Belgium, Germany · 5 Days · 11 Moments · June 2014

In Bruges.

1 July 2014

These are pictures of our hostel in Bruges. I took then right before I left. In order to get to out 4 person room we had Togo through an 8 person room. It was kind if crazy and we felt bad waking everyone up every time we got up. But the atmosphere was better than Paris. We made some friends and hands fun time here.

28 June 2014

So many canals here in Brugge and of course a selfie for dad and a model pose from Tim. We thought about taking a boat cruise. But decided to leave that for Venice. So many swans too!
Last but not least here are some more beer pictures for bills. This bar had every type of rare and obscure beer to try. Also note the wall of beer. And there is also a picture of a beer store where the walls were lined with beer again. Tim bought one here, she opened it behind the counter. And then we continued to venture down the street. Crazy Europeans. Oh and the egg liquor. They were giving out free samples. I made Tim try. He said he never wants to have any again. But apparently it's a Belgium specialty! The samples were very popular. I didn't try them though. It was too thick for my liking. Yuck. Off to Frankfurt in the morning. Goodnight all.
Here is a swan with a funny leg. We later discovered that its not broken they can just do that with their legs! Crazy right.
Found a tea store!!! Look at the cool kettles. One for aunty Kim and one for dad and Hennie. Possibly bill if he decides that he likes golf today. Or after tomorrow morning when you actually play.
Look at this church. It's the Bascillica of the holy blood. Very pretty. And there's even a pod to stand in? Not entirely sure what that is for. But it's still cool.
View from the top of the Bellfry. Just over looking the town as well as the market square. The first one is the restaurants in the market square. They just looked pretty. Lots of very expensive mussels to be had there. Tim didn't break down and buy any though.
He first thing we did this morning was climb more stairs. This time the Bellfry. Only about 400 stairs his time. But as you got to the top it was more like a ladder than stairs. Stay tuned for some great views!
First night in Bruges. We got here a bit late. So we hiked to out hostel. Once again walking. Thanks Tim. Lol. We made it. Made a few friends and then walked around the city. We were headed to a lights show which turned out to be a bit weird and not really a lights show. I think they were trying to show ships on the sides of buildings. You can see them much better in pictures than you could in person. So pretty here!

27 June 2014

I joined in on happy hour too. 1 euro beer. And it isn't that bad. Soon French fries. Cause they are actually Belgium fries. I LOvE French fries!
Here you go bill. Happy hour. But Tim bought the expensive beer. Still only 2 euros though. Westmalle double. 7%