Europe · 66 Days · 8 Moments · January 2017

College Life

12 March 2017

On Sunday, our last day, we woke up early to get some more eggs Benedict. We decided to go to this optical illusions museum as our last outing. I can't say I was super excited about this, I was skeptical about how cool it would be and if it was worth our last few hours. I was surprisingly impressed though, we started at the top with a show and made our way down. There were exhibits where you could change the way you looked, freeze your shadow, and see some weird things. We had a lot of fun here and I'm happy we did it.

11 March 2017

Saturday night we decided to do a haunted tour of Edinburgh. We went with Auld Reekie to see the underground vaults. These vaults were created in the 18th century, first for merchants to sell things. The vaults quickly deteriorated though, as rain and liquids seeped through the rock and into the vaults. Homeless people and criminals took over the vaults after that. The tour took us into the vaults that were dark and creepy. We were told ghost stories of the people murdered in the vaults and people who died in the vaults because of the poor conditions. Super interesting and creepy tour. I would highly recommend, we really enjoyed this!
On Saturday we climbed up the small mountain in Michelle's backyard. It was a short, fun climb, but I was definitely panting at the top. The views were breathtaking. We could see the coast, the city, and the other mountains in the distance. On our way down the mountain we saw some ruins, passed a lake that was filled with swans and ducks, and we made our way to this half-finished monument one guy tried to make for himself, but he ran out of money halfway through. We saw a lot of the city and the nature on the outskirts of the city. It was absolutely beautiful and so much fun! Not to mention we had great weather. I had to take my coat off on the mountain and I never put it back on. It was almost 60 degrees!
Edinburgh Day 2: We woke up and got Scottish breakfast at Abbey Pub. I have never had better eggs Benedict in my life! I never did get around to trying haggis. I'm sure it tastes good, but the idea of it is a little scary 😬 For lunch after a long walk we went to this place called Oink. I don't know how Scottish pulled pork is, but it was so worth eating! I chose stuffing, pulled pork, and barbecue sauce and it was excellent. We had root beer with our sandwiches because there is none in Rome and we were root beer deprived 😂 For dinner, we ate at World's End Pub. It's called that because the walls were once the border of the city, and 100s of years ago people actually believed that wall to be the world's end (cool history). I had fish and chips. It was cooked perfectly and the beer battered fish was just amazing. Matt had steak and Guinness which was also delicious. Would eat again 😋

10 March 2017

Flew to Edinburgh through Brussels! First day we saw Michelle and she showed us the castle. We were absolutely exhausted so we spent the night in a pub with some Guinness and burgers and got to watch and learn the rules of rugby on the big screen.
Brussels! We had a 5 hour layover in Brussels so we explored Le Grand Place. Absolutely breathtaking. Food at a local place was great, had to get Belgian waffles with Belgian chocolate and a side of fries. Great experience all around!

13 January 2017

Class schedule: Monday's and Wednesday's: 20th Century European History, Dante's Divine Comedy, Italian 102 Tuesday's and Thursday's: International Organizations, Political Theory, Italian 102

5 January 2017

Arrived for semester 2 at JCU on January 5 🇮🇹