrots made by Master Chef Aaron while I was busy booking transport and accommodations for Budapest! Tomorrow we leave for Split on the 2pm ferry. Fingers crossed the weather is nice or we may have to find another way to Split πŸ™
Beautiful cloud shots while sitting on the bay of Parmesan island 🌴 Luckily we only caught a sprinkle of rain heading back to the port at Hvar.
Green Caves & Famous beach...too cold to go swimming though!
Oct 13 - Journey to the blue & green caves, secluded beach & Parmesan island πŸ™ƒ

12 October 2016

Oct 12 - Ferry ride to Hvar from Korcula, 6am departure but allowed us an uber productive morning! Hung out at the coffee shop for a bit until the room was ready at 9am, had a coffee & πŸ’ strudel! Then checked into our first airbnb, great experience & the guy runs a tour company so he hooked us up for a blue caves tour! Walked around the island to a beautiful beach, layed out and read for a bit before jumping in, fantastic swim, water was gorgeous! Then back to shower & change, romantic stroll to the other side of the marina. Everything was shut down for the season so we headed back to town, 🍹@ Aloha before dinner at Dalmatinos. Was not amazing, beef stroganoff w no beef & pickles! My cordon bleu w no cheese. Needless to say we were disappointed & will be cooling a lot more on this trip! So bad we had to stop at the bakery on the way home for a πŸ• & sausage roll. Yikes!
Cherry strudel & our beautiful beach! Swam out and around the furthest buoy and back, plus walking about 6km around the coast. πŸ˜„

11 October 2016

Oct 11 - Korcula; Woke up, went to buy ferry tickets for Hvar & go to the ATM to pay for room. Aaron took a call w David, so I went for a bite to eat at this asian concept, Silk. He joined up, then we rented bikes and took a tour around to find a beach close by. Ended up just walking down a stone staircase to this swimming point, having sandwiches & reading for a bit. Was too chilly to jump in (the weather, not the water!) then we headed back to town. Packed up & went out to see the town which we had just walked around the outside of. Walked up San Marco bell tower to watch the πŸŒ…, then to our castle cocktail bar for a farewell caproiska. Back to the apt for a lovely homemade dinner of chili w cheese & onions and roasted veggies w pumpkin, cauliflower, onions & beetroot. Phenomenal! Feels great to be cooking again!

9 October 2016

Oct 9 - 4pm β›΄ from Dubrovnik to Korcula; 1.5hrs w one Stop in Mijet. We're supposed to stay there but due to the end of season and the change in boat schedules we would have had to stay for a week! Luckily, Korcula is much nicer, another walled in city on an island that used to be a part of the Venetian republic, so a lot of Italian renaissance influence which I love!!! Had some 🍷 & πŸ§€ onboard, with the rest of the chorizo from Barcelona, very romantic. Arrived into Korcula around 6:30pm, just in time for dinner. Local place was recommended, had some mussels (still bearded πŸ˜–) & a rump steak, not my favorite but the company was superb.

5 October 2016

Making the most out of our first day! Walking around town, went to get or bus tickets for Montenegro and ended up on a sunset 🚌 ride! Amazing local🍷 (Dingac) and met some new friends, then 🍴 at a place called Wanda. Parmesan chicken, salmon pasta w vodka sauce & more 🍷 for dessert.
Quick stroll through town to get our phones sorted, ask about information on ferries and have a nice light lunch by the Adriatic. Fish soup and salads, was lovely!
Day 1: First glimpses of Old Town Dubrovnik and stunning views from the ✈️ and 🚌 into town.