Iceland · 1 Days · 3 Moments · July 2018

24 July 2018

Just took a walk to the blue lagoon!!! Barry wanted to see it since he didn’t go yesterday. And we wanted to walk since we’ll be sitting for so long on the flight. A nice walk and to see the blue lagoon again was amazing. Now back at the hotel waiting for w a f f l e s!!!!
Last morning in Iceland!!! Got up around 9:30 and breakfast ends at 10. Yikes. Got there and they had eggs and cereal which I liked.. until I found a dead fly in my cereal. I stopped eating. So I’m currently starving. Anyways, we go back to the room and just chilled. My hair is still nasty from the blue lagoon, it feels very straw like. I don’t like it at all. I was just deciding to take a shower around 11:20 when Brynn and I get a text saying check out was at 11!!!! It was extended to 12 for us. We rush getting ready and get out of our room around 11:45. All is good now. We are just chilling in the lounge drinking hot cocoa, playing cards or chess. Waiting until 2 which is when the hotel makes homemade waffles for everyone. I. Cannot. Wait. Leaving for airport around 2:30. Flight is at 5 I think. Will get home to US soil around 7:20!!! Can’t wait to see everyone

23 July 2018

This experience was everything. We were only here for tonight but it was amazing. We got to Iceland around 4 and got to the hotel around 5. Getting luggage took forever. Then once at the hotel we changed and took a shuttle to the blue lagoon!! It was so cool. Before going in, you had to shower and wash your hair with this conditioner bc the water makes your hair super stiff. They asked for you to shower naked and then put on b-suits. Lol not happening. But oh were some ladies naked. I mean butt naked walking around that locker room. Very disgusting considering some were old. But it’s fine duh I’m at the blue lagoon!! We took tons of pics, relaxed, and even spotted cute boys for Megan ;) The sulfur in the water makes you feel very dry once you get out tho. But that’s what lotions for right. And my hair was nasty. Peep the last pic I added of my appearance after the water. I’ve dreamed about going here and it actually happened. How cool is that omg. USA I’m coming for ya tmrw!!!