Iceland · 3 Days · 18 Moments · April 2018

Iceland Adventures

22 April 2018

Day 3 - location 2 Wow is all i can say about this location. Lovely blue sky with beautiful Greener at Eldhraun Laver Fields. It is the biggest lava flow in the world which occured during the Laki eruption in the late 1700's. It was soft under foot which after a while made it difficult to walk but a good form of exercise. Its fields of mounds covered in green moss gave it a sereal feeling. Amongst the giant mounds was litlle pockets of life in thw form of kkkk
On leaving our lodgings this morning we came across this lovely little church on the hill. Its white walls combined with its red roof made it stick out from the hills. We decided to take up close photos and its appreance along with tje blue sky was stunning.

21 April 2018

Day 2 - location 7 - Skogafoss I think this is one of the most spectacular waterfalls so far. Its one of Icelands most famous waterfalls. Its 200 ft tall and a huge 82 ft wide. The spray from it was enormous so not too close with the cameras but at that size you could safely stand some distance backband still get a good photo.  They even have steps at the side of it so you can view it from the top. 500steps they said but believe me i walked them and counted and its more like 560 steps. Was i knackered doing that. A long and tiresome walk only to get to the top and it is cage flooring that you can see under where you walk. Oh dear not for me and down i came. Sue stayed and wandered up further and managed to get some lovely photos. Most of thw gang. From left to right. Brian, Amanda, meeee, Kelly, Andy and Joe. I assume Sue is taking the photo or still at the top of those 560 steps.
Day 2 - location 6 - Gljufrabui (Dweller in the Gorge)secret waterfall. 2 minutes from our last waterfall brought us to a secret waterfall. Though i think someone hasxlet the cat out of he bag as it wasnt that much of a secret with the many people we met on the way in and on the way out. That said it was pretty awsome. To reach it we had to wade through the river and of course we were prepared with our wellies unlike other people in trainers. Once there the cavern was small but the waterfall fell from quite a height. Worth taking wellies to go and see it. This is Joe in the bottom right photo our youngest member of the gang taking in the beautiful scene.
Day 2 - location 5 - Seljalandafoss water falls This spectacular waterfall is not only tall at 200 ft and very fast flowing but you can even walk behind the falls themselves. It is as spectacular behind he falls asxit front of it with he added bonus of viewing its surrounding landscapes. Me and my backseat buddy Sue haveing a selfie. Not sure i am much good at it but a nice photo of Sue.
Day 2 - location 4 - Gluggafoss A day for beautiful waterfalls and this one is no exception. Gluggafoss's is also know by 2 other names, Window falls and Merkjàfoss. The upper half of the cliff from where its wster falls is tuff rock and the lower ledge is basalt.
Day 2 - location 3 -  Urridafoss This is Icelands longest river - running for over 230 km. This mighty river drops down 360m3/secs by the edge of the Pjòrsàrhraun lave field in the beautiful surroundings.
Day 2 - location 2 - Kerid, Gŕimsnes This crator was smaller than i had imagined from photos i had seen of it.  This volcanic crator lake was make when the volcano exploded and collapsed in on itself and a natural lake was formed. There are a few volcanic crators across Iceland, this being one of 3 of the most recognised ones. Though we didn't venture to its crator the views up top were stunning. Brian and Sue ventured way to near the edge for comfort, but that maybe due to the fact that I dont like heights.
Day 2 - location 1 - Gulfoss An early start for us 4am. Yes you read that 4AM. Despite the beauty of it the cold and rain almost made me give up photographing and head back to the motor to wait for the others to finish. However with a little persuation from Kelly and her kindly giving me her warm gloves in exchange for my cold ones i managed to warm up enough to photograph the beauty of it all. For its beauty I would love to come back during mid winter to see how stuuning it would look with its water frozen and snow covered area. I know i sm a whimp but i havent felt that cold in a long time.

20 April 2018

Our first impressions of Iceland was wet wet wet and i dont mean the band. It rained almost allllllll day long apart from a few 5 minute breaks.  As we go through the next 8 days i will introduce you to the click gang (you kbow? click of the botton on the camera? lol)
Day 1 - our home for the night, Fludir From The Golden Waterfall we made our way to Fludir for our lodgings. Our rooms were very neat with comfortable beds and on suit bathroom. we over looked beautiful mointain scenery in with scattered houses in the area. We decided to travel about nine miles to a local restaurant for pizza and chips which was very nicely received by one and all. Breakfast was provided by the local hotel due to our lodgings being refurbished. There was lots on offer from waffles, freah fruit, Porridge, bread, cheeses and ham etc with plenty of tea and coffee. A couple of the group loved it so much they helped themselves to lunch too.
Day 1 - location 4 - Gollfoss What a beautiful location and waterfall this is. Stunning. Photos doesn't do it justice. We ate hete for sunrise lets hope its a good one.
Day 1 - location 3 Strokkur, Haukadalur The famous hot springs in  was our 4th stop of the day to see the Strokkur geysir. It is spectacular to watch but dont blink or you will miss it. It goes from calm to eruption and back to calm in about 10 seconds. If you do miss it you will only have a 10 minute wait for the next 20 meter high whoosh of water. Definatelly worth a visit.
Day 1 - location 2 - Pingvellir, Thingvellir National Park. This is one of Icelands top key tourist locations within the Golden Circle and situated on the northern shore of Pingvallavatn. Within the park sits, Pingvellir the largest natural lake in Iceland. A short walk from the carpark led us another beauty Oxaŕafoss a waterfall. Though it was raining constantly, we spent some time here before going to the visitors centre for a cuppa hot chocolate to warm up. It would have been good to spend more time here but alas too many places, too little time.
Some of the beautiful views and stop offs for lunch on the way to next destination. Its is a little fresh outside but with fantastic scenery who cares about a little frost bite.
Day 1 - location 1 - Reykjanesvita The first stop today, after picking up our transport for the next 9 days was Reykjanesvita where we saw a beautiful lighthouse sat upon the only mound around surrounded by baron land filled with natural sulfur outlets clouding the lighthouse in a dense fog making it almost invisible at times, but with a little persiverence we all managed to get a couple of photos. Just a couple of hundred feet from the lighthouse was the sea that was far enough away not to be bothered by the sulfur outlets. So we got our photo opportunity after all.
Though the landing was good we can't say the same for yet another one of Kelly's suitcases.
Well after waiting 2 years for this day it finally arrived. But i wasn't prepared for such an early start. Thanks to Amanda, spending all night travelling meant we don't waste any of our trip time on travel. The flight was uneventful until just before landing when the pilot said "I am going to have to change over to auto pilot as fog is so thick i can't see to land". Auto pilot done a great job and landed us perfectly. Look out Iceland here i come.