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IHOP 密集訓練課程

6 January 2015

日出高雄,回到家的感覺真好。突然想到將來有一天,天父也會這樣歡迎我們回家! Sunrise in KH. It feels so good to be home. And all at a sudden, the Lord dawned me that He will one day welcome us home the same way!

5 January 2015

準備登機了! Ready to board!
真的要回家了 Homecoming for real
到達香港了! Arrived at Hong Kong!
從德州到香港~ From Texas to Hong Kong
空中美景 Scenes from plane
在德州DFW機場 In DFW airport, TX
飛往Dallas路上 On the flight to Dallas
再見,Kansas City! Bye bye, Kansas City!
候機中 Waiting to board
離別的雪花,為了送我們而飄~ Snow of leaving for our departure~

3 January 2015

行李裝箱上車,明天清晨4點出發~ Packed up and ready to go. Leaving at 4am tomorrow morning~
賢慧的明儀姐~ Wonder Mindy
入侵Nicole家 Invading Nicole's property
禱告室中,明天就要回家了。令人懷念的地方! In the prayer room. We will be going home tomorrow. This will be a place of memory!
倒數一天的晨更 The last devotion before going back to Taiwan

2 January 2015

晚上吃吃夢想中的Chick-fil-A I am dreaming of Chick-fil-A
變裝一下 Suit up
女孩特區~ Girls, girls, girls~
在Joseph家中作客 Hang out with Joseph Lee and friends
散步 Taking a walk
丟了iPhone居然還能夠找回來,真是奇蹟。恭喜文英姐! This a surprise to get iPhone back. Congratulations, Esther!

1 January 2015

1/1 禱告室仍然充滿了禱告的火~ The prayer room is filled with the fire of prayer even on 1/1~
新年了~ A new year has just begun~
新年快樂~ Happy New Year~

31 December 2014

2014-12-31 晚上的場次 敬拜:Kari Jobe 講員:Mike Bickle Evening Session Worship: Kari Jobe Speaker:Mike Bickle
中文資訊會議 Chinese Info Meeting
2014-12-31 下午的場次 敬拜:Jon Thurlow 講員:Benji Norlot、Dale Anderson Afternoon Session Worship: Jon Thurlow Speaker:Benji Norlot, Dale Anderson
中午的禱告室充滿上千個禱告的人,另人感動! The prayer room was filled with 1000+ people during the lunch break. It really moved my heart!
2014-12-31 上午的場次 敬拜:Jon Thurlow 講員:Misty Edwards Morning Session Worship: Jon Thurlow Speaker:Misty Edwards

30 December 2014

2014-12-30 晚上的場次 敬拜:Phil Wickham 講員:Reinhard Bonnke Evening Session Worship: Phil Wickham Speaker:Reinhard Bonnke
禱告室中熱情的敬拜 Passionate worship in the prayer room
2014-12-30 下午的場次 敬拜:Ryan Kondo 講員:Wes Martin、Dana Chandler Afternoon Session Worship: Ryan Kondo Speaker:Wes Martin, Dana Chandler
禱告室浸泡 In the prayer
2014-12-30 上午的場次 敬拜:Justin Rizzo 講員:Stuart Greaves Morning Session Worship: Justin Rizzo Speaker:Stuart Greaves
高禱屋團隊在onething會場合照 Group pictures at the onething venue.
禱告室搬到onething會場 The prayer room was moved to the venue of onething

29 December 2014

2014-12-29 晚上的場次 講員:Allen Hood Evening Session Speaker: Allen Hood
豪華晚餐 Delicious Dinner
2014-12-29 下午的分組 Afternoon Breakout Session
2014-12-29 下午的場次 敬拜:Laura Hackett Park Afternoon Session Worship: Laura Hackett Park
Kansas City 一隅 A view of Kansas City
2014-12-29 onething領袖高峰會 第二天 02 2nd day of the onething Leadership Summit 02
2014-12-29 onething領袖高峰會 第二天 01 2nd day of the onething Leadership Summit 01
Welcome onething 2014

