Europe, North America, Australia and Oceania · 32 Days · 37 Moments · December 2013

Cruise to South Pacific from San Diego

14 January 2014

Back at SAN Diego.
At sea reading again.

13 January 2014

Strong breeze and rough seas.
Sea a bit calmer and you were only allowed on deck at your own risk. Back to the atrium reading.

12 January 2014

Moderate seas today.
No rain but a storm it turned out, outside deck shut off because of the strong winds and the sea had quite a swell. Read in the atrium.

11 January 2014

Still rough seas and overcast skies heading into rain later the captain said.

10 January 2014

Moderate gale rough seas. First of six days at sea which rocking us due to the 30 knot wind.

9 January 2014

Last stop here in Taiohae, Nuka Hiva it is a volcanic island with steep cliffs and valleys. Stayed onboard.

8 January 2014

Light breeze smooth sea. Back to reading our books today.

7 January 2014

Very smooth sea on this sea day.

6 January 2014

Light clouds here in Avatoru Rangroa an atoll among lots of atolls. The captain took us right between two atolls never been so close to land without docking. Having our lunch at the Pinnacle restaurant today so a light breakfast was all we had. Lunch not that special.

5 January 2014

Light clouds on our morning cruise to Moorea this took only two hours, it looks a lovely island. We were going on a catamaran but it got cancelled so now we are having a day of rest on board. The island is the rim of a volcanic crater and the ship was anchored in the middle of the crater.

4 January 2014

Papeete today and we go on an island tour. The tour bus was good with the air conditioning working. Tour lasted 4hr. With stops at the Blow Hole, waterfall, water gardens and surf beach. Water fall good even though there has not been too much rain, the gardens had several types of flowers we had not seen before. At the beach it was to hot to walk barefoot on the black sand, plenty of locals out waiting to catch a wave.

3 January 2014

Another warm sunny weather here at Raiatea on a bus tour today. Tour bus was supposed to be air conditioned but it was not cooling enough. The only good thing was at a family run Pearl farm where we learnt all about growing pearls. The guide was good but not much else to see.

2 January 2014

Luxurious cruise they said just a small boat with a big engine that our local guide loved to race. Good job the seats were well padded. Only six aboard which was reduced when a big Swedish man decided he wanted to eat and drink at the Hilton hotel. The guide took him back to shore and we continued our ride. The water is so clear and all different colours of blue, green beautiful. Then a swim in the water, not easy to get off the boat but worth the struggle. The Swedish mans wife seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself without her husband, maybe it was the Rum and Mango juice that was served up. Two types of Sting Ray were swimming in the water near us. Good trip out.

1 January 2014

Still at sea until around 5 30pm when we arrived at Bora Bora. Land spotted at 2 15pm long time sailing but it looks great views make the time pass. Overnight stay we have a tour in the morning.

31 December 2013

At sea which is usual on celebration nights. Crossed the date line again. New Year celebrations did not start until 11pm so by 10pm we decided it was time for bed.

30 December 2013

Second Monday as we crossed the date line the other day, at sea again. Strong winds today it was very hard to open the doors to get on the outside deck.
Tabaueran Fanning island not many ships come here. First of two Monday's. Fanning island is just coral reef with a lagoon where there is snorkelling with rays, black tipped sharks etc.

29 December 2013

At sea crossing the date line again.

28 December 2013

No Saturday as we have crossed the international date line!

27 December 2013

At sea back to reading.

26 December 2013

Went on a whale watch today saw dolphins in the harbour and then whales in the bay just cruising along. We then left the whales and cruised to the other end of the bay and back to the harbour. We now leave Hawaii for the Polynesian Islands.

25 December 2013

All quite on board again while we are in port.

24 December 2013

Arrived at Honolulu we are not going ashore, on either of the two days we will be here.

23 December 2013

Lahiana went whale watching which went out at midday very hot. There was a couple of whales we were told one female and the other her year old calf. Which one was doing all the showing off we do not know but it was quite a display.

22 December 2013

Weather now warm enough to sit outside and read also breakfast is now alfresco. Had a trip out to Kmart in Hilo then back to reading.

20 December 2013

After breakfast read until 9:30 when I went to learn about windows 8, and Sylvia dived into the jigsaw puzzle. There seems to be diesel exhaust fumes in the library area. So after windows 8 we tried outside just warm enough to sit and read.

19 December 2013

Spent the morning reading in the library then went outside and found that it was warm enough to sit out on deck reading.

18 December 2013

At last sunshine when we got up, had breakfast outside and then sat out reading, soaking up the sun.
Another sea day more reading. ABBA Fab show in the evening was the best show we have seen onboard.

17 December 2013

Breakfast in the dinning room followed by a stroll around the ship before going back to our room and getting our things and heading to the library. Spent the day reading.

16 December 2013

Saw the ship arrive this morning, had light breakfast and repacked ready to go and board ship. Boarded ship found our cabin then went to lunch, after lunch picked out library books then went back to the cabin. On going out we found our luggage outside the door so plans changed and we unpacked. Time for evening meal with us still in port waiting on some passengers coming from Switzerland, it was nearer 7 o'clock when we departed. Lights of the city and ships were quite nice. We had an early night no going to the show.

15 December 2013

Spent some time by the pool relaxing, then went and sat in the lobby of the hotel. It was there that I received the text about Anne passing away. Went upto the room when the lobby got crowded and relaxed some more before having an early dinner. After dinner we took a walk along the promenade, what a great sunset. Also there were a lot of boats getting ready to do a light parade, some very colourful.

14 December 2013

Decided to go to the fashion mall today, lots of shops spread over a large area. Did not buy for us though. Walked quite a way again, taxi back $10 more? But quicker. Going to eat in today and day of relaxing tomorrow. Weather starting to get warmer great.

13 December 2013

Arrived at the bag drop at the beginning of our next holiday, to. Our surprise we were told that our firm tickets were now standby. So the wait began, at 1 o'clock we checked at staff check in and were told to hurry the flight was nearly ready to go. Get to security and it was crowded, saw the sign for fast track and went for it. Just got out the lift at gate A 10 which was lucky as it was near to security, with our name being called. Flight good in club had a window seat great views over the Rockies. Landed and this is where it all got why do we do it, our luggage was not on the flight. The wait to get our details logged took way to long and there was about 50 other people queuing as well. Eventually made it to the hotel.