28 December 2014

2014-12-28 晚上的場次 敬拜:Jaye Thomas 講員:Wes Hall Evening Session Worship: Jaye Thomas Speaker: Wes Hall
2014-12-28 下午的場次 敬拜:Jaye Thomas 講員:Wes Hall Afternoon Session Worship: Jaye Thomas Speaker: Wes Hall
onething領袖高峰會 onething Leadership Summit

27 December 2014

禱告殿充滿禱告的火 There is fire in the prayer room
參觀IHOP禱告殿內部 A tour in the facility of IHOP

26 December 2014

12/26 的禱告會 Prayer Meeting on 12/26

25 December 2014

在 Tony 和 Mary Jean的新家慶祝聖誕節! Celebrating Christmas at Tony & Mary Jean's new house!
聖誕節早上的場次,禱告室還是滿滿的~ The prayer room is filled with men even on the morning of Christmas~

24 December 2014

在乃慈家過聖誕夜 Christmas Eve at Ezrela's home
Burger King
聖誕夜燭光禮拜 Candle light service @ Christmas Eve
聖誕夜當天,禱告室仍就滿滿的人 Even in the day of Christmas Eve, the prayer room is packed with people to pray
聖誕快樂~ Merry Christmas~

23 December 2014

與IHOPU華文學校的學生們互動 Team practice with students from FSM-C
與IHOP過去15年中從未離開夜間區段過的的區長Stuart Greaves合影,並請他為高禱屋夜間場次的成就禱告! Photo taken with Stuart Greaves, who is the section leader for the night watch in IHOP-KC for the past 15 years. He also prayed for the establishment of night watch in KHOP!
萬國禱告殿的各國場次 Sessions in the All Nations Prayer Room
再幾張IHOPU的照片~ Couple more pictures of IHOPU

22 December 2014

下午和華文部同工進行合團練習~ Joined practice with the IHOP Chinese team~
今天到IHOPU上課 Class at IHOPU today

21 December 2014

逛街 Shopping
下午到Country Club Plaza走走~ Went to the Country Club Plaza for a walk~
中午吃麥當勞 Lunch at the McDonald's
來美的第二個主日聚會~ The second Sunday service in the US~

19 December 2014

中午去吃中東式料理 Middle East food for lunch
最後一天的課程 The last day of the class

18 December 2014

第四天的課程 The 4th day of class
下雪了~ Snowing~

17 December 2014

第三天的課程 Class on the 3rd day
美麗的天空,今晚要下雪了! Beautiful clear sky. It's going to snow tonight!

16 December 2014

第二天的課程 The 2nd day of class

15 December 2014

第一天的IHOP中文先知性敬拜密集訓練課程 The first day of IHOP Chinese Prophetic and Worship Intensive Training Program
雨後天晴 Clear sky after the rains

14 December 2014

明儀姊的一人晚餐 Mindy's dinner
下午去Legend Outlets走走~ Hang out at the Legend Outlets this afternoon~
IHOP 午餐 Lunch @ IHOP
早上在FCF禮拜,David Sliker分享家庭婚姻的信息~ Sunday service at FCF. David Sliker shared a message of marriage and family~

13 December 2014

晚餐後心得分享時間~ Sharing after dinner~
進入禱告室~ Participating in the prayer room this morning~

12 December 2014

晚上參加EGS的聚集,這是今年最後一次了~ We went to the EGS service tonight. This is the last service this year.
下午大家去 Guitar Center 走走~ Went to Guitar Center this afternoon to look around~
與周吉仁牧師午餐 Lunch with Ps. Jerry
Good morning, KC!
我們的房間 Our room
去到禱告室禱告~ Praying in the prayer room~

11 December 2014

到達IHOP,享受恩典的晚餐~ Arrived at IHOP and enjoy the dinner of grace~
在DWF(德州國際機場)了! Arrived at DWF (Dallas, Texas) airport!
飛機 delay,在機場等候~ The flight delayed. Waiting in the airport~
旅程 1 Flight part 1

11 December 2014

預備登機! Ready to board!
抵達香港了! Here we are at Hong Kong!
在空中 In the sky
候機中~ Waiting to board~
到達機場,準備 check in 了! In the air port and getting ready to go!